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Faisal Margalla City

Faisal Margalla City is developed with new life style along with latest innovations of life. This project which is also known as FMC situated beside to Margalla Hills, centrally located along b17 Islamabad.


FMC is the newest project of Margalla City (Pvt) Limited. According to reports, a private party and Zedem International jointly own Margalla City (Pvt) Ltd. The proprietor of Zedem International is Ch, Chaudhry Majeed. The site on which the scheme is to be built is held by a private organization and is located adjacent to the MPCHS sector A in sector B-17. At the same time, Zedem International is in charge of the housing venture’s sales and development. Furthermore, Faisal Margalla City NOC is also approved by its concerned departments.


The society resides in a truly natural area, neighbored by the majestic Margalla Hills of Islamabad and surrounded by breathtaking views and serene beauty. The society is located right next to the MPCHS sector B-17 Islamabad block A. The development and sales responsibilities are handled by Zedem International.


Today, FMC stands as one of the most sought out and demanded housing societies in the Federal Capital. Also, it is widely renowned for its tranquil and charismatic location. Surprisingly, the society progressed in a short time and was able to achieve a unique status. In addition to this, the society is approved by the concerned authorities.


About Developers:




Chaudhary Majeed is the owner of Zedem International Pvt Ltd whose vision behind the development of this society is to offer latest recreational amenities and modern living technology features. After the success of following projects now Zedem pvt ltd decides to launch this growing project.


This mega Housing Scheme is the project of ZEDEM INTERNATIONAL, which business tycoon Chaudhary ABDUL MAJEED owns. This reliable and well-known company is registered with the SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.


The developers have announced their vision of providing a quality and luxurious lifestyle to the people at affordable rates at the time of launch. Also, they have promised on-time delivery of the project, which is a very impressive thing about the residential project.


ZEDEM INTERNATIONAL builders and developers comprise four groups: Margalla City, CAM construction, Zedem International & Faisal Town.


• Faisal Town Islamabad
• Faisal Hills Islamabad
• Faisal Residentia
• SEA Square


Faisal Margalla City Location:



The scheme is fully equipped with modern facilities, comprising a vast network of highways connecting the housing scheme to the rest of the region. Faisal Margalla’s prime position is attracting a lot of attention and investment.


FMC is tucked between MPCHS Sectors A, C, E, and G and extends up to the foot of the Margalla Hills on the north side. The housing society is accessible by G.T. Road via Multi-Gardens and the M-1 Motorway and the service road via MPCHS Block G via the proposed motorway interchange.


The neighborhood of this society is not as densely populated as other CDA sectors in Islamabad, and it is supplied with all the required amenities for a happy and tranquil existence.


Faisal Margalla City Map:




Faisal Margalla City Accessibilities




  • Located at Rawalpindi
  • Almost 5 minutes away from Motorway
  • Almost 10 minutes away from Islamabad Motorway
  • Almost 7 minutes away from Airport avenue
  • Almost 25 minutes away from Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • Almost 11 minutes away from Sirinagar Highway
  • Almost 5 minutes away from Rawalpindi Interchange


Faisal Margalla City Nearby Land Marks


FMC can be accessed from multiple routes in the twin cities. You may access the society as follows:


  • G.T Road B-17
  • M-1 Motorway
  • B-17 Multi Gardens G Sector Service Road


Multiple accesses to the society are one of the factors that many customers are attracted to this project.


Faisal margalla city project details:


The society offers a variety of residential and commercial plots in its midst, including 5.5, 8, 10.8, 14.2, and 20 Marla plots.


Initially, there were speculations about if or when the installment payment plan was going to be offered. But after the launch, the first plan was launched on the website of Zedem International and made available for the general public. This step was taken for the feasibility of the investors as to if some people were not able to afford lump sum payment, they would at least have the option to pay the quarterly very affordable installments and purchase their property in the area.


A 4 Year installment payment plan that was officially offered by the administration of FMC is attached as under:


Faisal Margalla City NOC:


RDA (Rawalpindi development authority) and EPA (Environment Protection Agency) issued the NOC / Permission letter via letter No.RDA/MP&TE/F-PHS-TAX-07/145, dated 19-02-2019 for this growing residential project. Now its not risky so doesn’t be too late and book your plot here on first come first served basis for further details get in touch with us at


Faisal Margalla City Payment Plan:


The society offers flexible payment plan was another aspect that drew investors’ attention; however, this instalment plan has been discontinued, but investors who took advantage of this chance on time are now reaping the advantages. Not only did the developers complete the project ahead of schedule for the owners, but there was no compromising on the pace or the excellent standards.





Why we Invest????


This project is highly recommended just due to its prime location. This is situated just beside MPCHS sector A and extends up to Margalla Hills and Sector G. Its neighboring area is highly populated so all the facilities of life are available in sector B17 Islamabad. Project Features:

• 40 to 225 Matellic Roads
• Underground & Overhead water tanks
• Easy Access to Main GT Road
• Medical College
• Shopping Mall with food court and 3D movie theater
• Extensive Landscaping and Plantation
• Modern Waste Collection


Faisal Hills Islamabad Facilities and Amenities:


Following are the facilities and amenities that are offered in Faisal Hills:


Basic Utilities:


The residential scheme provides basic facilities to its tenants, such as underground power, water, and gas. There is also an underground sewage system and a drainage system to drain rains. Furthermore, there is never a shortage of freshwater or gas.


Electricity Backup:


The owners of the housing society plan to install power backup systems to deal with the problems like load shedding.


Education Institutes:


The housing society has built various schools in all the blocks to ensure the provision of quality education. However, several education institutes lie in the proximity of the residential project:


  • Public Convent School
  • The Educators Taxila Campus
  • HITEC Junio School
  • Cantt Public School
  • HITEC University, Taxila
  • Comsats University Wah cantt Campus
  • National University of Science and Technology (NUST)


Hospitals & Clinics:


The housing society ensures the well-being of its residents. This is why they plan to build a very own hospital of the housing scheme. Several clinics are located at various locations within the housing scheme. However, various reputed hospitals are situated near the housing scheme:


  • Christian Hospital Taxila
  • Margalla General Hospital
  • City Hospital
  • POF Hospital
  • Maroof International Hospital
  • HIT CBT Hospital
  • Cantt General Hospital


Climate-friendly Environment:




The housing society provides an eco-friendly environment as Faisal Hills developers have allotted a large portion of the land to construct parks, gardens, nurseries, playgrounds, and tracks. There is also a cricket ground in Block C of Faisal Hills.


Several parks and playgrounds are already built within the premises of the residential scheme and several are under the process of construction at present.


Roads and Boulevards:


The roads and boulevards of the housing society are extremely wide and open. They are lined with streetlights and plants, which add to the beauty of the residential society. Moreover, the streets of the housing scheme are quite open to ensure smooth traffic flow.




There are numerous mosques located in every block of Faisal Hills. The Jamia Mosque of the residential society can also be accessed easily. More mosques will be constructed with the launch of more blocks.


Several mosques lie in the vicinity of Faisal Hills:


  • Jami Masjid Al Bilal
  • Masjid Siddiq e Akbar
  • Masjid Noor e Mustafa
  • Jamia Masjid Gulzar e Madina
  • Jamia Masjid Farooq e Azam
  • Faisal Mosque






The residential society is a well-secured housing community that does not take any chances when it comes to the security of the residents. The armed guards keep patrolling the surroundings of the residential society.


Walk-through gates are installed at the entrances to the housing society to ensure that only authorized individuals can enter the premises of the residential society.


The housing scheme is well-walled and well-gated. CCTV cameras are also installed all over the housing society to ensure the security of the residents further.


Core Features


FMC offers you unique and attractive features.

  • Easily approachable
  • Gardens
  • Broad roads
  • Gated area
  • The most incredible water supply structure
  • Industrial Area
  • Underground electricity
  • Sewerage dumping station
  • Food Court
  • Clubs
  • Football fields
  • Underground electricity
  • Gas accessibility
  • Banks
  • Huge plantation
  • Education organizations
  • The safest security system
  • Mosques