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City Housing Kharian

City housing Kharian is the latest housing project developed by City Housing located on GT Road Sarai Alamgir. This society is best known for its beautifully built houses and the living standards provided by this new project to its residents.

This is a new developing project offering the best opportunities for buyers and investors. It provides all the present-day facilities or requirements including underground water and sewerage system, parks, the best educational system, a big mosque, cleaned roads, and also provides the best facility for electricity and gas to residents. The main reason to construct this society is to provide luxurious living standards to the people of Gujarat.  This world-class project is the source of high-end attraction that could win someone’s heart.




City Housing Kharian Location:


The society is located on main GT Road Sarai Alamgir as the GT road has great importance in Real Estate Pakistan. Investment in such societies located on GT road is the best decision both for investors and residents. The society is situated among other elite class housing projects like New Metro City Kharian.  


Total Area:


The society is spreading over an area of 10,000 – 14000 Kanals in Kharian to offer housing plots for sale to residents and commercial plots for sale to businesses. The area will be expanded in the coming future as the need arises.


City Housing Kharian Map:


The investors who want to double their investment, get ready the map of this project offers the commercial and residential plots to invest in the Heart of Kharian.  


Adjacent Places:


The surrounding societies always play an important role in the value of any real property. In property, you can’t ignore the surrounding places when you are searching for a commercial or residential plot. So, It is necessary for you to keep in mind the adjacent places to study the market value of your plot in the coming future.

Nearby places to City Housing Kharian are

  • Mian Kharian City
  • Grand City Kharian
  • Bhugwal
  • GT Road
  • New Metro City Kharian




City Housing Kharian NOC


Golf residence is the old name of the city housing Kharian which is approved by the Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA). But after the name is changed, the new approval is important. The developer already applied for new approval and will be approved soon.  Then the new NOC approval opens the door to luxury living standards and the best opportunities for investment.


Why should you invest in city housing Kharian


There are a number of reasons to invest in the city housing Kharian project. The main reason is that it is given by a trusty worthy developer that has a history of the best projects. Investors always looking for a profitable project to invest in where he gets profit, then it is the best project to invest in because this project is being developed to provide a luxury lifestyle at affordable prices. As we know property prices increase day by day and it also provides a financial gain in the future. Hence there are some main reasons to invest:

  • Luxury lifestyle
  • Trust-worth developers
  • Friendly environment
  • Long-term security
  • Great returns
  • Tax advantage
  • Steady cash flow
  • Diversification





City housing Kharian provides a modern lifestyle at an affordable price. It provides all the luxury and modern facilities that are the main requirements of a high-standard lifestyle. The residents of this society are able to live luxurious life. The facilities given here are:

  •  Safari Park.
  • Swimming Pools.
  • Cricket Stadium.
  • Riding Club/ Race Course.
  • 3D Cinema.
  • Dancing Fountains.
  • Disney Water Theme Park.
  • Large Mosque
  • Graveyard
  •  Health Centers
  • Secure Gated Neighborhood.
  •  Electrification of the underground
  • Gas, electricity, and water
  • Nursing College.
  • Best educational institutes
  • Friendly environment.
  • Restaurants provide quality food.
  • 24/7 security and CCTV camera service.
  • Nursing College

City Housing Master Plan:


The master plan of Citi Housing Sarai Alamgir has been designed with the help of highly skilled & experienced engineers and architects to develop this society with the most modern and worldwide implemented urban development principles. The project has been built on the belief to provide something unique and excellent at affordable rates. The project will be going to offer a secure, lavish and peaceful environment with a very sound investment opportunity.

The Citi Housing society is offering a range of plots for sale with residential categories as follows:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

The Citi Housing Scheme is also offering commercial plots for sale as follows:

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla









Published On:- 04-08-2022
Published By Rabia Nadeem

Plots For Sale

Price: 3,500,000
 Bahria Town Phase 8 Ext
Price: 1,500,000
Price: 3,100,000
 Bahria Town Phase 8 Ext
Price: 4,500,000
 Bahria Enclave Islamabad

House For Sale

Price: 23,000,000
 Bahria Enclave Islamabad
Price: 45,000,000
 Bahria Greens ( Overseas Enclave )
Price: 43,000,000
 Bahria Greens ( Overseas Enclave )

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Appropriately thought to be one of the top regions to purchase property in the Islamabad-Rawalpindi Metropolitan Area, the rambling private territory of Bahria Town reclassifies polish and solace by presenting another degree of metropolitan refinement in the twin urban communities. From perfectly finished green spaces and ultramodern framework to astoundingly arranged conveniences and splendid land choices, the flawless elements of this supertask have made property interest in Bahria Town an intriguing issue among financial backers and authentic purchasers in the area.   With its experiences tracing back to the last part of the 1990s, Bahria Town is separated into two private areas decisively situated on each side of the GT Road. The mixtures are associated with using Bahria Expressway, guaranteeing bother-free drive for their inhabitants. Besides, Phases 1 to 9 and Phase 8 Extension of Bahria Town are advantageously arranged in Rawalpindi. In the interim, Bahria Enclave, Bahria Garden City, and Bahria Golf City fall under the region of Islamabad.   The first-class offices in Bahria Town Islamabad and Rawalpindi have likewise made this private plan exemplify extravagance living. Assuming you plan to assemble your fantasy home in this lodging society or seek to extend your land speculation portfolio by gaining business property in this immaculately arranged area, this guide is implied only for you.   BEST PROPERTY INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES IN BAHRIA TOWN ISLAMABAD   Here are the most famous regions to purchase property in Bahria Town Islamabad, as indicated by the most recent hunt patterns on   BAHRIA ENCLAVE   Intended to fit an upscale way of life, Bahria Enclave is the most sought-after region among those hoping to purchase land in Bahria Town Islamabad. This area is located close to Jinnah Avenue in Zone 4 of the Capital Development Authority near Simly Dam Road, Islamabad Expressway, Srinagar Highway, and Lehtrar Road. Additionally, Bahria Enclave is relatively close to the all-around populated and very much created areas of Bani Gala, PTV Colony, and Al-Hamra Avenue.   Covering around 12,500 Kanal of land, Bahria Enclave is viewed as one of the most extensive gated networks in the twin urban areas. It is separated into Phase 1 and Phase 2, including an aggregate of 15 areas going from Sector A to P. A large number of the districts in this rural territory are going through formative works. At the same time, a few are entirely settled and have become home to a considerable number of families looking for a top-of-the-line residing experience.   The conveniences and offices in Bahria Enclave are vast. Aside from committed business regions and open parking areas, this luxurious area includes a comprehensive organization of tree-lined streets, a wealth of green spaces, all around kept up with parks and jungle gyms, richly planned mosques, grounds of legitimate instructive establishments, cutting edge medical services offices, shopping centers, parts of business banks, retail outlets of homegrown and worldwide brands, cafés and restaurants, sports focus films, and plenty of sporting spaces.   Those keen on putting resources into Bahria Town Islamabad will be happy to realize that Bahria Enclave guarantees nonstop security through prepared watches and CCTV observation. The local gated area also has its network station, guaranteeing a continuous power stock.   Assuming you are hoping to purchase your fantasy house around here, Bahria Enclave includes a scope of 5 marlas, 10 marlas, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal units available to be purchased. Additionally, you can likewise track down a studio, 1-bed, 2-bed, or 3-bed condo. In the interim, the private plots in Bahria Enclave are accessible in the cuttings of 5 marlas, 10 marlas, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal. The property costs in the local gated area have expanded manifolds since its foundation. They are projected to observe a sharp climb as additional areas arrive at the situation wholly created. Thus, if you search for speculation about unique open doors in Bahria Town, Islamabad, this might be the best chance to set your strategies in motion.   BAHRIA GARDEN CITY   Situated in inverse Phases 2 and 3 of DHA Islamabad, Bahria Garden City is a top-notch gated local area worked for the individuals who value the better things throughout everyday life. The quickly creating neighborhood has been planned around a worldwide standard-title fairway, furnishing its forthcoming inhabitants with pleasant perspectives on delightfully arranged green spaces matched with a tranquil climate away from the rushing about of the primary city. However, it is situated on the edges of the capital city. Bahria Garden City is effectively available from GT Road and Bahria Town Phase 8 in Rawalpindi.   Bahria Garden City is additionally isolated into zones highlighting committed business regions, extravagance estates, top-of-the-line condos, and a broad scope of private plots. It is relevant to note that the speculation possibilities and excellent extent of Bahria Garden City stand out enough to be noticed by homegrown and abroad purchasers. Since the venture is still formative, its property costs are somewhat low. Be that as it may, the worth of the private and business land in the local gated area is projected to soar as the development work arrives at its last stages.   In addition, Bahria Garden City Golf and Country Club is the greatest fascination of the private area. The elegant area will likewise highlight ultramodern amusement places, lavish green stops, a business center with shopping centers and corporate workplaces, grounds of top schools, medical clinics and centers, a varied blend of diners, continuous power supply, public venue, sports grounds, and a large group of first-rate conveniences and offices one would anticipate from a lodging undertaking of this type. Bahria Garden City will likewise be home to CineGold Plex - a gold-class 3D cinema that is good to go to become perhaps the best film in the twin urban communities.   The local gated area likewise tries to furnish its occupants with no problem at all environmental elements, wonderfully planned mosques, the greatest of development, current retail spaces, a marquee with charming perspectives on the night-lit fairway, and a zoo with creatures from around the world.   In the meantime, regarding venture valuable open doors in Bahria Town Islamabad, this cutting-edge district contains 5 marlas, 8 marlas, 10 marlas, and 1 Kanal private plot.  

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Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. The total population in Islamabad is above many million. Islamabad is the 9th largest city in Pakistan. In Islamabad, the standard of living is very high and the best facility for public transport in Islamabad increases the quality and standard of life. Over the last few years, the government of Pakistan introduce a great number of projects to facilitate the tourists and residents to easily travel from one place to another. As well, some imaginativeness is required to amplify the status of public transport in Islamabad. When you learn about public transport in Islamabad can make your life easier.   MODES OF PUBLIC TRANSPORT IN ISLAMABAD   The most widely used and available public transport  include:   RICKSHAW AND TAXIS   In Islamabad, taxis are the best way to travel around. Islamabad is the smallest urban city as compared to other urban centers in Pakistan, and when you travel by car it makes it easier to reach your destination faster. And also make sure that you need to agree on the fare beforehand when hailing a rickshaw or taxi. These ways of public transport are easily available in almost all public areas. A large number of public transport hailing apps work in Islamabad. Therefore, firstly you need to check the details of these apps before use.   BUSES   Islamabad citizens mostly prefer to use taxis and auto rickshaws instead of buses when traveling over short distances. Therefore, for long journeys, they prefer to travel by bus. Moreover, it is very important to know about the passage in order to avoid hassle and a bad journey. Because it is very important to know about your journey way to enjoy your journey. When you travel by bus you have many options to choose from such as metro buses, local buses, business class buses, and wagons. Let’s discuss these options in detail.   METRO BUS   As we know Islamabad and Rawalpindi are called twin cities, So the metro bus in Islamabad serves Islamabad and as well its twin city Rawalpindi. The government wants to provide an entire city with metro service but knows it is reaching most of the areas of Islamabad and few areas are not yet get this service. The metro Islamabad route is ever-increasing and it is possible that it cover the whole of Islamabad   ROUTES OF METRO BUS ISLAMABAD   The Islamabad metro bus route is very long and is approximately about 22 kilometers long. The route of the Islamabad metro bus when we travel from Islamabad to Rawalpindi is approximately 25 kilometers long which helps the residents to easily travel in twin cities. Metro bus open for residents in 2015 and know many works are ongoing to improve the convenience. Metro bus is a fast way to travel and it is also a fast travel structure, operational in the Islamabad-Rawalpindi residents route of Pakistan.   LINE 1 METRO BUS STATION   Metro bus line 1 came into began in June 2015. Firstly, it starts in front of the Pakistan Secretariat, the service center of Islamabad, and ends at Saddar, the commercial center of Rawalpindi. The station or stops of line 1 metro bus route include: Pak Secretariat Parade Ground Shaheed-e-Millat 7th avenue Stock Exchange PIMS Katchehry Ibn-e-Sina Chaman Kashmir Highway Faiz Ahmed Faiz Khayaban-e-Johar Potohar IJP Faizabad Shamsabad 6th Road Rehmanabad Chandni Chowk Waris Khan Committee Chowk Liaqat Bagh Marrir Chowk Saddar   LINE 2 METRO BUS STATION   Metro bus line 2 route is 27 km long which starts from Kashmir Highway, metro station run parallel serve Srinagar Highway and it ends at the new Islamabad International Airport. The stops and stations for metro bus line 2 include the following routes: Kashmir Highway H-9/G-9 IIUI/G-10 High Court H-11/G-11 NUST/G-12 (East) NUST/G-12 (West) Golra Mor/G-13 Grand Trunk Road Jammu & Kashmir/ G-15 Badhana Kalan/G-16 M1/M2 Interchange Rakh Pind Ranjha Islamabad Airport   FARE AND TIMING   If you thought that the Islamabad metro bus service timing operates from 6:15 am to 10:00 p.m. The employees of metro bus Islamabad not only control an intelligent transport system but also control the e-ticketing system. The metro bus Islamabad is managed by PUNJAB METRO BUS AUTHORITY (PMBA)  manages a computerized system. The timing of the metro buses in Rawalpindi is the same as in Islamabad because they are both parts of the same transportation system. Moreover, above that, there are also ticket offices, elevators, toilet articles, platform screens, online sites for online fare collection, and many other facilities that make it easy to travel for passengers and also make sure of the safety of passengers. There is also a central ITS control room that controls all the operations and systems of the bus transit system. The passengers who travel on a metro bus in Islamabad are generally pleased with many modern facilities that make travel very easy such as the service of free WiFi, an air-conditioned bus, cold drinks, and many other facilities that improve the status of the metro bus. The metro bus Islamabad tickets has different fairs that give facilities to passengers to buy tickets of their own choice according to their capacity. The metro bus also provides the facility of an e-ticketing method for public transport in Islamabad. That helps the passenger to travel on their own choice. The ticketing option includes; Single ride token Metro card   Single ride token   Once when you get information about the bus routes in Islamabad.  You can buy a ticket from the ticket office or use a self-service Ticket Vending Machines (TVM) that covers a single ride or one-way trip. The total price of the metro bus ticket is only 20PKR and that also allows entry into the platform.  Getting the ticket at the entry point or before the start of the journey can help a lot instead of the end of the journey when passengers must have to deposit the ticket before exiting the platform.

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What is Apartment and its amenities?

With the help of advanced planning and cutting-edge technologies introduced in the 21st century, the human race has come a long way in terms of the construction of vertical projects and skyscrapers. The skylines of our cities now look more futuristic than ever before, dominated by vertical developments promoting modernity and sustainability. Since people are now more inclined toward vertical living, the real estate market has been stormed by apartment hunters in recent years, resulting in an imbalance of demand and supply. Most of the apartment buyers are millennials, probably in their thirties, who usually have high expectations and want an apartment project to fulfil most, if not all, of their lifestyle requirements. So, in order to effectively address the demands of modern-day apartment seekers, real estate developers and stakeholders have now shifted their focus to creating high-end vertical complexes and equipping them with a myriad of lifestyle amenities.  Now, you may be wondering what are the most popular types of amenities offered these days and how they improve the vertical living experience for the residents of a particular project? To help you answer these questions, we have put together this thorough real estate guide about the different types of apartment amenities and their benefits.  MORE ABOUT APARTMENT AMENITIES Apartment amenities can be classified as luxuries. They are the non-essential features or services available in an apartment complex to enhance the experience of the residents. They may include gyms, pools, covered parking, laundry rooms, and in-house cinemas, among other features. The availability of apartment amenities may also vary from project to project, making every development unique.  ARE THESE AMENITIES FREE? No, the apartment amenities aren’t offered for free. The residents of an apartment complex may have to pay a certain amount every month as an amenity fee. For renters, it is often included in the property rent or building maintenance charges. The amount collected is generally utilised by the building management to keep the facilities up and running. TYPES OF APARTMENT AMENITIES Now, let’s learn more about the two types of apartment amenities, listed and discussed below: Building Amenities Private Amenities BUILDING AMENITIES Building amenities, also known as community amenities, are shared by all the people living in a complex. In a masterfully planned project, building amenities are usually a part of communal spaces that are accessible by all the residents.  However, the accessibility and usage of these amenities are subjected to the rules and regulations set by the management of the building. Also, in most cases, community amenities offered by an apartment complex are only available to residents and their guests but not to the general public. Take a look at the most common types of building amenities! Swimming pools Rooftop decks Terraces Patios  Playgrounds BBQ arrangements Fitness centres Movie theatres Covered parking with storage areas Laundry facilities Separate servant quarters PRIVATE AMENITIES Private amenities, which are often referred to as in-unit amenities, are available within an apartment that can only be used by the residents of that particular unit. The basic concept behind these types of apartment amenities is to offer a luxurious and comfortable living experience. This is why the availability of in-unit amenities has a direct impact on the real estate value of an apartment. We have listed below some private amenities that are commonly available in high-end and luxury apartments these days. Check them out! Top-quality fittings Furnished living space Elevator with private foyers Home automation systems Access to private terraces Air-conditioning systems Preinstalled kitchen appliances Round-the-clock concierge services PROJECTS WITH TOP-NOTCH APARTMENT AMENITIES  Most of these building and in-unit amenities are available in projects that are masterminded by Zameen Developments — the real estate development wing of EMPG. Zameen Opal, Zameen Aurum, Zameen Quadrangle, Mall 35, Zameen Ace Mall, and Zameen Ace Home are some of their successful property ventures found in different cities across Pakistan. 

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The most beautiful hill stations in Pakistan

What is Hill Station?   Hill station is a town located at a higher height and elevation than its surrounding area. The term is mostly used for places on hills in colonies, which the colonizers used as summer retreats.   Pakistan top hill station   Pakistan is a fantastic country that is loaded with a lot of beautiful places to visit.  It is full of lofty mountains, incredible seaside views, wonderful coastal beauty,  lush green land, and grassland can all be found here. Most importantly it is a house of a lot of beautiful and awesome hill stations. Luckily, Pakistan is full of beautiful hill stations.   “Climb  the mountain not to plant your flag, but to embrace the challenge, enjoy the air and behold the view. Climb it so you can see the world, not so the world can see you.”                      David McCullough Jr.   There are many vocational spots in Pakistan. Pakistan is no less than other international countries by means of vacation spots. The beautiful scenery, views, and landscapes will refresh your soul and body and also make you happy. if you are looking to visit a beautiful and charming place on your vacation, then Pakistan is the best and most affordable vocational spot to spend your holidays. As well, the weather in Pakistan is getting good after the summer season SO, so it is a good time to visit beautiful places by road trip. This clear weather surely invites vacations. If you want a break from your hectic routine then plan to visit the hill stations of PAKISTAN which refresh your soul and body. And you surely feel happy and healthy.         The most popular hill stations in Pakistan   Here are the top 15 hill stations in Pakistan that you should visit at once in your lifetime. Let's discuss these amazing hill station, their location, their beauty, and the reason why they are famous. We should discuss on following hill stations: .Gilgit  . Skardu  . Hunza  . Murree . Malam Jabba . Thandiani . Kalam . Shogran . Ayubia . Patriata . Fort Munro . Neelum Valley .Gorakh Hill .Ziarat .Abbottabad   Gilgit    Gilgit is not only the capital of the Gilgit District in the astonishing Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan, but it is also one most amazing and stunning hill stations in Pakistan. It is surrounded by magisterial snow-capped mountains, gossamery lakes, and charming green meadows. Gilgit is a beautiful piece of heaven on Earth. The hill station of Gilgit attracts a lot of non-foreign and foreign tourists every year. These beautiful hill stations increase tourism in Pakistan. This is due to its social position as one of the most developed areas of Pakistan. The best hotels in Gilgit provide all the facilities that you had expected in large towns. Gilgit is an established area in the entire reign, it has its own small airport that allows visitors from all around the world to visit over the country.   Location :   The stunning and amazing hill station of Gilgit is located about 5000 feet above sea level and is present at the junction of the rivers Gilgit and Hunza. Elevation: 1,500 m   Best  time to visit   If you are planning to visit Gilgit hill station, the best time to visit is during the summer month between May and November, therefore, the area is fairly attainable. The month of July and august can be extremely charmed full.   Skardu     Skardu is one of Pakistan’s most popular hill stations. Skardu is the capital city of the Skardu District. It is present in the beautiful Gilgit-Baltistan area. It also holds some of the country’s most delightful lakes such as : .Upper Kachura lake .Lower kachura lake .Satpara lake .Skardu fort .Shigar fort . Deosai national park  .Manthokha  waterfall These are all within a short distance from Skardu hill station.   Location:   The beautiful and charming valley is located at the intersection of the Indus and Shigar river at the loftiness of 8,200 feet above sea level. However, if you do not visit this place you indubitably have at least pictures and videos of this charming and view seeker place an attractive destination for tourists.   Best time to visit:   The best time to visit this beautiful valley is in the mid of June and October. Therefore, the hill station of Skardu gets less crowded in the month of July and August because it is a time of vacation for students many peoples spend their vacations in this hill station.   Hunza:   We can discuss Skardu and Gilgit hill stations, Now we talk about Hunza which is a gorgeous, attractive, and charming hill station in Gilgit Baltistan. Hunza is like a fairytale place for children and this hill station is very attractive to international and domestic tourists. this place reminds us of the magnificent winters that describe in the story tales of children.   Location:   Hunza is located at an altitude of 8,000 feet above the sea. Hunza is encircled by attractive snow-trapped mountains, lush green meadows, fruit-loaded gardens, and a beautiful and clear blue river that increases the value of the valley. The following lakes are present in Hunza: . Attabad lake  .Altit fort . Batit fort .Passu cones .Eagle’s Nest .Rakaposhi viewpoint .Ultra glacier These places are a great source of attraction for tourists. When tourists travel to Gilgit Baltistan, many people like to stay for 2 to 3 days in Hunza to enjoy the beauty of  Hunza. In Hunza all the facilities are available, residents of Hunza are very kind, loving, and cooperative and most important the attractive natural beauty makes Hunza one of the best places to visit in Pakistan for an affordable vacation.   Best time to visit:   Hunza's awesome cherry blossom season starts in the mid of march and lasts until the end of April. The month of June and August is regarded as the busiest tourist month. This month a large crowd of tourists visits Hunza. You can make a plan to visit Hunza until October.   Murree:     Murree is called as Queen of Hill Stations.  It is arguably the busiest place in the country. It is also the most popular tourist station. Murree is the common and popular point that comes into the mind of tourists when they plan to went on the hill station tour. It is full of old-century big colonial buildings, many pine trees, and thick oaks forest and as well it is full of apple and apricot gardens.   Location:   Murree is located near Islamabad at a distance of 7,000 feet and this attractive hill station is a great source of enjoyment for twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The people of ISLAMABAD, RAWALPINDI, LAHORE, and other nearby cities plan to spend their weekend in hill station Murree. Due to its high status, Murree has become a popular and ideal spot for tourists in Punjab. Most importantly, a large number of popular restaurants, cafes, fast food cafés, and many markets are present in Murree which is a great source of view seekers for tourists. The best hotels in Muree provide all the facilities and requirements to the tourists. Moreover, Muree is a popular and well-known hill station that visitors visit for a whole year. It is a great and awesome spot to spend summer vacations due to its charming weather, natural beauty, and lofty mountains. On the other hand, in winters Muree becomes a wonderful, charming, and fairytale land for the visitor due to its cold weather and snowfall. When snowfall starts everything is capped with a thick layer of snow. Snowfall increases the beauty of Murree and viewers like to visit Murree during the snowfall season. Elevation: 2,291 m   Best time to visit:   Murree is open to tourists all around the year   Malam Jabba:   Malam Jabba is the best and most well-known place for tourists and adventure seekers because of its chair lifts, zipline, king platform, ice-skating area, and hiking routes. Malam jubbah has a beautiful and charming view of the Hindu Kash Mountains and an attractive valley. It is also considered Pakistan's best spot for adventure and to see snowfall.   Location   The charming and attractive hill station of Malam Jabba is situated about 50 kilometers from Saidu Sharif in Swat District and it is also considered a well-known spot for ski in Pakistan. When you travel from Mingora, the distance between two locations is coveted in an hour or less than an hour, the traveling time depends upon the weather. Malam Jabba is very popular among domestic and international tourists. A great crowd of tourists visits Malam Jabba every year. In Malam Jabba, tourists get affordable and comfortable facilities that are possessory for life. For some years few hotels and guests houses present in it. Elevation: 2,804 m   Best time to visit:   This iconic Pakistan hill station is open all year.   Thandiani     Thandiani is one of Pakistan's most attractive hill stations, nestled in the foothills of the great Himalaya. As we know the word Thandiani means very chilly and cold. The word Thandiani describes that the hill station is quite chill. Thandiani is not a more developed hill station than others that would discuss in our list. Thandiani hill station lack guest home, hotels, and many other facilities but due to its weather and charming location make this hill station is a worth-seeing nevertheless destination for the visitor.   Location :   Malam Jabba is located in the mountain range of the beautiful Himalayas. Thandiani is considered the most beautiful and popular hill station in PAKISTAN.  It is situated around about 9,000 feet above sea level. Thandiani is also a part of the charming Galyat area present in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Therefore, if you went to visit Abbottabad or live nearby then you easily plan a day trip to the stunning mountains of Thandiani. It is approximately 37 kilometers from the city. Elevation: 2,750 m   Best time to visit :   The best time to visit Thandiani is between the month of May and September.   Kalam:   In Kalam many popular hill regions are present. It is considered the home of Pakistan's most beautiful and popular hilly areas. It is located approximately 99 kilometers from Mingora. In Kalam, there are many charming and stunning places and spots to visit. Kalam is a large hill station that contains many small hilly areas or spots. The popular site in Kalam to visit is Sawat valley. Kalam is considered as a treasure box of charming lakes, lofty mountains, beautiful scenes, forests, lush green meadows, and many other natural beauty models and wonders. The most attractive and popular lake in Kalam is Saifullah lake. Saifullah lake is also called Saiful maluk lake. it is a small clear water body. it is very popular for its fresh seafood. that little water today is beautiful because it is surrounded by forest and lush green meadows. These facilities and beauty is natural awe and this natural beauty make Kalam the most charming and attractive place for tourist all domestic and international tourists want to visit this place due to its natural beauty. Kalam provides a range of resorts and other lodging options for both short and long visits, 365 days a year. There are motels, lodges, inns, B&Bs, and other lodging options in Kalam Valley, in addition to hotels. Elevation: 2,001 m   Best time to visit :   The best time to visit Kalam is in the months of June-August and November-December. In summer a large number of tourists visit Kalam because of summer vacation all thanks to vacationing families and Pakistan travelers who visit Kalam which also increases tourism in Pakistan.   Shogran     Shogran is the best hill station in Kaghan. It is situated on a grassy hilltop. It is located at a distance of 34 kilometers (21 mi) away from Balakot. Other places to visit from Shogran include Siri Lake, Paye Lake, Musa ka Musala Peak, and Makra Peak. In clear weather, you can also see those peaks from Shogran. The Kaghan Road is usually shrouded in thick clouds, which attracts the majority of tourists traveling through. There are a variety of lodging options here, but the best one is the Forest Rest House. It's a warm and inviting space with tasteful wood furniture and décor. The forest-themed rest home is ideal for families and groups of friends traveling together. If you have children, you should take them to Shogran's tiny zoo. It is home to a variety of animals and birds, and the children will adore it. Malkani woodland is the spot to go if you want to get a closer look at nature. The dense forest is a paradise, with its unusual array of plants and wildlife.    

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Why Foundation is Important in Building?

The first and foremost part of constructing any building is laying strong foundations upon which the strength, durability and resilience of your project will depend. During construction, this part requires a lot of attention to detail. But is stability the only benefit of a well-built foundation? In this blog, we have pointed out some reasons for you to understand the importance of the foundations of buildings. FOUNDATIONS OF BUILDINGS Before we get to the reasons behind building strong foundations of the structure, let’s first understand what is a foundation and what are its functions. The foundation of a building is the lowest part of the structure that sits between different floors and the ground to provide it with the necessary support. It serves various purposes which include distributing the load of the building evenly to the ground, the basis for the vertical construction and keeping the structure upright. Strong foundations are built by understanding the dynamics of soils, moisture level and weather conditions because these play a vital role in damaging the foundation. The success of high-rise buildings across the world is because of their strong foundations. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons behind building strong foundations and why experts and real estate developers put special focus on these. REASONS BEHIND BUILDING STRONG FOUNDATIONS The reasons mentioned below will make you understand why people emphasize on determining the quality of construction before buying a home or office space in a building. SUPPORTS THE BUILDING As per the engineers and experts in the construction industry, there are two types of loads that a building must be able to withstand; dead weight and live weight. Dead weight is referred to as the constant weight of the building structure itself that doesn’t change. Live weight is subject to change and is made up of variable elements such as residents, objects, cars etc. The characteristic of a good and strong foundation is that it evenly substitutes the entire weight to the ground. Not all foundations are made of concrete, instead, it depends on the type and purpose of the project for which you are building the foundation. Some materials used to build foundations of houses and tall buildings include stone, brick, reinforced concrete and treated wood. Materials that are used in the foundations are carefully selected because if these are to decay, questions on the credibility and strength of the building can arise. PROTECTION AGAINST EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS As mentioned above, the foundation must be able to withstand the dead and live weight. In hilly areas where snowfall is expected, the developers must take that into account as live weight. The concept that a house made up of bricks and stones can withstand weather conditions is entirely wrong because it will not be supported from its base. Some areas experience strong winds, sand storms and thunderstorms with high-speed winds. In such areas, it is not just about keeping the building erect but also protecting it from the battering of winds and storms. Deeper and stronger the foundations, the easier it will be for a building to survive the test of nature. Earthquakes jolt the earth’s crust and can result in collapsing the entire structure if the magnitude is higher. Strong foundations of buildings can provide sufficient protection to the entire structure and can save you a fortune and life loss. PROVIDES INSULATION It is a common phenomenon that heat travels upward leaving space for cold air. A lot of emphasis is put on the insulation of the roof and upper floors when ground floors and the basement are equally important. Insulation keeps cool air from leaving the room in summers and hot air in winters resulting in lower energy bills. The earth equally gets hot and cold in summer and winter respectively and transmits it to the building from lower levels. One of the characteristics of materials used in foundations of buildings is that these have insulation properties which can provide a buffer between the colder surfaces of earth and floors. Moreover, these properties of insulation also protect the water and moisture of the ground from entering and damaging the roots of the structure. KEEPS MOISTURE FROM SEEPING Winds and storms are one thing that developers have to keep in mind but some developed areas can be close to rivers and streams which may be feared to flood. In the event of a flood, buildings and homes are feared to be taken away by floods due to pressure and the force of water. However, if foundations of houses and buildings are well laid and made up of strong materials, there is a high probability that they will survive after the flood has passed. In the case of the areas where the water level of the ground is higher, the soil is moist or floods can be expected, digging a hole in the ground and filling it with reinforced concrete may not be the solution. These things also need to be taken into account so that if the ground below changes, the foundation can provide the required support and keep the structure upright. With the advancements in technology, materials and research and development, solutions to such problems have already been found and people are already applying them. PROTECTS OCCUPANTS AND NEIGHBOURHOOD It is not just about constructing a building that will stand tall for generations but also about the protection of the occupants, their belongings, neighbourhood, investment and reputation of a developer. With faulty or weak foundations of buildings, there is a lot at stake including the integrity of the project and the developer. Inquiring about the features of a building and its condition is now a norm while buying a home or looking for an office. A minor fault in the foundation can cost you a lot in terms of both money and time. This is the reason why hidden elements of a building are more important than its exterior and design. In view of the above-mentioned reasons, without the right foundations, your house or building will not last very long putting you and your investment at risk. It is only as reliable as a single crack after which it is only a matter of time before things start to get worse. It is highly important that periodic property inspections by professionals are scheduled to keep yourself updated about the problems of the building that need to be addressed immediately.  

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A monsoon season is a seasonal change that bring cold breezes and provide us relief from heat waves but it also damage our houses because of wet air , therefore by making different changes recommended by interior designer , than we save our houses from damages occur during monsoon season Rain proof exterior   First of all we start with the changes in exterior part of our house because this is a portion that is directly subjected to the rain water due to which potential leakage make an entry to enter inside the home .  In rainy season wetness increase in the soil and come above the ground . Therefore , this wetness leak through the ground and produce moist spot on the interior walls . Beside from the fact that these moist spot cause bad impact on the health of your homes , these moist spot make the house smelly , cool , dampish and call the bacteria and fungi Check out drains Firstly , you should have to examine cracks or damage that may be viewable on the exterior walls and than fix it  just at that moment .  Another efficient way to stop seepage , the useful  way is to  use water-proof paints on the exterior and also interior walls . After a long time , you would have to re- paint the walls . landlord of the house with plenty area should make sure that there is no leakage and blockage of drains in case of rainstorm and that the rainwater can clear freely. Check electric wiring and electric connection First of all you should have to check any open and  disregarded wire in home , then settle down these problems on a seniority basis . During monsoon season , there is a great risk of short  circuit from such open and disregarded wires . Due to which it is very important to fix these problems . If there are children at home than it is very to fix these problems quickly . Electric switches and wires must be secured and protected them from getting wet . And also make sure to get unattached wires , damaged switches and also solve another problems . If electrical connections and electrical boards are in the portion where water entered , then protect it completely with waterproof boxes . Protect wooden furniture   Wooden furniture and other wooden things in the house and offices  tend to act negatively against wetness and stickiness , which are generally occur in monsoon season . In order to making your valuable articles of furniture leave their shape and structure ,  these state would make them unprotected from pests and termites To protect furniture against stickiness and wetness :     .   Do not clean wooden furniture with soaked cloth .   Place wooden furniture away from wall with distance of one inches . .   Buy a vacuum pump to maintain the temperature and  mugginess in check . .   Apply a fresh coat of polish and varnish to prevent the wood from distension . Clean carpet and rugs regularly Moonsoon season is not time to showoff your elegant , lovely and beautiful designer furniture and  drapery , for the simple reason that this season is sign of moisture may fragile damage your expensive and unique carpets and rugs . Additionally your dirty feets ,  dust particle and mustiness in the moist air can mess with designer carpet and rugs . So , the best way to prevent this situation is to bundle up and place them in a plastic cover or sheet to secure them from bad effects of this season . The best step is to replace these carpets and rugs with threadlike ,  inexpensive and easy-to-clean rugs or carpets that is best for monsoon season . Many suitable choices include : bamboo mats or clamminess safe acrylic rugs for the floors . As well , use foot floor covering at your doorstep to secure that dust particles or mud are place in their right place which is outside the doors and from house . This is very important to prepare your house for monsoon season .

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Will Real Estate Sector Turned in 2022?

  For the property business in Pakistan, 2021 has been very confusing. The Real Estate Sector has suffered incredibly because of political turmoil and economic instability, especially in Pakistan's significant urban areas. Like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. Defining moment For the Real Estate Sector, experts and investors are occupied with rediscovering and rebuilding their advertising plans and procedures. As the year advances to catch more leads in the following year.   Property Sector in Pakistan's quickest developing area, with more than 100 ventures connected to it indirectly or directly. The property boom will stimulate development in various industries, along with the development business. It's the best investment opportunity for local and international dealers searching for a spot to put their cash. Moreover, the growth of the property business has accompanied a considerable number of issues, in addition to a loss of transparency, a scarcity of lower-cost housing, sluggish technological adoption, and fragmented regulatory frameworks.   Various contemporary commercial and residential projects are set to be finished next year. Making 2022 a massive year for property development and investment across the country and into the list of properties for sale. Suppose you're a realtor in Pakistan searching for methodologies to take advantage of this profitable market this year.   The business of Real Estate in Pakistan Pakistan's housing market has encountered a surprising flood. Individuals are more intrigued than any other time in investing in property. This is because of how Pakistan's residential developments have been given new shapes and designs. Various land properties support the development of high-rise projects with appealing frameworks. A lot more housing developments have been formed into beautiful civilizations. These associations support massive housing and modern property available to be purchased and an assortment of conveniences for the inhabitants.   There is an expanded tendency in property investment in Pakistan's significant urban areas. Major mechanical progressions have happened in Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Karachi. Various housing projects have been carried out in major metropolitan regions utilizing creative and present-day innovations. Many individuals have been attracted to these new housing locations. Therefore, individuals started to invest in this era. Pakistan's property field started to grow and flourish. 2022 Predictions in Real Estate Sector Pakistan's housing market is quickly developing. A significant financial upswing is expected in 2022. Almost every area of the country has been impacted by Covid19. The economy was likewise in a condition of transition. Although, Pakistani Real Estate Investors keep on contributing. Numerous investors saw the low loan cost as an opportunity and put investment into the housing market thus.   With the start of another year, everybody prays and hopes it won't be as violated as the past one. As per land examiners, Pakistan's property business will see new interests in the year 2022. This is somewhat owing to how the worth of business and housing land has risen consistently over time. The profit from the venture is likewise highly significant. Following 4-5 years of contributing, investors used to see significant returns. These elements are drawing in a rising number of investors.   Therefore, this property sector will, without a doubt, extend in 2022. Individuals are bound to see future residential projects as an investment. Furthermore, save it as Property available to be purchased after some time with high net revenue. Promote your business on Real Estate Portals   Gone are the days when purchasing or leasing an office in a business region for land counseling was to the point of acquiring stroll-in clients. On Pakistan's most excellent internet-based land gateways, make your business apparent. To cause clients to find out about you and reach you, If they have any property-related questions like Which is the best project for investment in Islamabad. If you haven't previously recorded your business on local property portals and you don't have an idea about the Turning Point For the Real Estate Sector. Don't be too late; here is where most potential clients can be found, not at nearby business markets. Best Investment in Pakistan 2022 Pakistan's economy is complicated. A few developing industries are in the striving stage because of various problems like corruption of the government and their strategies. In any case, there are still various investment opportunities for capable individuals in Pakistan. Zembuilders accumulated a few thoughts, which can be helpful for the young age of 2022. You can invest in any sort of business. Here you'll get different thoughts. Simply give it a read! Best Business Ideas for Pakistan Fish Farming Business Fish cultivating is a sort of business that can assist you with producing great pay. You can begin this business with a small amount. Anyhow it needs a decent space and a market. The interest in fish has generally been high, particularly in winters. You might be stunned to realize that numerous business visionaries effectively work their fish cultivating organizations even in towns with exceptionally safe pay. Retail Clothing Business You can also invest in the dress business, as the fabric market is one of the severe business markets in Pakistan that is looking for investors' consideration. This sort of industry offers a decent benefit. If you are new in this Real Estate Sector, you ought to notice and get familiar with the strategies for winning in the material retail market. Import and Export Specialization Company Pakistan has a decent import and product economy with many adjoining countries worldwide. This business thought would incorporate assisting neighborhood organizations with their import and commodity documentation, following, etc. So the client can zero in on their work. Assisting worldwide clients with canning also be plausible as they need to build their assembling interaction in Pakistan because of minimal expense and top-notch work. You can charge each hour or for the import/send-out project to bring in cash. Interesting Footwear Client Development Business In the footwear business, the is no question India and China are significant opponents. In any case, Pakistan is prepared for potential opportunities because of the low expenses and top-notch materials. To assist neighborhood producers in Pakistan with gaining from the conceivable developing footwear industry, you can help them by tracking down clients worldwide that would need their shoes fabricated in Pakistan. Then, at that point, you can be ready to get an income of a specific rate. Clinical Store Here is a decent chance for the scientific experts; they can begin another business by opening a clinical store with significantly less venture. This business can become quicker. There are also different choices as though you can also pick medicine distribution, medicine production, etc. Some of them might have more substantial startup costs than others. However, you want a moderate startup sum to begin a clinical store.   Sports Items Store Sports items retail Shop is one of the lower venture business opportunities for sports lovers. The interest in sports items is exceptionally high with high income. You can begin with a bit of store with exceptionally essential tennis balls, footballs, bats, etc. Besides, if you have a moderate venture, you can sell different games things, including gloves, outdoor gear, rackets, and related games. Real Estate Business Property business is broadly adept and the most popular investment in Pakistan. You need to purchase a property like land, a house, and so forth. With the progression of time, the land cost appreciates, and you'll get a decent profit from it. Additionally, you don't have to stress, If you need more cash right now since there are a few simple ways to get installments with the assistance of partnerships and loans with the near ones that can help you in purchasing a property. The best thing is in Pakistan; it is a safe venture. Attempt to invest in flats, houses, shops, and plots. These resources will give you a decent return and has excellent resale and rental worth. Wrapping Up: This article can assist poor people in going into business with extremely low speculation as these are the thoughts on the best investment in Pakistan 2022. You might require a few loans for the investment, but you can repay them not long after going into business.      

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Best method to Identify Fake Notes in Pakistan

The fake news is circulating on Social Media about new designs of Cash Notes   "The State Bank of Pakistan completely denies the news and explains that no such proposal is getting looked at right now."   Have you at any point thought you were being given a fake1000 rupee note in Pakistan yet have no idea how to confirm its validity as a matter of fact? The most effective way to distinguish fake cash is to rapidly check its security by the State Bank of Pakistan. Mostly 100, 500, 1000, and 5000 rupee Notes are duplicated, you should be much more careful while taking a 5000 rupee note as compared to a 10 Rs note.   Chkfake app for iOS & Android; With the free app, you can identify common signs that indicate a fake currency note is in circulation. India’s new currency notes are supported by the app, as well as other countries’ currencies. Is there an app to check the Fake Banknotes?   Chkfake application and “Pakistani Banknotes” can be accessible on iOS stores and Android available to download free of cost.        In Pakistan, the issue of fake currency notes is quite intense. Thousands of fake notes ranging up to Rs. 5000 are there in the market. State Bank of Pakistan keeps warning the people about these fake notes in public awareness messages. Now, SBP has taken an effective measure to bring awareness among the people regarding fake notes. In order to identify counterfeit money in Pakistan, you must learn about the most notable security features of genuine banknotes. A portrait of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Sherwani appears at the obverse left of each banknote The denomination of the banknote appears in digits below the portrait of Quaid-e-Azam A window security thread is partially embedded into the paper of the banknote. It runs from top to bottom on the front left side. The denomination numeral can be seen in the thread FRONT OF THE NOTE The pattern on the notes has been etched into the coated surface instead of being printed, which results in a slightly raised outline. The watermark portrait of Quaid-e-Azam is present on the right side of the currency The denomination numerals on the obverse left top and reverse right top hold perfectly against the transmitted light  The anti-scan and anti-copy line patterns on the note make it impossible for anyone to scan or photocopy the exact note A partially embedded window security thread runs from top to bottom on the front left side of the currency. It changes colours when viewed against regular and ultra-violet lights. The right side of the note bears its year of production The geometric design appears at the front of the note The denomination numeral appears in Urdu on the right and left top of the note and in English on the right bottom of the note Intaglio lines appear at extreme left and right corners of the banknote BACK OF THE NOTE More decorative patterns adorn the backside of the currency Each banknote has a different image on its back. You can find out more about the colour and depiction on the back of every  The words “State Bank of Pakistan” appear at the top of the note The value in of banknote in words appears at the bottom of the note Micro lettering denomination numeral is present at the left of the note along with geometrical patterns The ‘State Bank of Pakistan’ seal can be seen at the left bottom of the note TIPS TO IDENTIFY FAKE CURRENCY IN PAKISTAN we also need to make sure we don’t end up accepting a fake banknote. Here are some easy tips to identify the counterfeit currency in Pakistan. THE PAPER Unlike regular paper, the one used to create banknotes can never split at the edges. It can also never split in two like tissue paper. Although genuine currency may shred due to mishandling, you will never see it split. On the other hand, most counterfeiters print two sides of fake notes in Pakistan and glue them together to add a forged security thread in the middle, which eventually results in the two sides of the note separating after a while. SECURITY THREAD As mentioned above, each banknote has a partially embedded security thread running from top to bottom on the front left side of the note that cannot be pulled out. This thread appears complete and unbroken when held against transmitted light. However, if you place the note on a horizontal surface, the thread will appear uneven or interrupted. This is a huge tell-tale sign that can help you identify fake currency.  

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