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PKR 15,500,000

Bahria Town Rawalpindi Bahria Safari Valley

 5 Bed  6 Bath  7 Marla

PKR 16,500,000

Bahria Town Rawalpindi Bahria Safari Valley

 5 Bed  7 Bath  7 Marla

PKR 15,000,000

Bahria Town Rawalpindi Bahria Safari Valley

 4 Bed  5 Bath  7 Marla


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Lotus Lake Inaugurated By CDA

As Albert Einstein says:                                         "Look deep into Nature and you will Understand Everything Better" Allah Almighty has blessed Pakistan with lots of natural views. The need is only to observe and admire these creations. CDA has inaugurated Lotus Lake at the National Park Hills area of Shakarparian Ground Islamabad.  Background: Lotus Lake is a man-made creation since 1970 but it was closed in 2006. This artificially created lake is used as a small pool which was later closed for construction and repair. Beautiful Trees had grown beside the lake while the precious lotus Flowers were blooming on the surface of the clean lake water. Now CDA (Capital Development Authority) inaugurated a “National Family Park” beside this lake in the last 11 years. National Family Park: This Park is purely designed with natural objects like wood or stones. In this park, benches which are used for sitting are made up of wood and stones. Management is always trying to decorate the park without damaging the nearby natural objects. Saplings and grass are grown here to maintain the natural beauty of the Park. Recreational Activities: There are various activities to look forward to including a safari area to enjoy with animals, swings for kids, a playground, hunting, boating, and also a restaurant with a variety of delicious foods. Lotus Lake with the linked national park is one of the most enjoyable places to visit with family. Tourists Attraction: CDA Chairperson Amir Ali Ahmed and other CDA officials inaugurated the new park on Sunday. The vision behind this inauguration is to enhance the tourist attraction in Pakistan. Travel and tourism have deep effects on the economic condition of any growing country. So Prime Minister of Pakistan (Imran Khan) has been decided to grow this sector. Restrictions: Only Families are allowed to enter.    


Top 10 Investment Opportunities in Pakistan

“Start Your Investment Journey Now” Be ready to invest because Pakistan is a developing country that offers plenty of investment opportunities. Only we have to discover those wisely. Some simple yet so effective ideas I had to enlist they're after complete research. I hope by acting upon these you will get the best returns on a small investment. If you have questions like “why we should invest in real estate”, and the answers to “better investment opportunities in Pakistan” and “real estate market trends in Pakistan” then this article is for you. List of Investment Opportunities in Pakistan Real Estate Investment Invest in Food Chains Invest in Marriage Halls Stocks Investment Invest in Banks Invest in Bonds Savings Accounts Trade-in Currencies Invest in Gold Investing in Yourself Now we will describe all of the above options in detail with facts: Real Estate Investment Real Estate is considered a safe, sound, and secure investment opportunity. People like to invest in real estate as it is mostly practiced in Pakistan. By investing in real estate investor can get profit in two ways: (1) Property Prices Increase over time (2) Rental Income However, some real estate developers offer their projects an easy installment plan. This is good news for those who can’t afford a large investment at once. Invest in Food Chains: Nowadays food chains are becoming the popular option for investment because the importance of fast food can’t be neglected. If you have a brand name then it’s easier to promote it. It is the best investment option for native investors. Invest in Marriage Halls As you know marriage is a reality of everyone’s life or we can say is a duty by Allah Almighty which everyone has to fulfill. But in this modern era mostly families prefer to book a marriage hall due to plenty of reasons. It is an investment that has no decline because nowadays these halls are also used to assemble gatherings on different occasion’s rest of the year like, mahafils, Brand Awareness Seminars, Schools' annual functions, for engagement, etc. Stock’s Investment: Stock Exchange is also considered very beneficial in order to become a millionaire over a night. But the private investors don’t know enough about this type of investment. If you don’t have enough knowledge then hiring a broker is the best way to get the best return from this investment option. However, this can be risky for your precious efforts. As the changes occurred that if you don’t select the right bid option then your investment can be lost over a night. So choose wisely. Invest in Banks: If you want to have a small investment option then banks are a great option for you. Go to Bank, Open a saving account then every month deposit you’re saving in it. Banks usually offer 10-12% annual returns. This is a small but safe investment option in Pakistan. Invest in Bonds If you imagine you are a lucky person then you should try this investment opportunity in Pakistan. It totally depends on your luck to become a millionaire over a night. Purchase a bond, and then regularly check for the prize. Almost if you purchase a bond for 100Rs then its worth could be 1 lakh or more. And this one is the safest investment as you can use your prize bonds as an alternative to cash if you don’t win as well. Trade-in Currencies: Trade-in Currencies, you can exchange your saving in dollars, riyals, etc. Then save them at your home or bank till its prices increased. When you observe improvement in their market rates sell them to get the best returns from your investment. But you would save your dollars in the bank then they might charge you some interest. The best way of trade in currencies is to save them at your home. But it can be risky. Invest in Gold: In the old days, women have collected gold as their hobby. At that time no one knows that this hobby will become an investment in the coming future as the prices of gold are skyrocketing. There is a huge difference between the prices of gold from last year as the price of gold is 68000Rs last year but nowadays its price is 93,400Rs. Invest in gold biscuits, silver, and diamonds because of the differences in front of you. Investing in Yourself: In our busy lifestyle, we have not enough time to pay attention to our skills. But Allah Almighty has blessed everyone with different skills that can be utilized by an individual as an investment opportunity. Discover your skill, try to improve it then receive considerable returns in no time. If you are a good baker then introduce yourself on different social media platforms. The unlimited platform is available to introduce your skills only the need to discover them in the right manner.


State Bank Low income House Loan Scheme

Congratulations to all those people who are homeless in Pakistan. Almost 200 million people are living in Pakistan out of which 35% are lies beneath the poverty line. And Almost 20 million people don’t afford their homes. Lack of Affordability is the main reason which deprives the low-income strata of the population to meet their housing needs which is the greatest challenge for society nowadays. To meet all these challenges State Bank of Pakistan has introduced the “financing facility for low-cost housing”.  Silent Features of the scheme are as under: Loan Amount: Up to 2.7 million Rs are allowed to offer as a loan for the applicant whom he will pay in monthly installments. This will be the very best opportunity for all of those who want to get rid of their rental expenditures. It will finance those who are buying homes in the “Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme”. Loan Tenor: The applicant could avail of this loan minimum for 5 years and maximum for 20 years                                   Requirements for Applicants: There are two things required to apply for this loan.   Evidence of Less Salary( Minimum 25000) ID Card First Time Home Buyer Markup Subsidy Rates: Markup Subsidy is divided into three phases: Phase I:  In the first phase financing will also be offered to those who are buying their home in the “Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme”. In this phase first 5 years flat 5% Markup, the Next five years 7%, and after 10 years CYBER + 2% markup will be charged to the applicant by the SBP. Phase II: In this phase Applicant will be allowed to purchase 5 Marla House, 5 Marla Plot for Construction OR any extension to his/her old house. In this phase first 5 years flat 5% Markup, the Next five years 7%, and after 10 years CYBER + 2% markup will be charged to the applicant by the SBP. Phase III: In this phase, the applicant can purchase 10 Marla House. In this Phase, Markup charges will be different from the previous two phases. In this phase first 5 years flat 7% Markup, the Next five years 9%, and after 10 years CYBER + 4% markup will be charged to the applicant by the SBP. Concerns about Interest: People have concerns about loans from banks they considered it immoral to pay any charges as interest. But State Bank of Pakistan stated that this is purely designed in the Islamic way. These charges will be considered as the rental expenses of your home. So be worried and become a part of this low-income house loan scheme without wasting your time. Vision: No Pakistani is homeless anymore is the vision behind this step by the State Bank of Pakistan which will be applicable to all Banks. First time home buyer or Lower-income class is targeted in this procedure. Impact on Pakistan’s Economy: It will have positive impacts on all sectors related to the construction industry like cement, steel, etc. This low-income house loan will provide employment to the working class.    

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