Bahria Greens Plots Price

5 Marla

Sector Plot# Street Price Detail ID
Sector 5 543g 45 7,500,000 Open transfer new deal plot very beautiful location in a very cheap rate MW
Sector 5 549 43 8,500,000 A small block with 5 marla cutting limited option available peaceful place for living MW

Last Up Date: 9-Jul-2024

10 Marla

Sector Plot# Street Price Detail ID
Sector 2 37 1 15,500,000 Back open pair plot with huge extra land near to entrance first street MW
Sector 2 251 14A 25,000,000 Top height location a huge extra land 10 marla in category b for sitting place very reasonable rate MW
Sector 2 440 2 22,000,000 General location plot with 1.5 marla extra land map is ready prime location for house MW
Sector 2 451 1 19,000,000 Top height location solid land height ed view a very peaceful block MW
Sector 6 1007 9 17,500,000 corner plot with a good location for living and construction MW

Last Up Date: 11-Jul-2024

20 Marla

Sector Plot# Street Price Detail ID
Sector 1 94 26 30,000,000 This block is on very easy approach from boulevard and deface villas plot is level and solid builder location plot MW
Sector 1 108 26 35,000,000 A very peaceful block with prime location for living level and solid plot with extra land MW
Sector 3 6OO-D 20 370,000,000 This plot is on a very height location with 6 marla extra land gated block populated area MW
Sector 5 145 34 22,000,000 Back open Top height location level plot solid land near to exit to DHA 3 MW

Last Up Date: 11-Jul-2024