ZEM ARK II is an economical and affordable project by ZEM Builders, which is the fifth addition to ZEM ARK legacy of master class architecture.ZEM Builders aims to bring high value to its customers by providing all the latest services and adding unique features to ZEM ARK II. The distinctive features of this project are mainly the two adjacent buildings. One is for residential flats and the other has offices and commercial floors, which will provide comfort and convenience for our customers.


Its contemporary spaces are located in front of a major prominent city. A new window into your world of living, working, playing, and buying than ever before. There is a refreshing new production system coming soon in Bahria Town, set to become a desirable business center.

ZEM ARK II Location

This projectis located in the heart of Bahria Town Phase 8 known as the Business District, where you can easily access the food street, cinema parks, hospitals, schools, and churches. With the Grunk Highway near the project, one can find high-quality facilities.

Infrastructural Wonder

A work of art that brings the quality of life to equality and excellence. Designed for people who have grown up enjoying the best in life, ZEM ARK II will provide a safe and healthy community environment. Should you not consider moving up in the world?

Epitome of Luxury

Its contemporary spaces are set at the forefront of an outstanding metropolis. A new window to your world to stay, work, play, and shop like never before. There’s a refreshing new way of production coming soon to Bahria Town, which is set to become the desirable business center.

ZEM ARK II offers to pay back guarantee in terms of “invest 15 lac and earn 15000 monthly profits”. This residential and commercial unit is located in a business district.