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ZEM Gardenia introduces a world-class lifestyle among versatile essentials of a secure lifestyle and a chance to revive strings with nature. This project offers a unique market place that binds one of the Pakistan’s oldest traditions with contemporary building practices, the tended garden, construction techniques, and amenities. This project is going to offer apartments and townhouses for prospect buyers by ZEM Builders well-known construction company in Islamabad.

ZEM Gardenia offers:

This marvelous project is expected to offer within next three to four years.

280 Apartments

27 Floors

Town Houses having 4000/500 squared area

Central Park

4.5 Years Installment Plan

About Developers

Behind the great success of any project lies the excellent performance of its developers. So before buying you must take an eye on the portfolio of its dealers and developers. Moreover, ZEM Builders (Construction Company Islamabad) have a very strong journey till now they showed excellent performance in ZEM ARK I, ZEM ARK II, ZEM Heights, Lake Vista and Liberty Tower. Those who invested in their previous projects get the huge returns. Don’t miss and become the part of their successful journey by booking your apartment or townhouse by Advice Associates who are their sales partner.

ZEM Gardenia Facilities:


Smart Building

Architectural Design

Leisure Activities

Medical Centre

24/7 Security

Town Houses

A townhouse is a residential unit with a foot area less than a normal bore and a unit with a terrace. The town house is built with more than one floor. It is less than a villa

Townhouses are multi-storey houses, which share one to two walls with different features, but each house has a separate entrance. These are abounding in the suburbs of cities, creating a distinct community in these areas.

Townhouses vs. Villas

These are a great alternative for a single family and are a great option for those who are accustomed to living a less caring life. These are more likely to develop with less capital than houses.

Townhouses vs. Apartments

The main difference between townhouses and an apartment is its structure and construction. These are built independently and give the impression of being a traditional house, while an apartment is a unit in a large building that connects the rest of the building to the community.

The benefits of living in a townhouse

1. Take care of

The biggest advantage of living in townhouses is that you don't have to work hard to take care of them. This facility can be considered as a bonus due to the adjoining project.

2. Cost

The small size of townhouses means that their construction costs much less than any other home.

3. Facilities

In terms of development, these townhouses being a community, facilities like ponds, clubs and swimming pools are easily available.

4. Investment

These are great shopping options for many homeowners, especially those who are going to invest in a residential property for the first time.

Is it difficult to sell a town house?

In some ways, selling a townhouse is much easier than selling a family home because you can easily determine the reasonable price of a similar home from the same community. In addition, town house buyers can easily compare society and facilities.