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 20    4
P-ID: 9652

PKR 10,500,000

Bahria Town Rawalpindi Bahria Town Phase 8

Plot No 213  10 Marla
 20    3
P-ID: 9650

PKR 4,550,000

Bahria Town Rawalpindi Bahria Orchard

Plot No 171  10 Marla
 21    9
P-ID: 9649

PKR 2,475,000

Bahria Town Rawalpindi Bahria Town Phase 8 Ext

Plot No 10  8 Marla


 192    9
P-ID: 9457


Bahria Town Islamabad Bahria Enclave Islamabad

 5 Bed  5 Bath  10 Marla
 228    9
P-ID: 9411

PKR 23,000,000

Bahria Town Islamabad Bahria Enclave Islamabad

 4 Bed  5 Bath  8 Marla
 286    1
P-ID: 9291

PKR 60,000,000

Bahria Town Islamabad Bahria Garden City

 5 Bed  6 Bath  22 Marla


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How to get NADRA Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate

Like many other countries in the world, vaccination drivers are already prevalent in Pakistan. All information about citizen coronavirus vaccination is collected, managed, and stored in the National Immunization Management System (NIMS), a state-of-the-art data management system introduced by the National Command and Control Center (NCOC). The NCOC is a government sensory center to oversee and provide humanitarian assistance during the Covid-19 epidemic. According to the official NIMS website, millions of citizens are now completely vaccinated in Pakistan. The whole immunization process has accelerated dramatically in the last few months due to the availability of bulk doses and the performance and management of immunization staff across the country. They quickly managed to vaccinate 1800,000 citizens, vaccinated on daily basis. So, if you have just finished your Covid-19 vaccination process and are willing to apply for a vaccine certificate issued by NADRA, then you have made it to the right. In this blog, we will explain the entire online application process for the NADRA Covid-19 Immunization Certificate and discuss its importance. HOW TO GET NADRA COVID-19 VACCINATION CERTIFICATE ONLINE You can apply for your Covid-19 vaccination certificate from NADRA online with a few simple steps outlined below: First, you need to refer to the ‘vaccination certificate’ section of the official NIMS website. Here you will see two empty fields, as shown in the screenshot above. Fill in your CNIC number and release date in the appropriate fields. To confirm that you are a human, not a robot, you will be asked to perform simple calculations by adding two numbers. Send your response and click the ‘ENTER’ button. The website is automatically opened in Urdu for local people. However, foreigners need to click on the highlighted red text from right to left under the website title in order to be redirected to the English version of the website. Now, you must enter your name according to your CNIC / passport. If you have a passport, enter its number in the second category and select your nationality. After submitting this information, you will be redirected to the 'Terms and Conditions page. Go through them carefully and click on the ‘Accept and Continue button. On the next page, you need to fill in your credit card details. You will then be given a digital receipt and your payment details. Carefully review your details shown on the next page before proceeding to the last step, where you can preview and download your certificate. The certificate you download will be available in printable format. Make sure you get a copy of it as soon as possible as it will be your proof of government-approved Covid-19 vaccination. IMPORTANCE AND BENEFITS OF THE NADRA COVID-19 CERTIFICATE Here are some important reasons why you should apply for a vaccination certificate issued by NADRA: First, it is a certificate issued by the provincial government proving your vulnerability to the coronavirus. Another thing that adds a lot to the importance of a vaccination certificate is that it is a mandatory requirement in case you want to fly to wherever you are going abroad. Many educational institutions and corporate organizations are now asking their students and staff, respectively, to be vaccinated and to carry a vaccine certificate issued by NADRA as proof of vaccination. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) recently introduced a 10% discount on 50+ citizens, which can be obtained by displaying its vaccination certificate issued by NADRA. This brings us to the end of our step-by-step guide on how to obtain a NADRA Covid-19 vaccination certificate online.


How do I generate Leads in Real Estate

Here we will go to share with you 25 years experience of a successful person in Real Estate. I am talking about the founder of Advice Associates who start his journey from one room setup from Faisalabad now the organization has branches in about four cities. Following are the practical steps to increase Real Estate Leads By Social Media Ads: First of all increase your community on Social Media by posting your property on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Face book & Blogging networks. By Making Your Own Website: Your own website can make sure your online presence on google for your prospect clients. You should have your own website and increase organic traffic on it by SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Enlist your property on Famous Portals: The best way to start introducing yourself is to post your listings on famous Real Estate portals like zameen, grana and much more. Advertise on News Papers and Magazines: Try to advertise your brand name or property listings on News Papers and magazines as well. At initial level it can be costly but later on you can do it to make your profile strong. By Making Google Ads: Millions of people visit Google and other Search Engines on daily basis so these are the platforms from which you can get maximum traffic on daily basis to your website. If you want to redirect it without any cost then it requires too much time but in these days Google Adwards resolve this difficulty. By Interacting People Interaction with others who interest in Real Estate is the best way to generate leads. You should take part in different meetings and join different organizations. By taking Feedback from Previous Clients Getting in touch with old customers, getting feedback, and getting to know people who want to buy a property. Stay in touch with other agents Stay in touch with other agents who are working in the area stay in touch with other agents in the area and keep them informed of your property for sale. Some other ways that you can also try By E-Mail Marketing By SMS Marketing By Post Bill Boads By Whatsapp Marketing


How much should I Invest in Real Estate?

To become a successful Investor, you have to add the following three essentials Money Time Energy These are the key to success. Everyone wants to become establish without giving time but it’s quite impossible. While talking about Real Estate Investment this would be hard to say, as no information of your income sources or age are being provided here. Roughly to start Real Estate Investment at least you should have 10 lakh rupees. Choices for a Real Estate Investor A Real Estate Investor has diverse opportunities. Some of them are listed below: Developed Plots Non Developed Plots Residential Plots & Apartments Commercial Plots Shops Installment Plan Houses under construction Furnished Houses It depends on you & your budget to select the right option. Real Estate Pakistan Industry is risk free you need not worry. Moreover, you can start small with a little bit of cash. People with less capital tend to go to the stock market, but that's a risky way to go. Not everyone here manages to secure their capital. Moreover Real Estate is just the opposite. Not only Money is the biggest barrier for the first time Real Estate Investor. But also how much money he requires to spend is the biggest question for him. Let’s move on what you can practically expect to have on hand. To buy a rental Property is the best option for those who want to get some earnings as well their investment. Second one if you don’t have enough amount to buy a rental property then nowadays flexible Installment Plans are introduced by the developers that can be very beneficent to make you the owner of your own property.  From the following Expense categories may be you can get help to answer your queries “How much should I Invest in Real Estate?  Cost Price Down Payment Maintenance & Repairs Before get in to any Market you should have to get opinion from its experts because they have spent their life in that field. They can guide you well about the best investment strategy for you. Advice Associates has been showing the essence of its success in the real estate market since 2001. Their experienced team is always there to guide you. There is no harm in seeking advice. Always before jumping took an advice from two or more experts then took decision. Always before jumping take an advice from two or more experts to make a right decision. ON the behalf of Advice Associates, one expert opinion by us is that don’t rely on the more expensive is better, the bigger is better because affordable houses appreciates faster to generate more cash flow.      

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