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Blue World City Success or Failure?


Blue World City has been actively working on its projects since 2017, showcasing consistent progress over the past eight years. Here's an update on the current status of various developments within the society.

Completed Projects

**Gate 2**: Construction is ongoing, but it's nearing completion.
**World's Tallest Horse Mascot**
**Cadet School**
**Multiple Parks**
**Two Mosques**
**Two Mini Commercial Areas**
**One Major Commercial Hub**
**Sector One**

**Sector Two**
**Sector Five**: Infrastructure positioning has been completed.

Projects Nearing Completion

**12 km Road from Main Gate to Sports Valley**: Still under construction but almost done.
**Water Theme Park**: Construction is not yet finished, but significant progress has been made.
**36 Serene Villas**: Nine houses are currently being built.
**Three Major Commercial Areas**: Construction is in progress.

Satellite Imagery Insights

A satellite image reveals the development over approximately 25,000 kanals. This includes:

**General Block**: Sectors One to Seven
**Overseas Block**: Districts One and Two
**Sports Valley Block**: Entire area included, though specific balloted areas are not disclosed

Development Speed and Comparisons

Despite owning the land, Blue World City's development speed lags behind other societies like Faisal Hills, Capital Smart City, and Parkview City. The slow pace of development has caused concern among investors and residents.

 Challenges Faced by Investors

Many investors, especially those with commercial plots, face difficulties. Files are being sold at a significant discount, and resale value has plummeted. The society has not yet secured a No Objection Certificate (NOC), adding to the complexity and uncertainty.

 Recommendations for Improvement

 **Allot Plots in Sports Valley**: Deliver on promises made during sales.
**Development Deadlines**: Set and communicate clear deadlines for balloted sectors.
**NOC Status**: Provide regular updates on the NOC acquisition process.
**Halt Fresh Bookings**: Temporarily stop new bookings to boost resale value.
**Commercial Plot Policy**: Develop a strategy to help sell commercial plots.
**Merging Policy**: Reopen to eliminate market scraps and improve resale values.

In conclusion, while Blue World City has made notable progress, there are several areas that need attention and improvement to meet the expectations of investors and residents.

Published On:- 27-06-2024
Published By Abdul Hadi

Plots For Sale

Price: 2,200,000
 FDA City Resedential Plots
Price: 7,500,000
 FDA City Resedential Plots
Price: 6,000,000
 Bahria Town Phase 8

House For Sale

Price: 43,000,000
 Bahria Enclave Islamabad
Price: 45,000,000
 Bahria Enclave Islamabad

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Gulberg Green Islamabad | Buy On Ground Plot Instead File

  Gulberg Green Islamabad | Possession and Low price plots today we will show you on ground location plots of Guldberg islamabad waleed with us on site of f1 executive you can see the development work is very fast we have plots available on resale on very reasonable price its a very heighted location price is to much reasonable at the time development little slow but if you compare with possession area price are have very huge different at the time we are complete clear about location Payment Plan and many your questions in the video like At the time just you have to pay down payment of any size like 5 , 8 , 10 , and 20 Marla plots 5 Marla possession plot available in block C You only need to make a down payment initially; the remaining balance can be paid over a three-year plan. allotment latter will be handover by society in 40 days When you purchase a 5 marla plot, the total cost, including development charges, is 19 lakhs. also don't skip video we will cover all project like faisal town 2 chakri road blue world city and b17 islamabad If any society offers plans at very low prices, you need to read the terms carefully, as there may be hidden charges after the down payment is made. also note please Guldberg islamabad divided on 2 parts 1 Guldberg residential 2 Guldberg islamabad greens Guldberg greens farm house prices details 4 farmhouse price starting from 8 crore and 5 10 Kanal also available if you need more information you can call us Habib Elahi Founder CEO Email: Mobile: 03315454249 WhatsApp: 03315454249 Phone: 051-5179664 At The Time Advice Associates Brings Exclusive Offers for IB and NAB Employees Limited Files For Sale Again Sir habib Prediction for high returns In Future And recommended to Buying these files Also We Have Developed And Possession Plots for sale For Future Details Contact Us Call/WhatsApp: Habib Elahi 0331 54 54 249 Office Address:- Plaza 01, Umer-e-Farooq Avenue, Hub Commercial Phase-8 Bahria Town, Rawalpindi Email: Website: - Guldberg islamabad ,Guldberg residencies islamabad, #property Pakistan, 

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Blue World City Announces 5,000 Plots for Possession

Exciting News: Blue World City Announces 5,000 Plots for Possession with Special Discounts and Reduced Development Charges We are thrilled to share a major announcement from Saad Nazir, Chairman of Blue World City. The development has just released 5,000 plots for possession, offering an incredible opportunity for prospective homeowners.  Reduced Development Charges and Exclusive Discounts In addition to the availability of new plots, Blue World City has significantly reduced development charges, providing substantial financial relief to clients. The development cost per marla typically ranges from PKR 2,850,000 to PKR 3,000,000. However, Blue World City will cover half of these charges, making it even more affordable for you to build your dream home. For plot holders who secure possession, construction can begin immediately after paying the necessary development and possession charges. These charges are currently set at a reduced rate of 10% to 25%, with detailed information available in the accompanying video. Easy Installment Plans Purchasing a plot in Blue World City has never been easier. Clients can now buy plots through flexible installment plans, making it accessible for a broader range of buyers. Special June Offer: 25% Discount In a generous move to encourage timely payments, Blue World City is offering a 25% discount to clients who pay their dues on time within the month of June. This exclusive offer is a fantastic opportunity to save significantly on your investment. Contact Information For more details and to take advantage of these offers, please contact us at 0331 545 4249. You can also visit our website for further information and assistance with buying or selling plots in Blue World City. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to invest in one of Islamabad's most promising developments! and also about blue word city visit our site at

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New Metro City Gujar Khan Development Charges Has Announced

  New Metro City Gujjar Khan is a modern and thriving residential community that offers all the amenities and facilities you would expect from a top-class residential area. Its location, accessibility, and modern amenities make it the perfect place to call home. If you are looking for a safe, secure, and affordable place to live,. New Metro City Gujjar Khan is a rapidly growing residential community that offers modern living and state-of-the-art amenities. Located in the beautiful and serene city of Gujjar Khan, just 20 minutes away from Rawalpindi, New Metro City is becoming one of the most sought-after residential areas in the region. In this article, we will discuss the different residential and commercial plots and blocks available in New Metro City, Gujjar Khan. Understanding Development Charges: The development charges for New Metro City Gujar Khan are crucial to consider when investing in this project. These charges typically include fees for infrastructure development, such as roads, water supply, sewerage, and electricity. Additionally, there may be charges for amenities like parks, recreational facilities, and security services. It's essential for potential investors to have a clear understanding of these costs before making any investment decisions.   Development charges for residential plots Plot Size Total Development Charges Initial Payment 24 Monthly Installments 8-Quartely Payment 5 Marla 1,475,000 295,000 30,500 56,000 7 Marla 2,065,000 415,000 42,900 77,500 8 Marla 2,360,000 475,000 49,000 88,500 10 Marla 2,750,000 550,000 56,600 105,000 14 Marla 3,500,000 700,000 72,600 132,000 20 Marla 4,000,000 800,000 83,300 150,000 40 Marla 6,000,000 1,200,000 125,000 225,000 Development charges for Commercial plots Plot Size Total Development Charges Initial Payment 24 Monthly Installments 8-Quartely Payment 2.66 Marla 1,990,000 400,000 41,250 75,000 5 Marla 3,490,000 700,000 72,625 130,875 8 Marla 4,950,000 1,000,000 102,900 130,875     Furthermore, the development charges for New Metro City Gujar Khan may vary depending on the type of property being purchased. For instance, residential plots, commercial plots, and constructed properties may have different development charges associated with them. It's important for investors to carefully review and understand these charges based on their specific investment plans.   Moreover, it's crucial to consider the long-term implications of development charges. While these fees may seem like an additional cost at the time of investment, they are essential for the overall development and maintenance of the project. Understanding and budgeting for these charges is crucial for investors to ensure that they are prepared for the full cost of their investment in New Metro City, Gujar Khan.   Conclusion: In conclusion, the development charges for New Metro City Gujar Khan play a significant role in the overall investment decision-making process. Potential investors should thoroughly research and understand these charges, considering the type of property and its long-term implications. By doing so, they can make well-informed investment decisions and ensure that they are prepared for the full cost of their investment in this upcoming project.

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Bahria Town Peshawar - Elevated Lifestyle

Elevate Your Lifestyle: Unleashing Unmatched Luxury at Bahria Town Peshawar   Introduction: Welcome to Bahria Town Peshawar, where the boundaries of luxury and comfort are redefined to deliver an unparalleled living experience. As a distinguished member of the renowned Bahria Town family, synonymous with revolutionizing the real estate industry in Pakistan, Bahria Town Peshawar is poised to surpass all expectations. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a proven track record, Bahria Town has garnered the trust and admiration of customers across the nation. Unveiling an Extraordinary Development:  Prepare to be captivated by the unveiling of Bahria Town Peshawar, an extraordinary project that sets new benchmarks in quality, innovation, and sustainability. Meticulous planning has resulted in an impeccable fusion of modern infrastructure, lush green landscapes, and an array of world-class amenities. Our primary objective is to bestow residents with an unmatched living experience that transcends the ordinary, leaving an indelible imprint on their lives. Bahria Town Peshawar A Haven for All: Immerse yourself in the realm of limitless possibilities at Bahria Town Peshawar, whether you are seeking a serene haven for your family or a vibrant commercial space to nurture your business ambitions. Our meticulously designed residential sectors offer an impressive array of housing options, including elegant villas, townhouses, and spacious apartments, ensuring every individual finds their dream home. Additionally, our commercial zones provide prime locations for businesses to flourish, fostering a dynamic and thriving community.     Unmatched Luxury: At Bahria Town Peshawar, luxury becomes an integral part of your daily life, enveloping you in an atmosphere of unparalleled opulence. Prepare to be enchanted by a host of exceptional amenities, including state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, prestigious educational institutions, sports complexes, and entertainment venues. Ensuring your utmost security and peace of mind, our gated communities offer a sanctuary where you can revel in the epitome of luxury living. Dedicated Customer Service: Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success. A team of dedicated professionals stands ready to accompany you on your journey, providing seamless assistance throughout the entire process. From your initial inquiry to the final handover, we prioritize transparent communication and go above and beyond to surpass your expectations, ensuring a truly remarkable experience. Join the Bahria Town Peshawar Community: Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey as an esteemed member of the exclusive Bahria Town Peshawar community, where a life beyond imagination awaits. Immerse yourself in luxury, comfort, and tranquility like never before. Stay tuned for exciting updates as we unveil the remarkable opportunities that await you in this extraordinary development.  

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Islamabad Marina, a profitable Investment opportunity in the Heart of the Federal Capital, offers low-cost plots at affordable rates.   Islamabad Marina was developed by Marina Group Developers and is located near the Islamabad International Airport. The project is created, planned and designed to offer the ideal residential facilities at reasonable rates. The MARINA GROUP is a well-known real estate developer trusted by investors.   This Iconic project is close to Motorway, metro station, and airport owning to your desire for a luxurious lifestyle. This housing society is becoming a symbol of a luxury lifestyle at affordable rates. Islamabad Marina is a housing society best for fulfilling your housing desires within your reach.   Islamabad Marina NOC:   RDA ( Rawalpindi Development Authority) allegedly approves the NOC (No Objection Certificate) of Islamabad Marina. The legalized and approved projects have higher chances of Investment and development.     It is recommended by Advice Associates that obtain the official NOC of any project before making an Investment.   Islamabad Marina Location:   Islamabad Marina has situated among popular neighbourhoods almost 3 km from Mumtaz city and Top City-1. An ideal real estate project located 1 min away from New International Airport in the Heart of the Federal Capital.   Islamabad Marina is a symbol of pleasant living. In a smart city, anything under a roof is possible, with a friendly atmosphere, luxurious lifestyles, and ultra-modern technologies guaranteed.   An underground electric system has been settled in Islamabad Marina to avoid electrocution, entanglement hazards & natural disasters such as floods and hurricanes.   Islamabad Marina Development Status:   Islamabad Marina has passed through the planning and design phase and has moved into the development phase. You can see and visit the road network on the spot currently. The developers are now working on the infrastructure that includes sewerage systems, street lights, parks etc.     Islamabad Marina Master Plan:   The master plan of Islamabad Marina provides a variety of amenities and facilities. This project is ideal for living as the developers have intended to develop society to international standards. The features like a serene environment, security, prime location, and affordability make it a suitable place to live in Islamabad.   The developers are very trusted by the investors because earlier projects delivered and developed satisfy all the parameters. You may visit the Official Website for any information related to the housing plots in Islamabad Marina. Its reviews are positive, as developers have left no stone unturned to make it a flourishing residential scheme.   Within a few months, the owner of Islamabad Marina changed the society from plain land to an eye-catching and modern residential society ready to live a modern lifestyle.    Islamabad Marina Residential Plots Sizes:   There are various residential plot sizes available here.  5 Marla 10 Marla 1 Kanal   Islamabad Marina Payment Plan:   The payment plan of Islamabad Marina is quite reasonable, with an easy instalment plan. The plot for sale in Islamabad Marina is offered lower prices than the luxurious facilities. The developers and management have worked hard to keep the costs as low as possible to make it a simple investment opportunity for investors.       Accessibility:   Islamabad Marina is easily accessible from all the major roads of the twin cities. Almost 2 Km from Airport Road Nearly 11 Km from N-5 Highway Almost 3km from Srinagar Highway Almost 6 Km from Islamabad, D.I Khan About 26.5 Km from Zero Point Islamabad Almost 13 km of Rawalpindi Saddar Road Almost 4Km from Islamabad-Lahore Motorway Almost 6 Km from N-80 Rawalpindi- Kohat Road Almost 3.5 Km from Islamabad-Rawalpindi Interchange   Nearby Housing Societies:   There are various housing societies located very close to Islamabad Marina.   Top City 1 Nova City Mumtaz City Seven Enclave University Town Faisal Town F-18 PECHS Islamabad Capital Smart City Fazaia Housing Scheme   Why we invest:   Book your Residential plot from Marina Group and Enjoy a remarkable Investment experience     NOC approved RDA Approved Easy Monthly Installment Plan Easy instalment Plan Smart Facilities Prime Location A vision for your modern life   Facilities for luxury lifestyle:   Hospitals Graveyard 5 Star Hotels Business By Medical College Gated Community Educational District Mosque in every Block Sustainable Community Underground Electricity Solr Park (Self-Sufficient Energy)    

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Future of Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension

As the population increases, People are trying to regulate themselves in new towns where they could get peace of mind. In the previous years, an increasing number of overseas Pakistanis and European investors have changed their eyes toward Bahria town a rising Real Estate Market.   Forced by their preventively expensive residential property markets plus the instability and uncertainty of existing equitable markets, investors have found our country an outstanding substitute for investment. Bahria has been by tradition a popular and peaceful place. This place is famous for its impartiality over past and current challenges in the area, accepted by the world community.   The price in Bahria Town has increased a lot. The one and only Phase 8 Extension is a reasonable also a rapidly developing area so investors have great interest in it. Also, the Rawalpindi Ring Road approval makes it the best investment opportunity due to its easy access.   PHASE 8 EXTENSION LOCATION:   Phase 8 extension is the Best investment opportunity in Bahria Town. This Block is located near Awami villa sector 3 which is situated in Sector N. The whole project is classified into 6 sectors. In the future Ring Road will connect Rawalpindi to the phase 8 extension. Road size is minimum of 40 feet wide and a maximum 110 feet wide.   This time Phase 8 is an eye-catching place for investors and residents too. Some of the reasons are listed below:   PHASE 8 EXTENSION PRECINCT 1   Precinct 1 has total of 10 marla residential plots in which 15 streets are fully developed. In which roads have been built, work is going on in the rest of the area.   PHASE 8 EXTENSION PRECINCT 2   Precinct 2 is a commercial area that includes International schools, Restaurants, Commercial areas, Commercial Hall, IT towers, Offices, and high-rise Commercial Malls. It has not been launched, so it is not being developed yet.   PHASE 8 EXTENSION PRECINCT 3   Precinct 3 has 3, 8, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal Residential Plot. This is the largest phase of Phase 8 Extension. This phase has almost 10 streets of 10 and 8 marla plots whose roads have been carpeted. Sewerage Work has been done in such streets that have 8 marla plots and 1 Kanal area has also been levelled. This area is the Best investment opportunity as it has easy access to Rawalpindi Ring Road.   PHASE 8 EXTENSION PRECINCT 4   Precinct 4 has 5, 8 and 10 marla residential plots. Most of the plots here are 5 marlas. Some streets are 10 marlas and some 8 marlas where work is being done here.  The area is being levelled and the development work is progressing rapidly. That is why this block has the attention of residents and investors in 5 Marla plots a lot.   PHASE 8 EXTENSION PRECINCT 5   Precinct 5 has 5 and 10 marla plots. Most of the plots are 10 marlas and some plots are 5 marlas. Development Work is going on there and is almost done at 5 marla streets.   PHASE 8 EXTENSION PRECINCT 6   Precinct 6 is attached with Bahria Town Phase 6. Development Work is completed in 10 streets and work is going on in the Rest Area. The First route to Phase 8 Extension is from this Sector. It does not have development charges yet, development charges will also have to be paid on all plots once the development is complete. It is not known yet, but it is estimated that it can be up to one lakh rupees per marla. But currently, the plots available in Bahra Town Rawalpindi at the lowest price are in Phase 8 Extension. And this place is considered Best investment opportunity.      

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WHAT IS REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT?   Real Estate Investment is the most common way of securing, developing, and growing land properties to get huge returns. Investors might decide to put resources into either commercial or residential properties.   Real Estate Investment can be tricky, particularly if it is your initial one. Real Estate Investment can be amazing for investors, adding variety to your portfolio and assisting you with creating a decent gain. Anyhow, this isn't without risks. Luckily, there are a few questions you can consider to make the right beginning.   DECIDE YOUR LONG-TERM GOALS   Before making any investment, it is important to have a clear perception of your goals. Are you hoping to flip the property? Would you want to sell your investment property for profit? OR do you want to have a rental property for passive income? It will be helpful if you make exactly sure why you want to make an investment or how much you have to spend.   TIME YOU HAVE TO MANAGE THE RENTAL PROPERTY   Real Estate Investment can be a regular job, particularly if you're attempting to flip the property or trying to do it yourself. Although you're not ready to spend a lot of time on the property, you can take an expert Real Estate Agent or free real estate management services.   This software is the best way to manage the rental process. More tasks you can handle with these are tracking rental payments, sending rental agreements, managing and creating multiple properties, and more. It can deal with the everyday tasks related to investment properties, saving you the opportunity to focus on different things.   CURRENT SITUATION OF THE REAL ESTATE MARKET   The present status of the Real Estate business sector can hugely affect your investment. If you want to flip the property, you'll need to consider the market closely and ensure it's in a positive area for it to be sold. Then again, if you need to lease the property, you'll need to ensure there's an interest in houses for rent nearby.   A Real Estate organization can greatly assist in dealing with an investment property. They can deal with tasks like finding an ideal occupant for you, gathering rent, managing upkeep issues, and many more. While they truly charge an expense for their administrations, everything will work out the right way if you're not ready to devote your precious time to the property.   Have you contacted a land lawyer to survey your rental contract and answer any inquiries about the legal parts of being a property manager?   If you rent out the property, it will be good to talk with a land lawyer in advance. They can audit your rental contract and ensure everything is all together. They can also respond to any inquiries about the legal parts of being a landowner. This is a good step to take to keep away from any possible legal issues not too far off.   HOW LONG WILL YOU WAIT FOR?   Real Estate Investment is the business that allows you to choose whether you want to be a passive or active investor. While some think having a real estate investment must be active, there are circumstances where it may be a passive source of income.   If you have recently started investing in real estate, you may not know where you want to invest or which is the best investment opportunity. Which type of Real Estate investor you want to become will affect your answer to many questions for your future investments.   An active Real Estate Investor is a person who regularly flips homes or either a landlord. He is the person who manages his properties, from buying to renting it out himself OR buying a property, renovating and selling it for profits.   Although passive investors don't give time to the property, they invest money without having any work on it, like purchasing a rental property and then hiring a real estate dealer to manage all its affairs. Then the dealer will be responsible for making a good sale of the investor's property. In return, he will get a share of the profits.   THE OTHER OPTION YOU HAVE FOR INVESTMENT   If you have enough resources, you should start asking yourself what will be the right investment option for me. OR What can you do with your savings?   Some answers are listed below that can be helpful for you -   Put resources into the securities exchange Pay down existing debts Save for your children's schooling Start a business Invest in Stock Exchange Travel with your loved ones Redesign your current home   Purchasing a speculation property is a major financial responsibility. You can hold some property on an installment plan in the real estate sector. Then it will be your asset in the future, but it will be time taking. Ask yourself if you can wait for that period.   Whenever you completely weigh the opportunities, you might accept that there are some important speculations you can make into yourself or your family rather than land. The best speculation may not generally be the one that expands your cash, and it could be the one that upgrades your life.   DO YOU HAVE A PLAN?   The ideal way to move toward Real Estate Investment is to have a plan. You should know what your main objectives are how much time you have and how you will achieve them.   Whether you're a first-time investor searching for investment property for huge returns or a regular investor searching for an additional revenue source, having a plausible and very organized plan will empower you to choose the right properties, clutching them and continue to push ahead.   Do I Have Competition?   Finding out about the market also ensures that you can get enough profits. While this can be affected under some situations, you have to consider these factors, such as the number of investors in the market, whether there are a lot of rentals in the area or not, and which properties are already held. If there is too much competition in the area, then it can impact your profit in the future.   Before investing in Real Estate, the important thing will generally decide the arrival of your speculation and its lifespan.   Mostly we are not paying attention to the potential of the targeted area we selected for investment. Numerous financial backers pick a city on the guise that they realize the region well and know where the appealing locale and great locations are.   DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA ABOUT THE POTENTIAL OF THE AREA?   Knowing the surrounding of a property expects that you know about analysis criteria, which doesn't help by simply residing in a spot. Thus, analyze the number of empty homes, the advancement of frameworks and the degree of the business pool. It would be best if you also found out about the organizations enlisting, particularly the inventory/request proportion.

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Manora Beach Resort in Karachi

Owing to its incredible geographical location, the coastal city of Karachi is surrounded by some of the best beaches in Pakistan. Manora Beach is definitely one of these coastal attractions, which receives a large number of tourists from all around the country every year.   Keeping in view the immense popularity of this beach among travelers, the provincial government decided to upgrade its infrastructure and equip it with modern-day features to facilitate visitors. With a total cost of PKR 650 million, it took around 10 months for this beach renovation project to be completed in the Keamari district of Karachi.   The all-new Manora Beach resort was finally inaugurated on October 31, 2021, by the Chief Minister of Sindh Murad Ali Shah in the presence of other key government officials and political figures.   INAUGURATION CEREMONY OF MANORA WATERFRONT BEACH PROJECT IN KARACHI     The inauguration ceremony of the tourist attraction was organized as a high-profile event, which was attended by provincial ministers including Nasir Hussain Shah, Syed Sardar Shah, and Administrator Karachi Murtaza Wahab among others.     According to CM Murad, the Manora Beach project will provide [state-of-the-art] recreational facilities to the residents. While addressing the event, he revealed that the main objective behind the development of such projects is to improve development standards in different parts of the city and generate revenue.   FERRY SERVICE FROM CLIFTON AREA TO MANORA BEACH IN THE PIPELINE   “We are also planning to develop a jetty at Seaview to start a ferry service from Clifton area to Manora beach,” CM Murad announced while addressing the inauguration ceremony.   KEY ATTRACTIONS OF MANORA WATERFRONT BEACH PROJECT   The newly-developed beach has been planned as an advanced tourist attraction. It has ample seating arrangement, parking space, shaded spots — to escape the scorching heat while enjoying views of the Arabian sea — and a kids’ play area. The project also features a fully-fledged restaurant, offering a variety of lip-smacking dishes and snacks, mostly based on seafood.   Trees have been planted along the coastline, which is to further enhance the beauty of this tourist attraction. To offer a more private and comfortable environment to families visiting the place, dozens of gazebos have been made a part of the project, offering breathtaking views of the beach. The beach also has ample lighting arrangement and the entire waterfront is beautifully lit after sunset.     AVAILABILITY OF STATE-OF-THE-ART FACILITIES AND HOTEL SERVICES AT MANORA BEACH   In a recent development, Manora Beach has been partially privatised and now the management of Dreamworld Resort, Hotel & Golf Course is providing and looking after many different types of recreational facilities and watersports activities available at the seaside.    Destination Hotel, which is also a project of Dreamworld Resort, Hotel & Golf Course, is providing comfortable accommodation for overnight stays for people visiting this coastal attraction. The price of a hotel room near Manora Beach starts at around PKR 20,000 per night. However, those who already have the Dreamworld membership can avail of special discounts and offers on these hotel accommodations.   LOCATION OF MANORA BEACH   Forming a protective barrier between Karachi Port and rough sea currents of the Arabian Sea, Manora was formerly one of the islands near Karachi. However, with the formation of a man-made link between Manora Beach and the mainland, it can now be defined as a peninsula.     SEA ROUTE TO MANORA BEACH    Before the construction of Manora Driveway, the sea route was the only way to get to Manora Island. Not long ago, a new jetty was opened in Keamari that replaced a similar facility, which was more than 100 years old. You can easily head to Keamari for a boat ride to Manora Beach Waterfront.   MANORA DRIVEWAY   Inaugurated and opened to the public in recent years, Manora Driveway is one of the most impressive infrastructure projects in the region. It stretches a few kilometres, forming a road link between Manora Beach and the area of Kakapir.   Kakapir can be reached by Mauripur Road, which has been in pretty bad shape for years. However, the government is finally renovating the route. The road carpeting and patching work in the area is expected to be completed soon. It is one of the many major development projects recently introduced in Karachi.   Mauripur Road is probably the shortest and most feasible route to get to Manora Beach from Tower, MT Khan Road and other key localities in the old city area. It is also used by heavy traffic heading to the port and vice versa.     TICKET PRICES OF MANORA BEACH RESORT IN KARACHI   The entry ticket of the newly-opened beachfront project will cost you PKR 50 per person.    Thing to Remember: It is important to mention here that you need to carry your CNIC along with other necessary car documentation because to get to the beach, you have to cross a security check post of the armed forces.

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