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P-ID: 8890

PKR 4,800,000

Bahria Town Rawalpindi Bahria Town Phase 8

Plot No 390  7 Marla
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P-ID: 8889

PKR 6,700,000

Bahria Town Rawalpindi Bahria Town Phase 8

Plot No 1619  10 Marla
 2    2
P-ID: 8888

PKR 7,800,000

Bahria Town Rawalpindi Bahria Town Phase 8

Plot No 5  12 Marla


 77    10
P-ID: 8817

PKR 25,500,000

Bahria Town Rawalpindi Bahria Town Phase 8

 4 Bed  5 Bath  10 Marla
 71    13
P-ID: 8816

PKR 21,500,000

Bahria Town Rawalpindi Bahria Safari Valley

 5 Bed  6 Bath  10 Marla
 173    9
P-ID: 8715

PKR 15,500,000

Bahria Town Islamabad Bahria Enclave Islamabad

 3 Bed  3 Bath  5 Marla


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How to Increase the Worth of your Home

When you are looking to sell your house, you must think of the ways its value can be maximised, so you can get the most of what you’ve invested in the first place. While the value of any property is based on a number of factors such as its location, size, ratio of covered to uncovered, etc, there are more factors that can surely usher in higher value and are well within your reach. These factors are the ones that you can control and improve to sell your home at the highest price, as the time for selling your house comes near. This blog has all the details on how to sell your home at the highest price. Let’s begin by reviewing each factor. SELL YOUR HOME AT HIGHEST PRICE: IMPROVE ON THE LOOKS If you really want to sell your home at the highest price, the first thing you need to do is to invest in the looks. You need to think about the next person who will make your house their home, and offer them the best opportunity to do so. Let’s see how this can be done. REPAINT YOUR HOUSE Start by repainting your house. These are the signs you need to look for to know your house is demanding to be repainted. Studies have shown that repainting significantly increases the value of a house, so this is the first thing you need to do. Do your research on the top trending paint colors and get to it! It’s best to stick to neutrals for the interiors, and a bit warmer for exteriors. For interiors, ash wite is always a good neutral option. If the next owner wants to change the color, they’ll be easily able to do so in lighter tones. Before repainting, start with filling any nail holes, and address the seepage problems. Also, get your windows cleaned, and doors polished, and look at any gaps that exist in your window panes. These small repairs, if checked before repainting, will give your house a smooth finish.  RENOVATE YOUR FLOORS Improving your home flooring will significantly increase the value of your home. For the flooring, there are many options to choose from. Choose one that is neither too expensive nor too cheap, and gives a matte finish. For the flooring too, stick with a neutral tone. Lighter tones make a house seem more open and spacious. Also, with lighter tones, there are various ways one can style their home.  Choose marble flooring over wooden flooring, always! While wooden flooring looks much more beautiful, it is expensive and has to be maintained regularly. It also limits one’s options about the decor.  ADD OPTIONS FOR BETTER SPACE UTILIZATION An open store is no good anymore, install cupboards or racks so space can be used efficiently. A pantry, dirty kitchen, and laundry area is a must on the ground floor, provided you have space. Create a laundry area, and if you can, install an automatic washing machine as well. Such designated spaces allow the buyers to know exactly what needs to go where and gives a starting point for what needs to go where.  INVEST IN FURNISHINGS Small furnishings go a long way! Whether you want to live in a particular house, or sell it off, it’s nice to have window blinds. These can be floral or of a neutral color. Pick a shade that works well with your kitchen cabinets so the next person who moves it, doesn’t have to worry about finding new ones. Work on window shades, especially on your first floor. This adds to the value of the house as it serves as a shield against monsoon rains. Also, install a thick-glass door at your terrace entrance, along with a thick steel door. Your windows should have a movable grill that can also be locked. These are all safety features as well serve as protection against drastic weather changes.  In your dining room, having a showcase for crockery also brings in more money. These really small changes are what the home buyers are looking for these days and will surely help you out as well if you are looking to sell your house at a higher price.  If you are confident in your taste preferences, you can also get new curtains, and factor the price of this in the total cost. Anything that looks good, sells for a much higher price! Always remember this. In some cases, if your electronics, like air conditioners or kitchen appliances are relatively new, you can also leave them behind. Some people love to take on as much as they can from a newly-bought house. INSULATION Home insulation is all the rage these days. It allows for effective heating and cooling and saves on energy costs. This is a huge undertaking, and so any house that comes with it will be greatly desired and sold for a higher price!  LANDSCAPING Present your outdoors in the best possible way with these easy landscaping tips. The size of your lawn doesn’t matter, what matters is how it looks. Make the best use of space. In most housing societies it is against the bylaws to have the lawn tiled, so avoid that at all costs. Hire a landscaping professional and plant flowers that are in season. If you have a bigger space, that’s all you need to let your creativity with natural beauty flow! For a smaller lawn, you can get more potted plants. There is a wide variety of pots now available at all local nurseries. The vertical frame of pots makes the best use of space. Get a small hedge for your outdoor lawn or use pebbles or bricks to construct a small boundary or install a white picket fence. Get some potted plants for your garage area and the colors run through.


How to Transfer Property in Pakistan

Everybody in Pakistan is authorized to possess or deep root (Beneficial) Property, In spite of their financial or residential repute. In this article, we will clear the confusion of the property registration and Transfer. Some people often not able to recognize the difference between these two terms. These two terms contain a great explanation, some facts which will clear your concept is given below: In the majority, Pakistan is a Muslim country, from where many people related to different religions and cultures are living there. Here some facts about the property transformation in Pakistan. In Pakistan Legal Transfer of property: Two main facts that are important to discuss before starting it: Inheritance OR Patrimony of property After somebody died Real Estate was given to somebody as a prize Let's See the further details: After someone's Death Inheritance OR Patrimony of property In the legal property rights inheritance of the land property automatically delegated in Pakistan when the property owner has died. In the light of the Property transfer movement & Islamic Rules, no matter what of secs, there is no idea of Will, all the property is distributed equally to the presumptive heir. This property transfer based on the closest relation of the dead person. Blood Relatives usually are the most legal heir of the property. we can understand the term of the Inheritance of the property that the property is distributed to the person by the property owner in their life. It is totally dependent on the property owner to give their property in the charity or give to anybody as a gift. He can donate it to the humanitarian Organization OR Charity center for the betterment of the poor mankind. After distribution, no one can case on this property after the donor's death.   Real Estate was given to somebody as a prize Without market values and rates into thoughts, immovable land properties are usually offered as a present or gift. In Pakistan, Everybody has the right to donate their possessions or property to anybody as a gift. Some facts which need your concentration to understand to transfer the property as a gift in Pakistan. Frequent disposes of the donor from the ownership of the specific property Accept the property present by the donor Certificate of Property Tax CNIC Copies to prove The statement is recorded in written form Building Control Authority By NOC Here we will present some major differences between these terms. hope so it's beneficial and according to Pakistan's law & rules. With Best Wishes take care!


Kamyab Kisan Tractor Program

Kamyab Kisan Program is going to start from Sahiwal, Very good initiative of the present government; the government has decided to help the farmers. There are farmers across the country that is up to 30-45 years old and if they want to move forward in the field of agriculture, the government has decided to hold their hand. To overcome the shortage of resources is the only purpose behind this program by the prime minister at Sahiwal. Prime Minister Muhammad Usman Dar video message “As you know, agriculture [sector] works as a backbone of the country’s economy that is why the farmers are being given access to all the resources.” He also revealed that those farmers who are lagging behind in life due to lack of tractors, equipments & plants will serve in this phase. Now the question raised on how to apply for this loan. The answer is below: How to apply for Kamyab Kisan Program??? The procedure to apply for the Kaymab Kisan Programme online is written below: Visit the official web address: When the pop-up appears then click on “Apply for Loan” Fill the Section from A to D by clicking on the Next button Reaching on Section E, Select “Agriculture” as your industry “Agriculture Machinery” as the business sector. Your sub-sector for this scheme will be ‘Tractor’ Click on Submit You should note down the registration number that will appear on your screen. You will also receive an SMS. You will receive an SMS from our team when your application moved to your next step. Note: You should check your CNIC number, your date of Birth and its issuance date will be corroborated with NADRA. LIST OF REQUIRED DOCUMENTS You will require clear pictures or scanned copies of the following documents: Passport size picture The front and back sides of your CNIC Latest Educational degree or certificate, if applicable Experience certificate(s), if applicable License or registration with a chamber/trade body, if applicable Recommendation letter from the respective chamber, trade body, or union (mandatory for existing businesses) It is also recommended to have the following information at hand before applying for the program: National Tax Number (if you don’t have one, please obtain one by registering at FBR) Consumer ID of your home’s electricity bill Consumer ID of your office’s electricity bill, if applicable Registration number of your vehicle, if applicable Name, CNIC, and phone numbers of two references (other than blood relatives)  

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