Phase 8 Plots Price

5 Marla

Block Street Plot# Price ID Detail
E4 09 199 6,300,000 UK Corner, Park and masjid on right side, natural solid land, level plot, near Main Bahria expressway.
I 30 1267 6,000,000 MA South facing plot, plot diemenssion is 25 by 45,Direct approach to coastal high way,very reasonable price, ready to build plot.
L 20 246 6,300,000 MA West facing Height location plot,Ready to build this sector is Now 50% Populated,Easy approach to Link Road.
L 19 85 6,300,000 UK Back Boulevard/ back open plot. Near Elephant chowk.
M 43b 1267 6,700,000 MA West facing plot prime location plot,easy approch to main express way,high rise commercial build near by this plot.
M 14 410 6,850,000 UK Open Transfer Plot i.e no transfer fees, no taxes initially. available on investors rate. populated area. Near Commercial area, main Bahria expressway.

Last Up Date: 11-Jun-2024

8 Marla

Block Street Plot# Price ID Detail
D Ext Lane 1 6 8,800,000 MA Boulevard Corner category plot,Very prime location, all facilites are available on walking distance, best place for living.
E 36 1204E 8,500,000 MA North facing open transfer plot no fee & No tax,Very reasonable & Prime locatioon, all facilities are available on walking distance.
K 16A 1072 4,000,000 MW Non develop plot under development area near to express way best for investment
M 32 915 7,400,000 MA West Facing Plot,Available on very reason able price,Bestiest opportunity of investment,ready to build plot.

Last Up Date: 24-Jun-2024

10 Marla

Block Street Plot# Price ID Detail
A 21a 1185k 9,300,000 MW A very peaceful block on a very prime location near to future world school and commercial and horse riding club
A 27 1260 11,000,000 UK 3 Marla Extra Land Paid, size 35*80. Masjid and Park Facing / front open, easy access to main road.
B 01 569 13,900,000 UK Located on 60 feet wide road which is directly connected to Bahria Expressway. Solid Land, Level plot.
D 15 215 17,000,000 MA West Facing Plot,Prime location Near by Statue of liberty & Bussiness district Commercial,populated area,ready to build plot.
D 3 590 7,400,000 MA South facing Plot,Ready to build plot, near to express way & Statue of liberty,Very reasonable price, investment opportunity.
E 25 368 12,400,000 UK Solid Land, Level Plot, Park, play gound, basketball court is in the same street. street is directly connected to main Boulevard. Near Masjid and Commercial area.
E 21 540 11,000,000 MW This block is on main expressway and this plot is on easy approach from middle ring road
F1 969 34 11,800,000 MA west facing plot on Main express way,walking distance to park,Prime location for living, populated area.
F2 131 1373ss 7,500,000 MW Develop possession top height location guaranteed solid land very reasonable rate
F3 34 1234 4,300,000 MA North facing plot,Near to school & Commercial, semi develop plot, very reasonable price best investment opportunity.
F3 New 22P,0 7,600,000 MA Open transfer Pair Plot Each price new cutting plot,almost develop & Ready for possession,No transfer fee & No Tax very reasonable price.
F3 B w 5 12,500,000 MW Boulevard back open on middle ring road back extra land prime location of block starting number
H 26 244 12,500,000 UK Sun Facing, Solid Land, Level Plot, Easy access to main Roads. Closed end streets.
H 01 308 13,500,000 UK 5 Marla extra Land, Boulevard category, back open with extra Land, Back facing future World school and Dolphin chowk. Solid Land, Level Plot.
H 27 922 12,200,000 UK Front back open Plot, street on back also, sun facing, heightened location with valley view. solid land, level Plot. near future world school.
L 7 1235 9,000,000 MA West facing Plot,Easy approach to Coastal High way,Near by park Mosque & Commercial ready to build plot.
L 4 1259 9,500,000 MA North facing Plot,Walking distance to park Mosque & Commercial,level & Solid land,very reasonable price.
L 34`A 1623 9,000,000 MW Back open with extra land for loan level plot ready to build solid land
L 38 1927 8,500,000 TT Level plot level street near to coastal highway and zoo prim location
Lake View 9 14 17,500,000 MW A well maintained small block with all of basic facilities near to business district prime location for living

Last Up Date: 24-Jun-2024

20 Marla

Block Street Plot# Price ID Detail
B 06 40 19,500,000 UK Back open plot, back boulevard plot, Near Central Business District and Bahria Head Office. Sun Facing, easy access to main roads.
D 11 82 21,500,000 MA West facing One kanal plot,Easy approach to Main Link Road,Populated area,Near by statue of liberty & Bussiness District Commercial.
F5 7 122 7,500,000 MW Non develop plot under development area future investment option
F5 4 62 5,800,000 MA None develop plot, this time price is very low,best time for investment, investment opportunity.
P Main Road. 870h7 13,000,000 UK Open Transfer Plot, initially no taxes no transfer fees, Solid Land, Level Plot, Top heighten Location of sector P.
P B/W 91 16,800,000 MA Boulevard Back Open category plot,Map possession utility & Security charges all paid,ready to build very reasonable price.

Last Up Date: 24-Jun-2024