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Awami Villas

Each floor is a separate apartment in double storey buildings of Awami Villas. These luxurious apartments are situated near Abubakar Block in Safari Valley.Green parks are also attached to these where people can sit and enjoy their tea under lush green atmosphere.These are categorized in to general and premier apartments. The apartments that are furnished with beautiful and excellent tiles are named as premier apartment’s general apartments do not have adequate tile work. Ground floor apartments are expensive than top floors. Depending on floor, development status, location and category these apartments have distinct prices. Awami Villas 2 is located in the neighborhood of Awami Villas 1 which contains huts and apartments with complete construction and development work.Awami Villas 3 is situated near Bahria Town Phase 8. Containing around 1000 apartments this is the huge block of Awami Villas. Awami Villas 4 is under construction and situated in Bahria Garden City. While having advance stage of construction Awami Villas 5 and 6 are on Ring Road of Bahria Town. Each apartment contains 2 bedrooms, kitchen, sitting room and one bathroom. Due to a lot of reasons including current prices these apartments are best for investment. If you purchase apartment now here then you can get about double profit after residence initiate here.