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PKR 15,500,000

Bahria Town Rawalpindi Bahria Safari Valley

 5 Bed  6 Bath  7 Marla

PKR 16,500,000

Bahria Town Rawalpindi Bahria Safari Valley

 5 Bed  7 Bath  7 Marla

PKR 15,000,000

Bahria Town Rawalpindi Bahria Safari Valley

 4 Bed  5 Bath  7 Marla


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Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan- Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme

Prime Minister’s Kamyab Jawan entrepreneurship scheme to support the youth of the country to materialize their potential to the fullest, Applications under this scheme has reopened for provision of subsidized business loans. All eligible persons can take part OR apply for this loan by visiting your nearest selected bank branches OR by visiting Kamayab Jawan Portal. The only designated online portal is acceptable rather than others. Key Points for Applying for this Loan: Following are the key points that would be necessary to fulfill before applying for this loan. Who Can Apply? All Men/Women having CNIC Purpose of Loan: Setting Up of New Business To expand your existing business Type of Business: As per the definition of SBP Startups, Small, Medium or Existing Business setups by youth among mentioned ages. Age: Between 21-45 Years. CNIC is compulsory while applying for this loan. Minimum 18 years old jawan can apply but in that case, they should have a certificate of Matric. Loan Pricing Security & Size: Tier Pricing Per Year Loan Amount Security Tier-I 3% Rs. 0.1 M to Rs. 1 M Clean Loan Tire-II 4% Above Rs. 1 M up to Rs 10 M Secured Loan Tire-III 5% Above Rs. 10 M up to Rs 25 M Secured Loan   Loan Duration: Up to 8 years with a maximum grace period of 1 year Sectors: All Sectors are eligible including agriculture Processing Fee: Rs 100 only will be charged on processing Required Documents: Before starting your application the applicant must have scanned copies of the following documents along with Passport size Pictures Clear Picture Visible Picture of candidates CNIC from front and back Educational Degree, Prefer to upload your highest degree Proof of Skilled Labor (If Available) Experience Certificates The license in case of applying for medical store, commercial vehicle, etc. Latest Tax return and NTN Reference/ Consumer number of Electricity connection installed at a residential address Expected Expenses and Revenues on Business In the case of females, the Registration number of any vehicle registered in the parent’s name Two References CNIC’s Copy (could not be your blood relatives) A brief business write-up In case of partnership Entity Existence Documents  Additional Documents for Existing Business: Latest Financials- Signed Reference Letter from /Union / Chamer/ Association Reference/ Consumer number of Electricity connection installed at commercial Address Bank Maintenance Certificate Frequently Asked Question about this Loan: Following questions are frequently asked about the loan that Answers I have been mentioned below: Can Physical Applications accept in designated branches? Ans: No only online applications are accepted at the following web address: Which Banks are involved in this Kamyab Jawan Scheme??? Ans: Following banks are participating in this scheme Allied Bank Limited Albaraka Bank Limited Askari Bank Limited Bank Al Falah Bank Al Habib BankIslami Pakistan Limited Bank of Khyber Bank of Punjab Dubai Islamic Bank Limited Faysal Bank Limited First Woman Bank Limited Habib Bank Limited Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited JS Bank Limited MCB Bank Limited Meezan Bank Limited MCB Islamic Bank Limited National Bank of Pakistan Sindh Bank Limited Soneri Bank Limited United Bank Limited Q: What is the minimum education required to apply for this loan? Ans: There is no minimum education limit is specified for applying for this loan. Q: Can employees of any sector apply for this?? Ans: Yes! Employ from any sector apply for this loan Q: How many loans can a person avail of? Ans: A person cannot avail of more than one loan. Q: Can Government Employs apply? Ans: No they are not eligible. Q: Is there any processing fee for the application? Ans: You only have to pay Rs. 100/as a processing fee inclusive of NADRA online CNIC verification fee. Q:  Is this processing fee refundable? Ans: No, the processing fee is non-refundable. Q: Can I withdraw my application? Ans: Yes! At any time before the approval or rejection process, you can quit. Also In case of approval, you can withdraw by rejecting the offer but in case of rejection, the applicant can’t be able to quit/withdraw. Q: Is there any grace period? Ans: The scheme allows a maximum of the 1-year grace period. However, the exact grace period would depend upon the specific business types and banks’ decisions. The applicant is encouraged to negotiate these terms at the time of finalization of the loan with the bank.                      


Glass and Its Uses in Construction Industry

Glass is the most oldest and versatile material in the construction industry. It has been a versatile and transparent material since it was first time made in about 500BC. Its role in architecture has expanded over the years.  You can find glass everywhere around you from drinking glasses to fancy crockery. Very amazing things about glass are as follows: Glass is just like a riddle. It can protect us from environmental changes but it shatters with incredible ease. History of Glass in the Construction Industry: In ancient times, naturally occurring glass is used to make weapons which are mostly found near volcanic regions. Naturally, glass was formed after lightning strikes sand. While the man-made glass was used in crockery, vessels, and decorations. In first-century Europe introduces the “Glass Blowing” technique which transformed the glass-making industry. Manufacturing of transparent glass by manganese dioxide was being used for architectural purposes.  A special type of glass named “Anglo Saxon” was used in cathedrals and churches in the 7th century. By “Crown Glass Process” Sheet Glass was made in the 11th century which was used up to mid 19th century. Later on, in 1958 Bickerstaff and Pilkington has introduced the “float Glass Process” to the world. Modern windows are the bright samples of this technique. From the beginning of the 20th-century steel and glass construction have become the symbol of progress all over the globe. Properties of Glass: Properties of Glass can’t be neglected while we are briefly talking about this amazing invention. So without wasting your time let’s take an overview of the properties of glass. U value Strength Recyclable Workability Transparency Visible transmittance Solar heat gain coefficient Energy efficiency and acoustic control Uses of Glass: From making breakfast in the kitchen to solar panels on the roof, from drinking glass to fancy crockery, from glass in the watch to frown in the mirror it is present everywhere around you. We can’t negotiate the presence and importance of glass in our lives. Now we will be going to talk about different types of Glass and their uses in the construction industry. Types of Glass Decorative Glass Laminated Glass Coated Glass Tempered Glass Annealed Glass Insulated Glass Decorative Glass: This decorative glass is used in both commercial and residential properties where privacy is the basic concern like in conference rooms, shower screens, cafes, and much more. Acid-ethenic can be done on the buyer's demand means on the specific areas or on the entire glass to offer distinct levels of translucence. Laminated Glass: This glass is used in the construction industry where toughness and longevity are desired. This type is very amazing as it is bulletproof and mostly used where security is first priority. This glass will remain attached to its inner layer and thus it doesn’t shatter easily due to the Bond between the PVB and the glass. Coated Glass: This type of it has a layer on its one surface that is applied to modify its influence and appearance. This type doesn’t form edged pieces even broken. The characteristic of this is solar protection and noise insulation. Tempered Glass This type of glass is stronger than the normal glass so it is used in balcony doors, swimming pools, elevators, skylights, bathtub enclosures, and sliding doors in the construction industry. Due to its strangeness and longevity, it is increasingly being used to design a staircase.    


Best Desi Restaurants in Islamabad

Go Desi When You Eat Desi “Pakistani’s Love Desi Food”. Cooking and eating food is considered the special hobby of Pakistani people. It is a country of peculiar meals, infused in Spices that produce pleasant aromas and exclusive flavors.  We color everyone in our color with our love, flavors of food, and homeliness. Eateries in Islamabad are excellent for hangouts with family and friends. If you are looking for a place to stay on a beautiful night under beautiful views of Islamabad, don’t need to worry because there are a lot of beautiful guest houses in Islamabad are available for visitors. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan so people belonging to different countries are living here. This really makes it adventurous due to the combination of cultures and flavors particularly when it comes to a variety of restaurants. What if the Desi environment becomes available along with the Desi food? To materialize this desire some nature-loving people prepare the Best Desi Restaurants in Islamabad. Some of these are discussed below: Dilli Darwaza: Venue: Allah Wali Market, Plot No 8, Street No 33 | F-8/1 Web address: Dilli Darwaza Dilli Darwaza is a famous restaurant in Islamabad which is recognized for its tasty “Nihari”. This one is a delicious breakfast point situated in F-8/1. Mughal Feast is served by this little eatery all the weak. Anyone who steps in overwhelms by the unforgettable aroma of spices. His mouth watered and he can’t stop his hands until he enjoys Nihari to his fill. Whenever you visit Islamabad must visit this amazing place. Chikachino: Venue: Islamabad F-7 Markaz Web address: Chikachino This is a place for tea lovers means for all of those who are habitual for wakes up only after having a cup of tea. This small coffee shop is situated at F-7 Markaz, Jinnah Super Market Islamabad. Be ready to refresh your memories by having a sip of tea with your family or friends. Different variety of tee with Desi Snacks is waiting for your arrival. Don’t be too late for having a cup of tea because there are hustle and bustle after 7 pm. Khoka Khola: Venue: Jinnah Avenue, Beverly Center, F 6/1 Blue Area Web Address: Khoka Khola With the representation of Khoka, this is an amazing place for food lovers. When you are entering this lovely restaurant you will enjoy the old music from 1970-80s with dim lighting. Their special dishes are Papri Chaat, Makhni Karahi, Biryani, or their cheesy chicken Naan. Don’t forget to visit this place if you have a good Desi experience. Des Pardes: Venue: Saidpur Village, Saidpur Road, Islamabad Web Address: Des Pardes Des Pardes is resting at the beautiful views of Saidpur Village not only for locals but also for visitors from all across the globe. Two tastes at a time means their unique dishes are Reshmi Seekh Kababs and Tikka Boti along with a unique taste of Peshawar’s Namak Mandi such as Namkeen Lamb Karahi and Dumpukht. With guaranteed experience, Des Pardes offers affordable and top-class services. Melody Food Park Avenue: G-6 Markaz, Islamabad Web Address: Melody Food Park This is a small food street combination of over 20 local restaurants situated at G-6 Markaz. Their special dishes are Matan Karahi, Meanest Chicken, and Reshmi Kababs. Due to the lack of attention, this place lost its beauty but if you are a true Desi food lover then you will find charm in eating delicious food. Salt’n Pepper Venue: Shabbir Plaza, Plot no. 55, Blue Area Islamabad Web Address: Salt’N Pepper This is the famous restaurant situated at F-16 Islamabad which is also known for its attentive staff and calm environment. Distinctive deals are offered by this famous restaurant instead of regular deals. This restaurant offers more than 30 dishes in one sitting at very reasonable prices. If you are someone who loves eateries, then Salt’n Pepper is your destination. Tandoori: Venue: F-10/1, Khursheed Market, Street no. 10 Web Address: Tandoori This amazing restaurant has two branches in Islamabad situated in G-8 and F-10.  Tandoori restaurant’s old fashioned fashion and traditional décor style is the main attraction for tourists.  This place is especially known for its chicken karahi, palak paneer, and pulao by having the inspiration especially from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab. To refine desi-ness for you make sure to visit Tandoori Restaurant. You may also like: Top Ten Investment Opportunities in Pakistan Pakistan Real Estate After Covid-19 Rawal Farm House Islamabad            

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