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New Metro City Kharian Sarai Alamgir

Are you searching for the best residential project to move in and live in an average place in Kharian city? Take a long breath or anything you like because BSM Developers are introducing an appealing housing scheme for the people of Kharian. Yes! We are talking about New Metro City Kharian, situated on GT Road between Sarai Alamgir and Kharian in the Gujrat district.


This is a fantastic investment opportunity for those interested in making an investment and residency in a recently launched residential project in Kharian. BSM developers have introduced it to maintain the legacy of magnificent housing societies in Pakistan.


BSM Developers has developed many housing projects under Mr Bilal Bashir Malik's supervision to fulfil people's requirements for an international lifestyle. This Group deeply associates with Malik Riaz, a property tycoon in Pakistan's Real Estate Business. BSM developer is the name of trust and determination to offer the best lifestyle to people. 


They have recorded successful projects like Gawadar Golf City and New Metro City Gujjar Khan and are planning to initiate New Metro City Mandi Bahauddin. Malik Bilal Bashir offers valuable opportunities to clients involved in their housing schemes.


New Metro City Kharian Developers & Owners:





Malik Riaz Hussain has a unique personality, and his exceptional works in the Real Estate Market make his brand “Bahria Town” signature value. The grandson of Malik Riaz Hussain is the owner of New Metro City Kharian, who initiated his journey through the successful and exceptional development of GAWADAR CITY.


BSM Developers has developed many housing projects under Mr Bilal Bashir Malik's supervision to fulfil people's requirements for an international lifestyle. This Group deeply associates with Malik Riaz, a property tycoon in Pakistan's Real Estate Business. BSM developer is the name of trust and determination to offer the best lifestyle to people. 


New Metro City Kharian NOC:


Metro City Kharian has a No Objection Certificate from TMA Sara-e-Alamgir, which is why investors are keen towards it. Approval by relevant housing authorities boosts the value of any project. That’s why it is a vital factor in the real estate market.


Including residents and investors, everyone wants to know the NOC status, and approved projects give more assurance to them. NOC always results in better results on investment returns in any housing project.


New Metro City Kharian Location:





Metro City Kharian is situated between Sarai Alamgir and Kharian in the Gujrat district. As you know, GT Road is vital as it links districts and tehsils of Central and Northern Punjab. It makes society accessible from different cities in Pakistan.


Selecting this location for this housing Scheme in Kharian enables nearby tiny villages and cities to move into the society and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle among international standard facilities.


Another location of Metro City Kharian is between Chenab and Jhelum Rivers. This is also a fantastic place for developing a housing scheme because of all the accessible facilities for everyday life.


New Metro City Kharian Map:


New Metro City Kharian map is easily approachable by inhabitants and visitors.




New Metro City Kharian Accessibilities:


This project is close to Sarai Alamgir on GT Road Kharian. Hence, it is easily accessible from these points:


  • 10 min far from Sarai Alamghir
  • 20 min far from Kharian
  • 22 min far from Jhelum
  • 10 min far from Tulip Riverside Hotel




New Metro City Kharian Nearby Landmarks & Places:


New Metro City Kharian is surrounded by nearby landmarks & places:


  • Abdullah Colony
  • Army Public School and College
  • Grand City Kharian
  • Grand Marquee
  • Jhelum City
  • Kharian City
  • Model Town
  • River Golf Course
  • Sarai Alamgir Railway Station


New Metro City Kharian Master Plan:


After acquiring land and NOC approval, the development work is in the completion phase. They follow their development and construction plan correctly without compromising quality to offer residents and investors a luxurious lifestyle. This is a masterpiece by BSM developers.


The trusted and reliable developer initiated this project in July 2019. They got permission from Govt Authorities before buying land and starting development work.


The front 500 feet area is at GT Road while reaming is at the backside. There are 8 blocks in this project, having 5 marlas, 10 marlas, seven marlas, and one Kanal plot are similar to other residential projects.


New Metro City Kharian Residential Plots:


This is offering a range of residential plots, such as follows:


  • 3 Marla (75 Sq Yards)
  • 3.5 Marla (87.5 Sq Yards)
  • 5 Marla (125 Sq Yards)
  • 6 Marla (150 Sq Yards)
  • 7 Marla (175 Sq Yards)
  • 8 Marla (200 Sq Yards)
  • 10 Marla (250 Sq Yards)
  • 12 Marla (300 Sq Yards)
  • 14 Marla (350 Sq Yards)
  • 16 Marla (400 Sq Yards)
  • 1 Kanal(five 500 Square Yards)
  • 2 Kanal(One thousand square Yards)


New Metro City Kharian Residential Plots Payment Plan:




New Metro City Kharian Commercial Plots:


This is offering a range of commercial plots, such as follows:


  • 2 Marla (50 square Yds)
  • 2.5 Marla (62.5 square Yds)
  • 4 Marla (100 square Yds)
  • 5 Marla (133 square Yds)
  • 6 Marla (150 square Yds)
  • 8 Marla (250 square Yds)
  • 16 Marla (400 square Yds)


Complete and Modern Health Care amenities are accessible to keep the inhabitants healthy.


Various kinds of shopping malls are available to allow the inhabitants the best shopping experience. Education is vital in any community; this project has international learning institutes to serve the people.


Enjoyment is also an important factor after a stressful week or month. Everyone needs some relaxation. Moreover, Entertainment can reduce depression, and Metro City Kharian has many parks for this objective.


New Metro City Kharian Commercial Plots:




New Metro City Kharian Payment Plan:


While buying property, you constantly require knowing the payment plan to make a rapid and sensible choice. The price of commercial and residential plots is very affordable for investors and residents. Let’s have a look at the payment for every Block.


New Metro City Blocks


This unique residential project has eight blocks to offer an international standard lifestyle. Moreover, investors can make huge profits on their investments. This project has the best investment options because of its great master plan, exceptional facilities, reliable owners and developers, location, payment plan, and NOC status.


  • General Enclave
  • Paradise Block
  • Marina Block
  • Overseas Executive Block
  • Overseas Supreme Block
  • Supreme Villas Block
  • Supreme Vista Premium Block
  • Eiffel Enclave


General Enclave


The First developed Block in New Metro City Kharian is its General Block. This Block is located near the main GT Road. Ahmad Avenue is at the entrance from GT Road. This residential Block has Sector-I, which contains four blocks, Block A, Block B, Block C and Block D.


Metro City gatehouse, head office, Trafalgar Square, and ZAYD square are also in this enclave. Jamia Masjid-e-Bilal is also there to facilitate inhabitants offering religious duties. Bilal Villa introduces the villa style in Kharian.


The streets and roads here are well-carpeted for a smooth flow of traffic. These roads allow you to move your vehicles efficiently with no traffic jams.


Paradise Block:


As indicated by the name, this Block is a paradise among modern facilities. These blocks are purchasing commercial and residential plots very easy because of the reasonable plot prices. Therefore, you can construct your commercial plot or home to build a shopping mall or shop.


This small but beautiful Block in metro city charity enables people to enjoy a modern lifestyle within this Block. Therefore you don’t need to go outside to benefit from any service. When you are entering from Overseas Block, this Block has a location on the left side. So you can easily reach there from the entrance of the overseas Block.


The exciting thing is that the management plans to open Gate 2 from this Block. Plot owners have initiated building their homes because possession is available here. Due to the rapid construction work, the price is increasing daily.


 Metro Marina Block


This excellent Block is recognized as the heart of the project because of its magnificent possession and fast balloting work. This project has significant streets to facilitate the inhabitants' excellent living experience. The most critical plots, such as 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal, have beautiful locations in New Metro City Kharian Metro Marina Block.


The communal head office of this community will be in the best location of this beautiful Block in the community. There will be a worldwide standard food chain in this Block to allow society to have yummy food.


A block with no amusement area is considered a flat area. So, the park is an essential part of every Block in this attractive project in Kharian. The administration of society is operational to construct two beautiful parks in which one park covers the area of about 10 Marla, and another park will cover 1 to 2 Kanal.


Overseas Executive Block


When you go through the overseas enclave, this Block has the best location on the right side in front of NMC Clock Tower. Therefore, this Block has enormous value due to its excellent societal location. The management has prioritized the levelling and cutting work in this Block. Revolving Square is at the end side of this executive block.


The end of street lights and sewage work shows developers' loyalty to this precise Block. There are carpeted roads to offer the best flexibility for an up-to-date lifestyle. The possession of this Block is in the process with different plot sizes for residential and commercial use. So, there are intense chances of profit in both residential and commercial plots.


 Overseas Supreme Block


New Metro City Kharian Overseas Supreme Block sewerage work is finishing. After finishing sewerage work, the developers will begin working on the balloting of street lights and roads. As management is working in this Block, it is expected that development work will be finished in the upcoming months.


Every up-to-date facility is accessible in this beautiful Block that is encouraging overseas to invest. There is a social club for the residents to get in touch with one another. So, they know each and create an understanding of better community living.


Supreme Villas Block




It is everyone’s vision to survive in a modern style and beautiful villa in Pakistan. Just because of it, the BSM group is running wonderful villas in a prime location close to Overseas Block. So, you can enjoy the premium amenities available in this villa area. Family Glow Park is also close to the villas to allow the residents and villas to enjoy the best Entertainment in this area.


The New Metro City Kharian Supreme Villas Location is simply reachable from the main boulevard road. These are close to the Quran Revolving Square and Overseas Supreme. This particular has a peaceful and eco-friendly environment to assist the inhabitants decently.


Supreme Vista Premium Block


This Block offers the best lifestyle in this society. New Metro City Kharian Supreme Vista Premium Block includes two blocks to assign the extensive area for commercial and residential use. You can purchase your plot at the premium location in Supreme Vista Block. So, there are golden investment chances to earn a good profit for investors.


 Both Block A and B include parks and mosques for the inhabitants. So, people don’t require walking a long distance to present their spiritual duties. Moreover, parks in these two sub-blocks also enable the residents to have refreshments near their homes.


Eiffel Enclave


Eiffel Enclave is the magnificent Block in this recent housing project in Kharian. The Supreme Vista Block also encloses the new Metro City Eiffel Enclave. This new Block includes exceptional amenities not accessible in other blocks of this society. Therefore, Eiffel Enclave becomes a sign of outstanding development work in Kharian. Eiffel Tower Park is the most famous place in society. So, it is an excellent block for those who desire to construct a comfortable home with luxury amenities.


Why should you buy a residential plot in New Metro City Kharian?




  • Booking Procedure
  • After deciding to buy a plot in this society, you need to follow these steps:
  • Submission of the booking application
  • Attachment of photographs and CNIC copies
  • Make down payment
  • Get installament plan


If you do not know to book or buy a plot, don’t worry about it. It would help if you were sure that most people don’t have real estate knowledge but get the services of expert realtors.


New Metro City Kharian Manual Booking:


For manual booking of the plots in New Metro City Gujar Khan, follow the tentative procedure mentioned below:


  • Get the print of the application form and fill it out thoroughly
  • Or you can also become the Member of the Metro City and submit the booking form online via e-form
  • Now deposit the down payment manually or automatically with the processing fee
  • Or you can also transfer the payment through interbank transactions in several banks such as:


New Metro City Kharian Application Form:


You can download and submit the application form for New Metro City Gujar Khan from the official website.


But you might have to attach the following tentative documents with the application form:


  • Passport size photographs
  • Copy of CNIC or passport
  • Copy of NICOP
  • Copy of payment receipt
  • Screenshot of online payment slip


New Metro City Kharian Facilities: