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Pakistan Real Estate Market 2018

To understand in depth details the real estate market let’s review first the economic glimpse of Pakistan economy.


Pakistan’s economy showed significant signs of recovery and expansion in 2018 in comparison with previous years. The factors contributing to this improvement include improved security conditions, strong credit growth, soaring investment activity, recovery of the agriculture and manufacturing sectors and an overall improvement in macroeconomic conditions.  

However these factors were affected by a rise in oil prices and other commodities, decline in foreign exchange reserves to fill a financing gap. GDP growth in FY17 was recorded at 5.3% as compared to 4.7% in FY16. GDP in 2017 was $304.3 Billion as compared to $283.66 Billion in 2016. A GDP growth of 5.5% is being forecasted by the IMF/ADB for 2018 with a projected GDP of circa Rs 321 Billion.

Inflation has increased in FY17 to 4.2% compared to 2.9% in FY 2016. The increase is mainly linked to a rise in oil prices globally. Inflation for both food and other items rose slightly despite improved supply adequate food supplies as global prices strengthened.

The benchmark interest Rate in Pakistan averaged 11.29 percent from 1992 until 2018, reaching an all-time high of 19.50 percent in October of 1996 and a record low of 5.75 percent in May 2016.

Current situation of Pakistan’s real estate market and its long-term economic forecast

The real estate sector in Pakistan is growing and is an important sector of the economy. Pakistan spends about $5.2 billion on construction annually, and construction output accounts for 2pc of GDP. The accelerating rate of urbanization in the country requires urban planning and hence an effective management of the real estate market.

What to Expect from the Pakistan Real estate Market in 2019.

The Pakistan real estate market is one of those business sectors in Pakistan which has suffered a lot during the past few decades due to several factors. There have come a lot of ups and downs in that sector, that is why almost all the people who are somehow associated with real estate or property business, want to know what may be next. This article has been written keeping in mind all those factors which may affect the Pakistan real estate market in the coming days. But before we discuss the Pakistan real estate market and the expected forecast of 2019, let us first revive a brief summary and overall business round up of the past years.

Summary round up of the Past Years

When we talk about the Pakistan real estate market, we are merely talking about how the Real estate sector in Pakistan has performed since the year 2001. The reason behind it is that this industry had a real up rise since that era.  It was the time when Pakistan real estate market was booming until the first half of 2017 with great success. No doubt there came many ups and downs but the overall report was not so much disappointing. All the mega projects and major societies stood up in that span of time, and also the sale and purchase on small and large scale was also very much astonishing. The gap which came from time to time was very much dependent upon and because of the foreign investment. Taxes and other restrictions during the past had direct impact upon as it is a critical factor for potential foreign investment in the sector. 


As compared to the past, present condition of Pakistan real estate market can be declared as very much favorable for the seasoned investors. These kinds of investors very well know where, when and how to invest in the market without losing the game. No doubt the property bubble of 2015 and 2016 raised the prices of land and furnished property in certain areas much higher than their actual assessment. It had an overall impact on the whole sector and like any other asset the prices needed to correct and reach their genuine assessment in order to gain the confidence of genuine buyers. It must be noted that genuine price correction is a directly related to the health of overall real estate market.

Due to the above factors and reasons Pakistan Real Estate Market Analysis 2018 will just act like a forecast for the Pakistan real estate market 2019. In that regard the main factors can be summed up as follows:

Opportunities Offered in 2018

According to the economists and the real estate analyzers, in 2018 a very much stable real estate market. It in turn started offering various opportunities all over Pakistan. However, it will be good if you do not expect any major bubbles in the Pakistan real estate market. However, the societies which are potential trend changers and best to invest in the upcoming year.

Behavior of buyers & sellers

When talking about the Pakistan real estate market, we can merely say that it is the market of the buyer rather than the seller. It is a fact that the properties are always more than the actual number of the potential buyers. The reason behind it is that the actual buyers are just waiting for the prices to come down and to be bottomed out. It will result in their will and choice so that they can buy much cheaper properties at the end of the game. As compared to the buyers, the sellers are much more desperate to some regard as they face very much difficulty and issues in finding potential buyers. Unless there is no buyer the sellers and investors have to minimize the losses through some other gateway. In other words they would have to compromise on the quality which will automatically lead to a disturbance in the market. 


Impact of CPEC on Pakistan Real Estate and Gwadar

China Pak Economic Corridor, also widely known as CPEC is a link between two countries China & Pakistan forming an alliance for the future of business dominance. The need for CPEC comes at a time when China has already captured the world’s production market but due to its geographical location faces hardships when sending out shipments. When you put your land to use, it has a dominant impact on the entire region. The projects impact on Pakistan’s economy will be huge and so will be on the real estate sector. The 3,218 KM long highway is under construction and still requires a lot of time and patience to complete.

CPEC is a one-belt one-route plan that comprises a series of interstates, railroads, pipelines, and electricity. Linking Pakistan’s Gwadar deep-sea port with China’s Kashgar in western Xinjiang will allow neighboring regions to make use as well and reduce their trade routes with the rest of the world. Approximately 83% of China’s oil is transported thru the Strait of Malacca to Shanghai. The area it needs to travel is approx. 16ooo KM which requires 3 months owing to traffic and weather conditions. With Gwadar operational, 5000KM will be reduced cutting downtime and cost at the same time. The estimated cost of the project is around US $ 62 Billion. About US $ 46 Billion will guarantee the project gets operational by 2020 while the rest will be spent on upgrades and to manage overhead costs.

Economic Boost in Pakistan

The effect of CPEC on Pakistan’s economy will be huge. It would be a reason for setting up a lot of industry thus creating many jobs. As per the findings of Harvard International Development Research Department, the next 10 years annual development rate in Pakistan would rise to 5.07%. It will be the second most elevated in Asia.

With an economic boost in the country, the demand for accommodation would certainly rise and a huge demand for land would be needed to fulfill. With more individuals being able to buy property, the real estate sector would thrive. The true impact would be witnessed after 2020 when the road belt is complete and becomes functional.

Chinese Immigration in Pakistan

The fact that CPEC is a joint venture between China & Pakistan means that many Chinese & Pakistani engineers would be deployed in Gwadar and along the lengthy belt. This is good news for the real estate sector as accommodating them would require the establishment of small cities along the belt. The land thus would be required in plentiful to build safe housing societies with all the amenities. Gwadar being the ultimate port would develop into a major city just like Karachi. Gawadar Lahore & Karachi would be the epicenter of after the completion. Property in these major cities will witness an enormous boom as there would be a need to accommodate not only the citizens but foreigners as well.

Pakistan’s Real Estate Sector at Its Bloom

Nevertheless, the real estate sector of Pakistan has proved itself to be the strongest of all sectors and has made an appreciative comeback after the year lasting lump.

China has already made huge investments in Gwadar, attracting the foreign-based Pakistani’s back to their homeland. The major target of all these seminars and Expos are the Pakistani’s settled abroad, as they are always on the lookout for making good and profitable investments in their own country.

With the current developments being made in Karachi, under Bahria Town Karachi will also come out to be the hub for foreign investments in the years to come as it offers numerous major attractions, from the world’s third largest mosque to the Rafi Cricket stadium. We have already seen the revolution in Karachi’s real estate market due to projects like Bahria Sports City, Bahria Paradise, and Bahria Golf City.

The world is witnessing recessions and an awful decline in real estate sector, whereas Pakistan stands firm, proving itself to be the best investment market in the world. 

Published On:- 29-05-2019
Published By sajid

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Bahria Town a Secure Investment

BAHRIA TOWN A SECURE INVESTMENT   A LOOK TOWARDS BAHRIA TOWN:- A person known as mentors for now a days in real state Mr. Malik Raiz is the owner of bahria town. He laid the foundation of bahria town on 14-january-1997 on zone 5 Islamabad. He started his work from a small company and expanded his work to this much big level. Bahria town is privately owned property company. The gated town communities they own are in Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Nawabshah and Karachi. Except that gated town community they have super market name as Green valley hypermarket.They own some tremendous malls such as Mall of Lahore and Mall of Islamabad (under construction).Also they own a chain of cinema’s named as Cine Gold.A project of education system known as ACE academy is also owned by them. Seek for luxurious lifestyle:- Bahria town is one of the finest housing society system in Pakistan which gives their client the top of their priority. Bahria town give a little high charm to your life if you invest in it. They provide a variety of things under one roof. Bahria town facilities include a well-planned structure approval before making any house on your plot, Secondly they have their own electricity supply, their own water supply system,golf clubs, Spa’s, Arena’s, Cricket stadium, School systems, Adventure land, dancing fountain, Parks and zoo’s, riding club and many more. Some of their tremendous projects are displayed below:- Figure 1:- CINE GOLD PLEX KARACHI, BAHRIA TOWN Figure 2:- Dan zoo, bahria town Karachi Figure 3:- Rafi stadium bahria town PROJECTS OF BAHRIA TOWN:-   BAHRIA TOWN KARACHI:- Bahria town Karachi is one of the bestsociety build on the architecture of Rome. This project include many of the great wonder of Bahria town. The project inside it are Bahria greens Karachi that was thought to be made for the families having less income. M9 underpass is again on of the first fully funded project ever done by any real estate company. There central park project is one of the finest made projects on the idea of central park New York is high apartments with a view of 32 acre central park. Midway commercial is one of the great opportunity for many business holds in the vicinity of bahria town. Clifton Flyover is one of the public infrastructure by bahria town of worth Rs.1.8 billion investment spread over area of 2 kilometers is one of the greatest solution for heavy traffic of Karachi. Bahria farmhouse, Jinnah Avenue commercial, Hoshang pearl, Opal225, Bahria town tower, Bahria town icon, bahria paradise, bahria sport city, bahria golf city Karachi, bahria heights, bahria homes and bahria apartments. Bahria town Karachi is one of the best long time investment for great profit as prices are increasing day by day. Increase of prices are seen below:- Figure 4: graph showing increase in property prices of bahria town Karachi BAHRIA TOWN ISLAMABAD:- It is one of the project for elite class or upper class. It includes bahria enclave is one of the great view location from your homes to Margalla hills view. Bahria golf city is one of the Pakistan’s first brand golf resorts. Its vicinity gives you a view of Murree hills with a great location in Islamabad.  Bahria garden city contains a great interest for golfers. It’s a gated community with sleek and elegant architecture. BAHRIA TOWN RAWALPINDI:- It is located on the grand trunk road of Pakistan. The projects includes Safari villas, Meadows, Phase 8 and phase 8 extension, Bahria homes, Bahria phase 1-7, Awami villas , Bahria heights, Executive lodges, Overseas enclave , Safari apartments, Safari valley, Safari malls, Civic center, river view commercial. Comeback of bahria town rise again after 2019 end is shown below:- BAHRIA TOWN LAHORE:- It is also known as jewel of bahria town. The project it includes are Bahria orchard, Sector A & B, Sector C & D, Sector E & F, Safari villas, Bahria Oasis, Ahram-e-misr based on the architecture of Misr civilization, Executive lodge, Canal view residencia,  Bahria nasheman, Al-rehmat project and bahria educational and medical city. Some of its tremendous projects:- Have world’s 3rd largest and Pakistan’s largest masjid. Bahria town icon is Pakistan’s tallest building. Advanced cricket stadium. Pakistan 1st international theme park. 36 holes PGA standard golf courts. First Hyatt branded hotels in Pakistan. More than 50,000 employees. First call center service provided by any real estate firm.     So just come and secure your money for more profit with good standards. Hope so it’s the best and secure investment in real estate which lead you a way to you dream home destination.  

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PM Imran Khan Announced Construction Sector Relief Package

The prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan made some major announcements for real estate sector. Since the start of the World deadliest pandemic Covid-19 Almost all spectrum of life has been affected one way or the other, A pandemic that went out of hand for the developed nation is really frightening to the developing nation along with all the uncertainty that comes with it. Developing countries already struggling with crumbling economy and a huge debt left for them to pay, with businesses closed down due to a forced lock down as a measure to curb the spread of the deadly virus.  Developing Nation are making sure they are making the right decisions during this pandemic. A total lockdown might kill off the economy and a non-lock down might kill its people, very hard choice for countries to make, and it is very crucial that countries are decisive at the moments. Late this week the prime minister Imran Khan decided to give some relaxation to the construction industry amidst this corona virus lock down, As the construction and real estate industry plays a vital role in Pakistan’s economy, and their inactivity would result in a huge loss. Industry Status has been given to the Construction Sector The following updates has then been further announced Withholding tax on construction materials is to be waived off, excluding cement and iron There would no longer be unnecessary inquiries about source of income for those investing in the construction sector Tax rates would now be fixed for, as they would be charged per square foot or square yard Capital gain tax on properties would no longer be charged A subsidy of 30 billion rupees would be paid to the Naya Pakistan housing scheme for the poor A construction industry development board is to be established While trying to fight the pandemic as much as possible Imran khan is technically trying to keep a balance in the country’s economy my allowing operations ongoing for the construction industry, which is the second largest sector In the country. The Corona Virus having its take on Pakistan Not just businesses almost everything has been shut down, ranging from educational institutions to marriage halls and restaurants. Many ration drive with t intention of providing foods to the needy has been initiated by various individuals and NGOs which has been almost the only option for these poor workers to keep them home when they cannot work to earn daily livelihood. The generosity of Pakistanis have always come handy in times of crises like this, but this one crises would need not only a giving hand but a sustainable giving hands, as it has now become a factor of making sure you able to feed same bellies every day. The country cannot affords a wide breakout of the deadly virus but cannot afford to starve its people. While the world is busy looking for the right formula of vaccines for Corona, developing countries like Pakistan are doing their best within their capacity to curtail the virus as well has the hunger of its population    

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New Blue Area Commercial City Islamabad approved by PM

New Blue Area Commercial City Islamabad is approved by Prime Minister Imran Khan within the limits of federal capital Islamabad. In front of F-9 Park in capital city the government has allocated 170 canal piece of land for this mega project. This project will offer jobs and will also attract investments from International Pakistanis said by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The government will be able to make first revenue of more than Rs 30 billion from this international standard mega project. Revenue gained by this project will be utilized on the society that is initially announced by the PM. Yes I am talking about Naya Pakistan Housing Project that will provide shelter to poor and low income groups aimed at building low cost. This project will not only promote the construction sector but also help to generate employment in federal capital. This project will expedite commercial activities in Pakistan. Within the city the commercial space would be doubled by this project. The open auction of the land has been scheduled from April 14-16 briefed by the Prime Minister who visited the proposed site. The existing commercial area is the most crowded market of Islamabad where businesses are exploiting earlier but due to the increase in population of Islamabad. Need arises for the development of new commercial area to adjust new business opportunities in central Islamabad. The exact location of New Blue Area has not recently been introduced by CDA. But we proposed that it would be planned right opposite to F-9 Park Islamabad. Reason behind the supposition of this location is that existing Blue Area is located along G-6, G-7, F-7 and F-6. We can notice many empty spaces on both sides of the roads while travelling along F-8 and F-9. There are some commercial plazas being constructed here already. There are total 26 commercial plots for sales are available in this New Blue Area commercial project. The sale will be held in April 2020 and CDA is hoping to generate about 30 billion Rs by this mega project. About 5% revenue will be utilized on development and provision of facilities in this commercial area. New blue area is the prime location of Islamabad and has and has an enormous commercial value. Many commercial high rise projects will start after the auction of these commercial plots by CDA. In terms of upcoming investments this is an important development by CDA. Like this other mega projects will also launch in Lahore and Karachi soon. Specific instructions are given to preserve trees as the construction begins. In the history of Islamabad this is the first time when the government has introduced a commercial zone.  

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ZEM ARK - A Great Investment opportunity

ZEM ARK a project by ZEM builders. As everybody knows the trend of high rise buildings and apartments has introduced all over the world. As Burj Khalifa the worlds tallest building in the world. In some previous years we can only seen these buildings in other countries but now the trend of these high-rise buildings and apartments came in Pakistan. ZEM builders have introduced some tremendous projects which contains great commercial, residential and amusement facilities. This is the best location to spend your free time with your family and friends.   Bahria Rawalpindis most desirable commercial hub with refreshing new way of production coming soon to Bahria Town and we want to Introduce our customers about this beneficial project. Yes your todays investment in ZEM ARK can prove to be very beneficent for you and your family. As ZEM builders previous projects have been sold the ZEM liberty tower and the investors of that project are already benefiting from it, this success ratio of ZEM builders project is due to their tremendous portfolio and experience in the real estate industry. If you want to invest with one of the most experienced real estate companies in Bahria Town then you can invest with us. We offer a platform for the success of our clients in the real estate Market of Bahria Town from last 13 years. The vision of Zeeshan Builders is to offer a world-class luxury living to the inhabitants of Pakistan has taken their project to the peak of excellence. As the proof of our integrity our past achievement records and customer success stories are available. ZEM ARK is quite close to the Statue of Liberty. This Statue of Liberty is located at the prime location of Bahria Town Phase 8 Facing towards the largest mosque of Bahria Town, named The Malik Riaz Hussain Mosque.Its not wrong to say about this area that this is the Blue Area of future.   Due to the diverse nature of twin cities it attracts tourists, settlers, investors from overseas and all over Pakistan. Due to the increase in population and the increasing demand of infrastructure for diverse reasons like accommodation, employment and business Bahria Town is one of the most preferred living destinations of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Through proper planning it have developed high-rise housing communities, commercial areas and has successfully maintained it. Moreover in its communities it has initiated making architectural wonders. Some of those wonders contains Dazzling Dancing fountain, Icon Tower, Cine Gold Cinemas, International Standard Golf Club, Eiffel Tower, Hotel and Resorts, Rafi Cricket stadium and that list goes on.   Same as ZEM has brought thrilling living standards to the market that contains a world of facilities at your doorstep. With many other areas it also contains a beautiful themed area, a relaxing green enclave, a place with gym equipments, a lake inspired land space and an infinity pool with horizon. Zeeshan Builders has undertaken four construction projects named as ZEM Heights, ZEM Liberty Tower, ZEM ARK and Lake Vista. Through these projects ZEM heights is now fully completed by the developers and handed over to the occupants. The occupants of this project are fully satisfied by the returns of that project. Now this is the best time to invest in ZEM ARK because this project is now in its initial stages so the prices here are reasonable but In coming future like ZEM heights and ZEM Liberty Tower prices will gone to is peak.          

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Rawalpindi Ring Road Master Plan 2020 will complete in 2 Years

Rawalpindi Ring Road was scheduled to be initiate in the financial year 2020 and estimated to complete in 2022. This is the most awaited project to reduce the pollution of twin cities. Rather than fighting against the environmental pollution, it will offers the movement of 50,000 vehicles on daily basis. The patch from Rawat to Thaliyan Interchange about 50 kilometers fall in Rawalpindi While covering Shah Allah Ditta, Margalla Road, Bhara Kahu, Siri Saral, Kohsar, and F-series sector remaining part will pass through Islamabad.  This road will make a ring by turning back to the initial point at Rawat in Rawalpindi due to this reason this road is called as Ring Road. Rawalpindi Ring Road Project will initiate at Chhan bridge and end at the initial point after passing through the the Twin Cities said by Federal Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan. 100 billion PRs will cost for this mega project between Rawalpindi and Islamabad. As said by the minister it was no more simply a ring road for the fortress city instead it will be a longer passage between the twin cities. This project is not only to facilitate the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi but will be beneficent for the whole country. Federal minister also said that this mega project will take around two years to complete. To supervise the construction work of Ring Road a Project Management Unit has been formed. To conduct feasibility study of the Ring Road Zeeruk was hired that will formulate PC-I for this project.     Zeeruk and Engineering General Consultant is a joint venture for this project. For the feasibility study Rs 10 million had allocated by the government of Punjab. A deputy project director, a structural engineer, two engineers, a land acquisition collector and a resettlement action planner will be hired, all of them will be worked under the supervision of Commissioner Rawalpindi. Development work has been started on this project from last few days and will end when the PC-I will present by consultant firm and the land acquisition start by the government. Chani Sher Alam near Rawat is the initial point of this project while Thalian near the motorway is its ending point.  For a loan to build this road is applied by the provincial government with Chinese Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) according to officials of RDA. The motorists will have an easy access to Pakistan Secretariat by sectors of F-series, Shah Allah Ditta, Margalla Road and Sangjani under the proposed project. The length of road will be 10 km From GT Road to Margalla. By this road the vehicles will reach easily to federal capital from Hazara Division and Gilgit-Baltistan. The pressure of heavy traffic will be reduced in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad by the construction of this road as it will be used to connect with motorways and GB Road through fares. Regarding the most awaited Rawalpindi Ring Road here is another important update for our customers that this road will offer an alternative route to reach on Motorway7 M-2. The project will extend up to zero point by the decision of higher authorities. To facilitate the general public in Islamabad and Rawalpindi this decision took by the authorities but now it will raise the cost and time estimated earlier.  Bahria Town Phase 8 extension will pass along the DHA-3. While Al-Haram City, Abdullah City, Capital Smart City, Blue World City, Green Oaks and FBR Society will found best returns due to their closeness from Ring Road.The prices of plots in these societies will be improved due to the construction of this mega project.                                  

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Future of Real Estate Business in Pakistan

Real Estate in Pakistan is a great investment opportunity for most Pakistanis particularly if they have sufficient savings and want to gain profit. But this type of investment is long-term because those who have their own property are not selling it also waiting for increase in price. Many people believe this the best time to invest in Pakistan by considering the real estate market. There are many real estate agents and companies that are busy purchasing projects that are going to take years to finish. There are several residential projects that are being constructed on the environs of many major cities. Almost all of them are being targeted at the top of the market with costs in hundred-thousand ranges. Property Owners are not selling their properties when they will start selling their properties the prices will go to drop. This will be a swift modification of the present trend and bring an end to the boom of real estate in Pakistan today. On the other hand in order to invest in real estate numerous people are applying to home loans but a constant increase in the interest rate is leading a good share of them to default on their loan. This is again not a good sign for the market. Pakistan is fairly a part of the closely global explosion of the Real Estate market. The prices have been increasing progressively for quite some time now.The possessions in prime locations of cities like Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi is in high demand among both sellers and buyers. The prices of such possessions are previously getting into the above million US dollars range. A simple one canal home in a location like Bahria Town, Model Town, Gulberg Islamabad, or DHA can charge anywhere from $100,000 to $400,000.  PROSPECTS FOR 2020 Due to unstable political situations of the country real estate sector could have observed down times during 2019, the sector is hoped to see an increase in investments during the coming years. Particularly as there are numerous developments underway across the country that will influence real estate values upon their termination. Between these developments is the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which is a road network that is being construct to offer a direct connection from Gwadar Port to the Xinjiang capital of China and will encourage business among the two countries. Once the project complete will generate more possibilities for Chinese investment in the country, especially among the real estate sector, as increasing number  Chinese individuals will desire to move to Gwadar and its neighboring areas to live closer to their place of work. The CPEC is also providing the way for foreign investments to come awash in. We will now talk about three of the major cities with regard to Pakistans real estate market and their presage for 2020: Lahore: Last year property prices saw a rise in Lahore real estate, particularly after the elections as various optimistic changings and policies were anticipated to twist the countrys present financial situation around. On the other hand, societies like Bahria Town, DHA, Model Town, Johar Town and Gulberg Islamabad are considering a slow investment input at that moment. It is hoped that the market will rise again once in 2020 KARACHI The new government has a major effect on Karachis law enforcement, with the city becoming more secure for inhabitants. As such, after a very exciting and victorious 2019, we are heading into 2020 with a comparable inclination. There are a number of new projects such as Bahria Town, Gulberg Islamabad, bahria Town Rawalpindi, Bahria Town Karachi, the Bahria Town Islamabad, Blue World City, Green Oaks, and others, which have been inaugurated and introduced this past year and investment in real estate within Karachi can be a lucrative choice. Islamabad: With the Capital Development Authority (CDA) making widespread efforts to launch most up to date art housing societies for Islamabadis, the real estate sector is attaning new heights. The city has numerous new projects that grasp great prospective for investors, such as Blue World City, DHA Islamabad, Green Oaks, Gulberg Residencia, Khanial Homes, Gulberg Greens Capital Smart City and Bahria Enclave,. Furthermore, with the current changings in the property purchasing ban, foreign Pakistanis can at this time invest their money in the country without frightening an inquiry by the FBR that was not the case when the ban was firstly forced. Thus, we can look ahead to a boom in Pakistans real estate market for the upcoming year.      

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Cheap Houses for Sale in Islamabad

Every home buyer desires to search cheap houses for sale around a great neighborhood. Cheap house for sale is the main target for both who firstly going to purchase his home OR who going to invest his savings. It also a key point what do you meant by cheap, However Cheap is a comparison between prices which based on numerous elements. Location and sizes of homes are two main factors on which Pakistan property prices depends. Before purchasing any real estate in Pakistan you may need to keep some important things in your mind: Select the Right Neighborhood: For some while if we forget about price & location of the real estate during selection. Another Important thing is to select the right neighborhood which can directly affect your life. In fact before buying your home you should observe the entire neighborhood. Thus, you must always examine the society, its safety measures, its folk and whether you or your forthcoming inhabitants will feel safe in such a place. Watch Out For Hidden Costs Before ink a deal for purchasing any cheap house for sale in Islamabad or any other place in Pakistan conduct a thorough inspection. It would be better to list out all things which your require in your home and also to set out this list according to your budget. Bahria developers kept always remind the requirements of their customers.  Check the home if there are any hidden costs but make sure that the investment is kept at a minimum and reasonable amount. Deal Only With A Professional When you are going to hire a real estate dealer make sure that you are dealing with a professional person who has sufficient experience to do his job well and not generate any problem for you. At Advice Associates we have a team of professional dealers who can guide you about any project of Islamabad like Bahria town, Bahria town Islamabad, Bahria Town Rawalpindi, Bahria town Peshawar, Gulberg Islamabad, Green Oaks, Blue World City also FDA City, and City hosing Faisalabad. Beaware of those dealers who pretend that they know what they are doing but actually has no information about real estate business. So make sure that you only hire a professional dealer. If you need any help for searching information about cheap houses for sale in Islamabad contact us at 0301-5454249 When you are searching cheap houses for sale some persons suggest you to purchase mobile house. Which are comparatively less in price? But the materials used in these homes are much lower. But some societies are yet present in Islamabad which can offer you the quality homes with best structure. Administration of Bahria Town can provide you the best cheap houses for sale in Islamabad.                

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What is the best investment opportunity in Pakistan

To spend money wisely and deliberately in business is the dream of every person. People mostly save their income and want to spend in profitable opportunities. Property trends in Pakistan offer the convenient and the best option in this respect now days. Keep on track of Pakistan property market, if you have some money to invest then purchase a real estate and wait for the appropriate time and sell it when prices are at their maximum rate.  Malik Riaz has inaugurated many housing schemes like Bahria town Karachi, Bahria town Islamabad, Bahria town Rawalpindi, Bahria town Peshawar etc. These residential projects are proven very beneficial and profitable even for the initials. Investment in real estate business is the safe opportunity to invest your money without having any doubt or hesitation. We are going to elaborate the specifications of these projects. Bahria town Karachi: Bahria Town Karachi is an exclusive housing project. Here you can get residential plots as well as commercial plots. The specification of the projects include school, college and universities on international level, gold-class cinemas, play land, zoo, the largest shopping mall of Pakistan, telephone exchange, zero load shedding and a lot. In the Bahria town series, it is undoubtedly a galactic addition. People all over Pakistan are showing great interest in purchasing plots in such a heavenly area. This is also a desirable site for investing for overseas. Bahria Town Islamabad: Bahria Town Islamabad is the combination of elegance and modishness that wide spreads in the capital city. The graph of popularity of Bahria town Islamabad is increasing due to many reasons. Its location near to G T road is one of them. The panorama of the community is defined beautifully and elegantly. It also comprises of many alluring life style facilities such as underground wiring, unerring security, entertaining facilities, splendid malls, cinemas, educational institutes and so on. All of these features compel people to invest in Bahria Town and pick it as its lifestyle target. Bahria Town Peshawar: Bahria town Peshawar is a great addition in the series of Bahria town.  The town has 5, 8, 10 marla and 1, 2, 4 canal residential plots. It has also 4, 8 marla commercial plots. It has parks, zoos, international standard hospital, restaurants, underground supply of gas, water and electricity.Bahria Town Peshawar is the new addition in Pakistans property trend and it will going to become a rising community in coming years. It has also going to become the second biggest housing scheme after Bahria town Karachi as its population is increasing day by day. The reason is that it is a well-planned sumptuous area, provides elegant lifestyle to all, education of high standard for public and a place where everyone inclines to live in. This site is matchless in vision. Many housing schemes of bahria town are on their way as people have their trust and love due to its uniqueness and charm. In Pakistans property trend mostly people dont invest till the area is developed completely and when they think to start investing, there is no plot left. If some remain unoccupied, their prices are at their peak due to their sky-high prices. The point to be noticed that only through investing during developing of any site, one may get the maximum profit in return.  

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