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Rudn Enclave

Rudn Eclave Farm Houses are going to become the Pakistan's top class place for living a natural lifestyle in a luxurious manner. It is the Eco sustainable or non polluting city in this country. This society is famous for their world class infrastructure, fine living spaces, and their honest and fine work for the welfare of the mankind all over the world.

Developers And Designers:

The whole project of Rudn Enclave will be developed by Rmesco and designed by Nespak. If we talk about Rmesco this is their first project under the supervision of other well known companies. While Nespak ( National Engineering Services of Pakistan) is not only working in Pakistan rather they are working on international level. They proudly designed 3000 projects in Pakistan while more than 600 projects in Asia and Europe. No Doubt the role of designers and developers is very important in the success of any society so you can read about the.


There are many amenties which are offered by this soicety to facilitate their dwellers with an out class and top standard facilities of life. Some unique features which make this society distintive are given below:

  • Education: The wonderful education system which provides your yougsters a top class education system with experienced and qualified staff. Education is become the basic need of every person to walk with the world and get the sucess in any field of life.
  • Health Care Facilities: In this society you can take any time health care amenities with ambulance service. You can live in pace in this most protected and safe soicety. As the world progresses the diseases rises to a dangerous level, the main reason of this is to increasing population and the rate of pollution also increases and become the cause of diseases. But Rudn Enclave Farm Houses gives you protected and pollution free environment with the health care facilities.
  • Security: O yes the security is another main concern to live in peace. But You need not to worry that Rudn Enclave is wonderful housing society which is worth for peaceful and protected residation. Furthermore, shopping malls, markets, restaurants, medical stores, bakeries, hotels, amusement parks are also found in this society and enhanced the charm of this society.
  • Moreover, wide network of carpeted roads, well managed sanitary system, drainage and pollution free environemnt, lush green surroundings, provision of electricity, supply of gas, continuous availability of filtered water etc are all the basics of life which make the life luxurious and charming.

Best of Luck!