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Why Foundation is Important in Building?

The first and foremost part of constructing any building is laying strong foundations upon which the strength, durability and resilience of your project will depend. During construction, this part requires a lot of attention to detail. But is stability the only benefit of a well-built foundation? In this blog, we have pointed out some reasons for you to understand the importance of the foundations of buildings.   FOUNDATIONS OF BUILDINGS   Before we get to the reasons behind building strong foundations of the structure, let’s first understand what is a foundation and what are its functions.   The foundation of a building is the lowest part of the structure that sits between different floors and the ground to provide it with the necessary support. It serves various purposes which include distributing the load of the building evenly to the ground, the basis for the vertical construction and keeping the structure upright.   Strong foundations are built by understanding the dynamics of soils, moisture level and weather conditions because these play a vital role in damaging the foundation. The success of high-rise buildings across the world is because of their strong foundations.   Let’s take a closer look at the reasons behind building strong foundations and why experts and real estate developers put special focus on these.   REASONS BEHIND BUILDING STRONG FOUNDATIONS   The reasons mentioned below will make you understand why people emphasize on determining the quality of construction before buying a home or office space in a building.     SUPPORTS THE BUILDING   As per the engineers and experts in the construction industry, there are two types of loads that a building must be able to withstand; dead weight and live weight. Dead weight is referred to as the constant weight of the building structure itself that doesn’t change. Live weight is subject to change and is made up of variable elements such as residents, objects, cars etc. The characteristic of a good and strong foundation is that it evenly substitutes the entire weight to the ground.   Not all foundations are made of concrete, instead, it depends on the type and purpose of the project for which you are building the foundation. Some materials used to build foundations of houses and tall buildings include stone, brick, reinforced concrete and treated wood. Materials that are used in the foundations are carefully selected because if these are to decay, questions on the credibility and strength of the building can arise.   PROTECTION AGAINST EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS   As mentioned above, the foundation must be able to withstand the dead and live weight. In hilly areas where snowfall is expected, the developers must take that into account as live weight. The concept that a house made up of bricks and stones can withstand weather conditions is entirely wrong because it will not be supported from its base.   Some areas experience strong winds, sand storms and thunderstorms with high-speed winds. In such areas, it is not just about keeping the building erect but also protecting it from the battering of winds and storms. Deeper and stronger the foundations, the easier it will be for a building to survive the test of nature.   Earthquakes jolt the earth’s crust and can result in collapsing the entire structure if the magnitude is higher. Strong foundations of buildings can provide sufficient protection to the entire structure and can save you a fortune and life loss.   PROVIDES INSULATION   It is a common phenomenon that heat travels upward leaving space for cold air. A lot of emphasis is put on the insulation of the roof and upper floors when ground floors and the basement are equally important. Insulation keeps cool air from leaving the room in summers and hot air in winters resulting in lower energy bills. The earth equally gets hot and cold in summer and winter respectively and transmits it to the building from lower levels.   One of the characteristics of materials used in foundations of buildings is that these have insulation properties which can provide a buffer between the colder surfaces of earth and floors. Moreover, these properties of insulation also protect the water and moisture of the ground from entering and damaging the roots of the structure.     KEEPS MOISTURE FROM SEEPING   Winds and storms are one thing that developers have to keep in mind but some developed areas can be close to rivers and streams which may be feared to flood. In the event of a flood, buildings and homes are feared to be taken away by floods due to pressure and the force of water. However, if foundations of houses and buildings are well laid and made up of strong materials, there is a high probability that they will survive after the flood has passed.   In the case of the areas where the water level of the ground is higher, the soil is moist or floods can be expected, digging a hole in the ground and filling it with reinforced concrete may not be the solution. These things also need to be taken into account so that if the ground below changes, the foundation can provide the required support and keep the structure upright. With the advancements in technology, materials and research and development, solutions to such problems have already been found and people are already applying them.   PROTECTS OCCUPANTS AND NEIGHBOURHOOD   It is not just about constructing a building that will stand tall for generations but also about the protection of the occupants, their belongings, neighbourhood, investment and reputation of a developer. With faulty or weak foundations of buildings, there is a lot at stake including the integrity of the project and the developer.   Inquiring about the features of a building and its condition is now a norm while buying a home or looking for an office. A minor fault in the foundation can cost you a lot in terms of both money and time. This is the reason why hidden elements of a building are more important than its exterior and design.   In view of the above-mentioned reasons, without the right foundations, your house or building will not last very long putting you and your investment at risk. It is only as reliable as a single crack after which it is only a matter of time before things start to get worse. It is highly important that periodic property inspections by professionals are scheduled to keep yourself updated about the problems of the building that need to be addressed immediately.  



A monsoon season is a seasonal change that brings cold breezes and provides us relief from heat waves but it also damages our houses because of wet air, therefore by making different changes recommended by interior designer, than we save our houses from damage that occur during the monsoon season   Rainproof exterior   First of all, we start with the changes in the exterior part of our house because this is a portion that is directly subjected to the rainwater due to which potential leakage makes an entry to enter inside the home.  In the rainy season, wetness increase in the soil and comes above the ground .   Therefore, this wetness leaks through the ground and produces a moist spot on the interior walls. Besides the fact that these moist spot cause a bad impact on the health of your homes, these moist spots make the house smelly, cool, and dampish and call bacteria and fungi   Check out drains   Firstly, you should have to examine cracks or damage that may be viewable on the exterior walls and then fix it just at that moment.  Another efficient way to stop seepage, the useful way is to use water-proof paints on the exterior and also interior walls.   After a long time, you would have to re-paint the walls. landlords of the house with plenty of areas should make sure that there is no leakage and blockage of drains in case of rainstorms and that the rainwater can clear freely.   Check electric wiring and electric connection   First of all, you should have to check any open and disregarded wires in home, then settle down these problems on a seniority basis.   During monsoon season, there is a great risk of short circuits from such open and disregarded wires. Due to this, it is very important to fix these problems. If there are children at home then it is very to fix these problems quickly.   Electric switches and wires must be secured and protected from getting wet. And also make sure to get unattached wires, and damaged switches and also solve other problems. If electrical connections and electrical boards are in the portion where water entered, then protect it completely with waterproof boxes.   Protect wooden furniture   Wooden furniture and other wooden things in the house and offices tend to act negatively against wetness and stickiness, which generally occur in the monsoon season. In order to make your valuable articles of furniture leave their shape and structure,  these states would make them unprotected from pests and termites   To protect furniture against stickiness and wetness : Do not clean wooden furniture with a soaked cloth Place wooden furniture away from the wall at a distance of one inch. Buy a vacuum pump to maintain the temperature and mugginess in check. Apply a fresh coat of polish and varnish to prevent the wood from distension.   Clean carpet and rugs regularly   Monsoon season is not time to show off your elegant, lovely, and beautiful designer furniture and drapery, for the simple reason that this season is a sign moisture may fragile damage your expensive and unique carpets and rugs.   Additionally, your dirty feet,  dust particle, and mustiness in the moist air can mess with designer carpets and rugs. So, the best way to prevent this situation is to bundle up and place them in a plastic cover or sheet to secure them from the bad effects of this season.   The best step is to replace these carpets and rugs with threadlike,  inexpensive, and easy-to-clean rugs or carpets that are best for monsoon season. Many suitable choices include bamboo mats or clamminess-safe acrylic rugs for the floors.   As well, use foot floor covering at your doorstep to secure that dust particles or mud are placed in their right place which is outside the doors and from the house. This is very important to prepare your house for the monsoon season.


Will Real Estate Sector Turned in 2022?

  For the property business in Pakistan, 2021 has been very confusing. The Real Estate Sector has suffered incredibly because of political turmoil and economic instability, especially in Pakistan's significant urban areas. Like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.   Defining moment For the Real Estate Sector, experts and investors are occupied with rediscovering and rebuilding their advertising plans and procedures. As the year advances to catch more leads in the following year.   Property Sector in Pakistan's quickest developing area, with more than 100 ventures connected to it indirectly or directly. The property boom will stimulate development in various industries, along with the development business. It's the best investment opportunity for local and international dealers searching for a spot to put their cash.   Moreover, the growth of the property business has accompanied a considerable number of issues, in addition to a loss of transparency, a scarcity of lower-cost housing, sluggish technological adoption, and fragmented regulatory frameworks.   Various contemporary commercial and residential projects are set to be finished next year. Making 2022 a massive year for property development and investment across the country and into the list of properties for sale. Suppose you're a realtor in Pakistan searching for methodologies to take advantage of this profitable market this year.   Real Estate Business in Pakistan   Pakistan's housing market has encountered a surprising flood. Individuals are more intrigued than any other time in investing in property. This is because how Pakistan's residential developments have been given new shapes and designs.   Various land properties support the development of high-rise projects with appealing frameworks. A lot more housing developments have been formed into beautiful civilizations. These associations support massive housing and modern property available to be purchased and an assortment of conveniences for the inhabitants.   There is an expanded tendency in property investment in Pakistan's significant urban areas. Major mechanical progressions have happened in Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Karachi. Various housing projects have been carried out in major metropolitan regions utilizing creative and present-day innovations. Many individuals have been attracted to these new housing locations. Therefore, individuals started to invest in this era. Pakistan's property field started to grow and flourish.   2022 Predictions in Real Estate Sector   Pakistan's housing market is quickly developing. A significant financial upswing is expected in 2022. Almost every area of the country has been impacted by Covid19. The economy was likewise in a condition of transition. Although, Pakistani Real Estate Investors keep on contributing. Numerous investors saw the low loan cost as an opportunity and put investment into the housing market thus.   With the start of another year, everybody prays and hopes it won't be as violated as the past one. As per land examiners, Pakistan's property business will see new interests in the year 2022. This is somewhat owing to how the worth of business and housing land has risen consistently over time. The profit from the venture is likewise highly significant. Following 4-5 years of contributing, investors used to see significant returns. These elements are drawing in a rising number of investors.   Therefore, this property sector will, without a doubt, extend in 2022. Individuals are bound to see future residential projects as an investment. Furthermore, save it as Property available to be purchased after some time with high net revenue.   Promote your business on Real Estate Portals   Gone are the days when purchasing or leasing an office in a business region for land counseling was to the point of acquiring stroll-in clients. On Pakistan's most excellent internet-based land gateways, make your business apparent.   To cause clients to find out about you and reach you, If they have any property-related questions like Which is the best project for investment in Islamabad. If you haven't previously recorded your business on local property portals and you don't have an idea about the Turning Point For the Real Estate Sector. Don't be too late; here is where most potential clients can be found, not at nearby business markets.   Best Investment in Pakistan 2022   Pakistan's economy is complicated. A few developing industries are in the striving stage because of various problems like corruption of the government and their strategies. In any case, there are still various investment opportunities for capable individuals in Pakistan. Zembuilders accumulated a few thoughts, which can be helpful for the young age of 2022. You can invest in any sort of business. Here you'll get different thoughts. Simply give it a read!   Best Business Ideas for Pakistan   Fish Farming Business   Fish cultivating is a sort of business that can assist you with producing great pay. You can begin this business with a small amount. Anyhow it needs a decent space and a market. The interest in fish has generally been high, particularly in winters. You might be stunned to realize that numerous business visionaries effectively work their fish cultivating organizations even in towns with exceptionally safe pay.   Retail Clothing Business   You can also invest in the dress business, as the fabric market is one of the severe business markets in Pakistan that is looking for investors' consideration. This sort of industry offers a decent benefit. If you are new in this Real Estate Sector, you ought to notice and get familiar with the strategies for winning in the material retail market.   Import and Export Specialization Company   Pakistan has a decent import and product economy with many adjoining countries worldwide. This business thought would incorporate assisting neighborhood organizations with their import and commodity documentation, following, etc. So the client can zero in on their work. Assisting worldwide clients with canning also be plausible as they need to build their assembling interaction in Pakistan because of minimal expense and top-notch work. You can charge each hour or for the import/send-out project to bring in cash.   Interesting Footwear Client Development Business   In the footwear business, the is no question India and China are significant opponents. In any case, Pakistan is prepared for potential opportunities because of the low expenses and top-notch materials. To assist neighborhood producers in Pakistan with gaining from the conceivable developing footwear industry, you can help them by tracking down clients worldwide that would need their shoes fabricated in Pakistan. Then, at that point, you can be ready to get an income of a specific rate.   Clinical Store   Here is a decent chance for the scientific experts; they can begin another business by opening a clinical store with significantly less venture. This business can become quicker. There are also different choices as though you can also pick medicine distribution, medicine production, etc. Some of them might have more substantial startup costs than others. However, you want a moderate startup sum to begin a clinical store.   Sports Items Store   Sports items retail Shop is one of the lower venture business opportunities for sports lovers. The interest in sports items is exceptionally high with high income. You can begin with a bit of store with exceptionally essential tennis balls, footballs, bats, etc. Besides, if you have a moderate venture, you can sell different games things, including gloves, outdoor gear, rackets, and related games.   Real Estate Business   Property business is broadly adept and the most popular investment in Pakistan. You need to purchase a property like land, a house, and so forth. With the progression of time, the land cost appreciates, and you'll get a decent profit from it.   Additionally, you don't have to stress, If you need more cash right now since there are a few simple ways to get installments with the assistance of partnerships and loans with the near ones that can help you in purchasing a property. The best thing is in Pakistan; it is a safe venture. Attempt to invest in flats, houses, shops, and plots. These resources will give you a decent return and has excellent resale and rental worth.   Wrapping Up:   This article can assist poor people in going into business with extremely low speculation as these are the thoughts on the best investment in Pakistan 2022. You might require a few loans for the investment, but you can repay them not long after going into business.      


Best method to Identify Fake Notes in Pakistan

The fake news is circulating on Social Media about new designs of Cash Notes      "The State Bank of Pakistan completely denies the news and explains that no such proposal is getting looked at right now."     Have you at any point thought you were being given a fake1000 rupee note in Pakistan yet have no idea how to confirm its validity as a matter of fact? The most effective way to distinguish fake cash is to rapidly check its security by the State Bank of Pakistan. Mostly 100, 500, 1000, and 5000 rupee Notes are duplicated, you should be much more careful while taking a 5000 rupee note as compared to a 10 Rs note.     Chkfake app for iOS & Android; With the free app, you can identify common signs that indicate a fake currency note is in circulation. India’s new currency notes are supported by the app, as well as other countries’ currencies.   Is there an app to check the Fake Banknotes?   Chkfake application and “Pakistani Banknotes” can be accessible on iOS stores and Android available to download free of cost.      In Pakistan, the issue of fake currency notes is quite intense. Thousands of fake notes ranging up to Rs. 5000 are there in the market. State Bank of Pakistan keeps warning the people about these fake notes in public awareness messages. Now, SBP has taken an effective measure to bring awareness among the people regarding fake notes.   In order to identify counterfeit money in Pakistan, you must learn about the most notable security features of genuine banknotes.     A portrait of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Sherwani appears at the obverse left of each banknote The denomination of the banknote appears in digits below the portrait of Quaid-e-Azam A window security thread is partially embedded into the paper of the banknote. It runs from top to bottom on the front left side. The denomination numeral can be seen in the thread     FRONT OF THE NOTE   The pattern on the notes has been etched into the coated surface instead of being printed, which results in a slightly raised outline. The watermark portrait of Quaid-e-Azam is present on the right side of the currency The denomination numerals on the obverse left top and reverse right top hold perfectly against the transmitted light  The anti-scan and anti-copy line patterns on the note make it impossible for anyone to scan or photocopy the exact note A partially embedded window security thread runs from top to bottom on the front left side of the currency. It changes colors when viewed against regular and ultra-violet lights. The right side of the note bears its year of production The geometric design appears at the front of the note The denomination numeral appears in Urdu on the right and left top of the note and in English on the right bottom of the note Intaglio lines appear at the extreme left and right corners of the banknote   BACK OF THE NOTE   More decorative patterns adorn the backside of the currency Each banknote has a different image on its back. You can find out more about the colour and depiction on the back of every  The words “State Bank of Pakistan” appear at the top of the note The value in of banknote in words appears at the bottom of the note Micro lettering denomination numeral is present at the left of the note along with geometrical patterns The ‘State Bank of Pakistan’ seal can be seen at the left bottom of the note   TIPS TO IDENTIFY FAKE CURRENCY IN PAKISTAN     we also need to make sure we don’t end up accepting a fake banknote. Here are some easy tips to identify counterfeit currency in Pakistan.   THE PAPER   Unlike regular paper, the one used to create banknotes can never split at the edges. It can also never split in two like tissue paper. Although genuine currency may shred due to mishandling, you will never see it split. On the other hand, most counterfeiters print two sides of fake notes in Pakistan and glue them together to add a forged security thread in the middle, which eventually results in the two sides of the note separating after a while.   SECURITY THREAD   As mentioned above, each banknote has a partially embedded security thread running from top to bottom on the front left side of the note that cannot be pulled out. This thread appears complete and unbroken when held against transmitted light. However, if you place the note on a horizontal surface, the thread will appear uneven or interrupted. This is a huge tell-tale sign that can help you identify fake currency.  


How to Invest in Real Estate

The real Estate Sector has consistently gained the interest of many in Pakistan. It's not simply a story of selling and buying a home or a plot and selling at a higher cost. To earn huge returns and succeed in the trade, you should know the basics of " How to invest in Pakistan."   Here is an essential guide on the best way to put investment into property in Pakistan and best use your capital for the most extreme returns.     Land INVESTMENT IN PAKISTAN   Firstly, you should realize that there is no accurate method for Real Estate Investment. Be that as it may, the cycle reduces to the deal, buy, or rent of property for capital returns.   There are different sorts of property investments; however, here is a rundown of those more pertinent to the Pakistan property market:   · Purchasing Files · Purchasing plots for resale at a higher worth · Purchasing a property to lease · Purchasing open Land fully expecting advancement   How about we further examine the basics of Property investment in Pakistan   Purchasing FILES   A file is a document representing a future plot without any possession or allocation. Long-term investors like to buy files because these are issued before the development of a society. In the coming future, If the file is linked with the developed plot, then its price goes up. That means a significant prospect return on investment.   Such files are the type of Real Estate Investment in Pakistan with a small amount. Would it be a good idea for you to decide to buy it early?   Purchasing PLOTS FOR RESALE AT HIGHER VALUES   This is perhaps the most widely recognized kind of investment affair followed in the Real Estate Sector of Pakistan.   Investors involved in this stage purchase plots and hold them until their prices go up. This attempt, Fundamentally, includes investors purchasing plots and clutching them until their costs go up; over the long haul and with additional task advancement.   This endeavor, in general, can be very worthwhile. Furthermore, you won't ever have to answer the 'why put investment in Real Estate?' question in finishing it. Your benefits will represent themselves!   Purchasing PROPERTY TO RENT OUT     Purchasing a house, loft, or business property and renting it out is a 'pay producing' property investment. You stay the proprietor of the property and help a consistent profit from speculation through rental payments.   Purchasing OPEN LAND IN ANTICIPATION OF DEVELOPMENT   This is one of the more uncommon and more risky sorts of Real Estate Investment in Pakistan. It includes purchasing open and lacking area that isn't possessed by any society. Investors who go for this approach guess that an engineer will purchase the Land from them at higher rates to develop a project.   Presently, purchasing open Land is a continuous pattern in the different mouzas of Gwadar, which are being created under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) drive.   WHAT ARE THE PROS AND CONS OF PROPERTY INVESTMENT?   Fixing cash in the property market isn't everybody's favorite. There are both upsides and downsides of a property venture to consider. Along these lines, you want to take a cautious note of them before making your introduction to the field.   Pros   · Potential for higher returns in no time · A vital resource in your ownership · A consistent type of revenue, whenever rented out · Can be held for future individual use · A decent resource for ignoring your kin   Cons   · Costs may not go up when anticipated · Having property includes making good on local charges · Property estimation might fall because of specific circumstances · Legal issues or fake practices might happen   HOW Might YOU GO ABOUT IT?   If you are going to start Property Investment, you might be stressed over not having inside and out information about Property Investment in Pakistan. However, that isn't anything to stress over. A few basics are expected for any effective speculation pursuit in the Pakistan property market. You'll be well headed to striking some land gold when you learn them!   Think about the following steps:   Decide YOUR REQUIREMENTS     In the beginning, think about your investment objectives.   You want to decide your holding power, i.e., how much time you will clutch your buy before putting it available to be purchased. Likewise, affirm your precise spending plan with the goal that you can direct your statistical surveying in a like manner. Moreover, you want to conclude whether you wish to put resources into the city of your home or somewhere else.   DO YOUR RESEARCH   Whenever you've figured out your requirements, do your exploration by really taking a look at property choices that fit your necessities. Use a broad scope of assets for this reason. For the property market in Pakistan, you were perusing advice. Pk, the top property entry in the nation, can give you an excellent thought regarding the best tasks for you to put resources into.   Besides, guarantee that any undertaking you're keen on accompanies every one of the applicable administrative endorsements. You can check with the improvement authority of the area you are keen on to affirm this.   It is likewise smart to converse with a couple of specialists about the cost and request patterns in your picked region. This data will give you a thought regarding how much appreciation in property estimation (value) you can anticipate. With broad exploration, you may likewise have the option to decide your how-to-put resources into Land with minimal expenditure code.   PURCHASE YOUR PROPERTY   When the starter research is done, and you have reduced your choices for land interest in Pakistan, the time has come to buy your property. Remember every honest thought and have the significant exchange and deal deeds looked at by a legal advisor.   Also, think about the area and progressive phase of your plot or home. These elements significantly affect how soon the paces of your property go up. Continuously purchase property endorsed by significant government specialists to don't miss out on your interest on account of any legitimate issues.   Assuming you are an amateur in the property market, this aide on the most proficient method to purchase a house interestingly will take care of you.     Sit tight FOR THE APPROPRIATE period OR FIND A RELIABLE TENANT   This is where it gets precarious because this is the stage that separates prepared financial backers from property market beginners.   Various variables affect, or direct, how lengthy you should clutch your property. These incorporate market drifts, the prevailing political circumstance, the undertaking's condition of improvement, the project area, and the engineer's standing. For instance, projects in Defense House Authority are well known with both nearby and abroad financial backers because they stand for being dependable and quality turn of events.   There are various contemplations to remember concerning leasing your property for acquiring consistent pay.   As a matter of first importance, there should be a composed, and consented-to-tenure arrangement between the two gatherings included. This archive should diagram the range of the occupancy, how much the lease is and when it is to be paid, the rate at which the lease will increment after some time, and the course of removal on the off chance that you need your property for your utilization.   The expulsion proviso ought to likewise incorporate what activities would interpret quick removal. Register this concurrence with your neighborhood regulation requirement specialists, so your occupant is not at risk for any criminal operations. Indeed, the specialists will guarantee that the ousting happens (should any conflicts emerge) - notwithstanding any credible opposition by the occupant.  


New Metro City Gujar Khan

BSM developers now announce the new Metro City Gujar Khan after getting success in Metro City Kharian. Society's main feature is its budget-friendly rates and market Competitive rates.   The project has been approved by TMA Gujar Khan situated adjacent to the GT Road. The project will the part of Pakistan’s major cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Society will fulfill all the requirements of modern investors and needs. The payment plan is very flexible here.   New Metro City Gujar Khan Location:   The project is situated at Main G.T Road Gujar khan. The location is considered among the main features of this society, making it the most accessible housing society in Gujar khan. All the major locations of Gujar khan could be accessed quickly and easily.   It is easily accessible in the following ways.   5 min drive to Gujjar Khan City. 15 min drive to DHA Islamabad. 12 min drive to Bahria Town. 15 Mint away from Sohawa City. 25 min drive to Islamabad City. 20 min drive to Jhelum City     New Metro City Gujar Khan Master Plan:   The New Metro City Gujar Khan will cover an area of 16000 Kanal land that will be designed by expert developers, engineers, and town planners by keeping in mind all the future needs of residents. This society is going to be part of Pakistan’s largest Real Estate developments, not only in Punjab but all over the country. The developers are paying attention to the development to make it the best in other residential communities of Gujar Khan.   New Metro City Gujar Khan Residential Plot sizes will be:   3 Marla 5 Marla 7 Marla 10 Marla 1 Kanal   New Metro City Gujar Khan Commercial Plot sizes will be:   3 Marla 4 Marla 8 Marla   Development Status   Since this project is in its initial stages so there is no development activity on site. But the developers have started moving Machinery and labor to the project site. The full development will be started thereafter the official launch but some earthwork is being done on the project's main site.   You can look at the current development update below:     New Metro City Gujar Khan Payment Plan:   The payment plan of the New Metro City is very flexible on the easy installment plan. Residential and Commercial plots are available there for sale at budget-friendly rates. Since society is in its initial stage so the prices are very less and low-income persons have the chance to avail the Best investment opportunity in real estate.   


Blue Town Smart City Lahore

Smart City Lahore is going to be situated at Canal Road Lahore developed by Mokal Housing and Blue World City. After many successful real estate projects from which Blue World City was the most recent and top development in Islamabad.   The Owner of Blue World City Mr. Saad Nazir has introduced this new amazing project among all the modern facilities. The commercial and housing plots in this society are offered at reasonable prices on easy installment plans.     Smart City Canal Road Lahore NOC:   The NOC of Smart City Lahore will soon be approved by LDA ( Lahore Development Authority). Although, all the parameters have been fulfilled by the management and developers of Smart City to be proved it is a legal real estate project.   However, the management has completed the documentation for getting approval of its NOC because the higher chances of delivery and completion occur for legal and approved housing projects.   Smart City Canal Road Lahore Location:   Smart City Lahore provides easy access to the main road network which proves it is one of the best locations in the city. Smart City Lahore is situated on main Canal Road Lahore just after   5 mins. Drive from Oasis Golf and Aqua Resort 5 mins. Drive from Lahore Ring Road 7 mins Drive from Bahria Town 15 mins drive from Airport   Profit prospect also depends on location. It’s difficult to say anything about the success of the project but if we see developers' previous records then PROFIT IS A SURE THING.       Smart City Lahore Master Plan:   Smart City Lahore Master Plan was developed and designed by a very competent team of town planners, civil engineers, property developers, and architects with years of real estate development experience. The developers have included all the luxurious and basic facilities to make it the Best Investment Opportunity.   Smart City Lahore Residential Plots:   • 3 Marla • 5 Marla • 8 Marla • 10 Marla • 1 Kanal   Smart City Lahore Commercial Plots:   • 3 Marla • 5 Marla • 8 Marla   Those who will invest in this prospect opportunity have the highest chances of Return on their precious investment. Due to the international standard of town planning and affordable price, the profits are guaranteed.   Smart City Lahore Silent Features:   • Eco-Community • Maintenance • Affordability • 24/7 Security • Gas, Electricity, Water • Quality Development • Water Resources • Beautiful Entrance • World Class Infrastructure Development   Why do we Invest in Smart City Lahore?   Some of the main reasons are listed below:   • Well-known developers • Luxurious amenities • Spacious Properties • Prime Location • Soon to be approved • Eco-Friendly • Affordable • International Infrastructure Development              


Galaxy Mall | Bahria Town Islamabad | Shopping Mall &Food Court

Galaxy Mall in Bahria Town Islamabad is a commercial project that will turn into one more business center point after Centaurus Mall and Giga Mall in twin urban communities. The shopping mall is set to bring all of the main international and local retail marks under one rooftop giving an exceptional customary yet modern shopping experience. Galaxy Mall covers an area of 12 Kanal situated on GT Road Rawalpindi near the main gate of Bahria Town Phase 1-6. This project is approved by Bahria and RDA developed by Khurram Property Zone.   Galaxy Mall is viewed as the most secure investment in twin cities connected with the main regions and spots. Investors have as of now been showing a lot of interest in the venture. The Mall will be the best center of business exercises in its area, offering generally local and international brands under one rooftop. Galaxy Mall Location: Galaxy Mall Bahria Town Islamabad Location is extremely ideal as it is located at GT Road in Bahria Town Islamabad. The success or failure of any real estate project depends on its location and that’s why owners choose the location near to GT Road. Galaxy Mall is situated in Bahria Paradise, at the entrance of Bahria Town Phase 4 on main GT Road. Galaxy Mall Payment Plan:


Galaxy Heights Bahria Town Rawalpindi

“Galaxy Heights” is offering your own dream apartment located at main GT Road among twin cities.   This one is included in fabulous (KPZ) Khuram Property Zone projects. This project will be created on a Victorian Architectural theme. Well received; this project provides Shops and Flats for Sale in Islamabad. It is a state-of-the-art project with pre-existing infrastructure. Shops are the best investment in Pakistan to start your business but you will also find the best luxury apartments for residence there. This mixed-use residential and commercial unit is a great combination of modern living and will also provide you with the best shopping experience. Indeed, this unique architectural project gives you a great opportunity to redefine the living experience you dream of. Another interesting feature is the low prices. Yes, right now, this project is in its pre-launch phase. Therefore, prices also make sense to buy attractive properties AVAILABLE GALAXY HEIGHTS PROPERTIES FOR SALE:   This luxury project offers wonderful properties at the best prices. Available properties for sale are discussed below: Commercial Shops 1 Bed & 2 Bed Luxury Apartments Corporate Offices   GALAXY HEIGHT LOCATION:   This project is ideally situated near the main GT Road, Bahria Town Rawalpindi. Galaxy Heights will be the best investment in Pakistan in 2021. Moreover, Project is situated on the left from Bahria Town Entry Gate. Primarily, It is located in Bahria Town Phase 4 Islamabad.   GALAXY HEIGHTS PROJECT COMPLETION DATE?   In most projects, the project is sold at an early stage in which the construction work is zero. That is promised to deliver in the future at the time of booking but they often don't keep their promises. In the case of Galaxy Heights situation is very different because the grey structure is almost 85% complete. Developers are working day & night, it will be ready long before its time & there will be no compromise on quality. Construction on this project has been completed up to 5 floors despite this; we are offering a three-year payment plan. This project will be completed in June 2023 for possession.   Why do we invest in Galaxy Heights?   We sell inventory that’s why if you look at our financial benefits we offer discounts to our customers. The big example of this project is that its price is 60% less than the surrounding projects like ramada hotel Islamabad and Best Western Hotel Islamabad. We are committed to delivering the possession of genuine inventory on a committed time frame.         WHY YOU SHOULD SELECT GALAXY HEIGHTS?   You have a whole arcade in Lahore Inside the three floors are our commercials which will have shops and remaining floors will have apartments. Apartment living is recognized as the modern living in the market at that time. It is not only economical but also very easy for a small family to maintain it. You can easily make a living with your family and afford this investment in your apartment.   GALAXY HEIGHTS CONSTRUCTION PLANNING   Building will be open from all sides There will be open space for Parking Its entrance will be from main GT Road directly Approved by CDA   A premium site surrounded by a commercial and business hub in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi The renovation and upgrading of the high ceilings will be a site operation that ensures a high-quality luxury experience A project of two major players in the construction industry - KPZ Developers and Bahria Town - and predicted to be completed in the next 2 years With the variety of products offered, Galaxy Heights is expected to use a healthy environment for families, foodies, consumers and business employees. Available for a simple 3-year installment plan at a low payout of 25%, which includes very low prices Connected to all major city areas, the Galaxy Mall caters to a diverse audience in twin cities Guaranteed monthly rent up to 0.7% in full payment   GALAXY HEIGHTS FACILITIES:   Children’s Play Area Branded Shops Fine Dining Restaurants Basement Parking Health and Fitness Club      



  DHA valley Islamabad is a residential project initiated on 18 august 2008. It is the joint venture of DHA Islamabad, Bahria Town Islamabad, and Habib Rafiq (Pvt) restricted. The general public has to work with individuals by giving loaded with extravagant living style including a protected gated local area with all essential necessities for example Power Supply, water, gas. Moreover, schools, medical clinics, and a terrific Jamie mosque society have become obtain more worth. Besides, the heap of lovely parks and greens are the fascination of society. It turns out to be simple for all home searchers from profoundly rich to less fortunate.   GOOD NEWS FOR ALLOTTEES OF DHA VALLEY   DHA Valley is very important for allotees at this time because the price is very high And this is not the first time in the history of DHA that the price has gone up, sometimes down, sometimes up, and sometimes down. But at the moment the price is at that level, it is very rare for the price to go to that level   SHOULD WE BUY OR SELL DHA VALLEY FILES/PLOTS?   Sell your files and make a profit as this is your second chance at history. For the first time, when the installments of Dha Valley were to be completed in 9, people thought that now we would get possession. So because of that, the prices would go up a lot. This was the first time that the perks would have doubled to triple. But people did not sell at that time because they hoped that we would get the plot. However, DHA failed to deliver the plot, after which the plots were reversed and reduced to minus.   Repeatedly, the rate kept increasing and decreasing. Then, when Bahria started merging in DHA Valley, the rate was about Rs. 4 lakh profit. After that, the game of merging ended and the rate reversed again and came to minus. Now the rate has increased historically. I would advise people to sell their files and leave.         REASON FOR SUCH RISE IN DHA VALLEY PRICES   The main reason for this is that there is a Sur Charge Waive here. 2-3 files were open on a daily basis. Many files used to have Sur Charge charge. DHA charge was waived and the files were opened. For the last four months, DHA Valley Islamabad had stopped this Surcharge policy Now 2-3 files are available daily for opening, but when their charge is not waived, you should understand that it is on the table of General Sahib. Either DHA Islamabad would have flatly denied that the policy was over and the charge would not be waived. But DHA is receiving applications i.e people hope that if not today then tomorrow our charge will be waived. Now you understand that where there used to be 50 files per day, now there are 5 files per day. Now investors think that there is a shortage of files in the market, so they made cartons and collected the files. They had created the seen of balloting And the file rates have gone up a lot. Now they have achieved their goal. They bought the files at a negative rate and now they have brought them here and sold the files and left on their own.   Will DHA VALLEY NOW WAIVE THE SURCHARGE? Now the DHA Union Raka is in talks with the Lahore management, thanks to which the charge has been waived since last Monday.   WILL PRICES FALL AGAIN AFTER THE AMNESTY IS RESTORED? Yes! The prices will decrease day by day. There are thousands of files on the general sahib's table that are now available in the market on a daily basis due to which the prices will decrease “Today the rate is Rs 5-6 lakh in profit, so I will ask people to make a profit, If you want, you can buy files or plots again in the next few months when prices fall”   DHA VALLEY VS BAHRIA TOWN The record-high prices in Lahore that have been recorded in months may be fading and soon they will be reduced. So the safest investment for investors is here to invest in Bahria Town. If one wants to build a house or take a plot with the intention of investing, then Bahria Town will be the best choice for him in both cases. WHEN WILL THE DAH VALLEY BALLOTING TAKE PLACE? Nothing can be said yet regarding DHA Valley Balloting. On the occasion of every special day like 14 august & 6 September, it is spread by the people that now there will be balloting in DHA Lahore. But All that news is fake.



The Blue Area Islamabad, best known for the business center in the capital of Pakistan, soon became the home of many residential areas. The area is scatteredover Jinnah Avenue and covers key areas of the city, including the F6, F7, F8, G6, G7, and G8 sectors. Blue Area already has a direct foreign investment, indicating its value to overseas investors. The well-known Centaurus Mall is also situatedhere. These residences are more expensive compared to other projects, and future residences, too, will be more expensive because the space, by its construction, is made to be unique. AT A GLANCE: Closely linked to other sectors Islamabad’s Commercial Hub Situated on Jinnah Avenue Upcoming Deluxe Developments Business Spaces Plenty of Green Spaces NEIGHBOURHOOD PUBLIC TRANSPORT NEAR AND IN BLUE AREA ISLAMABAD Visiting people without personal transportation is much easier here, thanks to the number of public transportation options available in the Blue Area Islamabad. Expected residents and those already living here can use Parade Ground Station North on Jinnah Avenue F-6/4 Blue Area, Shaheed-e-Millat Station South on Jinnah Avenue in the G-6/2 Blue Area,at Centaurus Station South on Jinnah Avenue in the G-8/3 Blue Area and Parade Ground Metro Bus Station, located on Jinnah Avenue in Sector G-6/3 Blue Area, Islamabad.   In addition, 7th Avenue Station South-West on Jinnah Avenue in Category G-7/3,the subway station, lasts for about five minutes.Other stops near Polyclinic Stop on Shaheed-e-Millat Road on G-6/2, Khyber Plaza Stop on Luqman Hakeem Road G-7/2, Tank Stop on Jasmin Road G-7/3, and Puli Stop on Rehman Baba Road on G-7/3.   It takes about 6 to 7 minutes along the road and 20 to 25 minutes afoot to arrive at these public stops near the Blue Area, Islamabad. Locals can easily call bicycle services and car sharing with their Smartphones, or take local taxis from there.   THE MARKETS ARE NEAR THE BLUE ISLAMABAD   The mega store Al-Fatah, located in Centaurus Mall, F-8/4 Blue Area, Islamabad, stores almost all daily products, perishable items such as rice, sugar, and salt, to name a few, dry goods, and toiletries among other products. In addition, other food markets near the Blue Area, Islamabad include Islamabad Natural Honey on F-6/1 near Street 30, Shaheen Grocers, Safa Gold Mall at 7 College Road at F-7 Markaz, Qureshi Store in Block 13 / J, F -7 Markaz, Shahbagh General Store on College Road W F-7 Markaz, and Unique General Store F-7/1 near F-7/1 mosque.   BY Road you can reach there within 6 to 8 minutes, while people who like to walk can reach therewithin 15 to 25 minutes.   In addition, some new food markets in the 5-to-10-minute drive include Veg Xpress on 49 Marvi Road on F-7/4, Bismillah Fruit & Vegetable Shop on Street 53 for G-7/3, i -Abbasi Fruit and Vegetable Shop on G-7 Markaz, and Farm to Home on F-7/2. MOSQUES IN AND NEAR BLUE AREA ISLAMABAD There are several Muslims in Blue Area Islamabad who acted upon their religious activities there. Masjid: Masjid Syedna Siddiq-e Akbar in Block G of Category G-7/3 Jamia Masjid Rahmanaia in Block C, G-6/2 CHARCH: Masjid Syedna Siddiq-e-Akbar in Block G of Category G-7/3 Jamia Masjid Farooqia and Ghousia Mosque in F-6/1 Jamia Masjid Alkausar in F-7/4 Masjid Al Huda at F-7 Markaz Bait-uz-Zikr Mosque on Street 8 of Category F-7/3 Faisal Mosque on Shah Faisal Avenue in Section 8 Islamabad SCHOOLS, COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES CLOSE TO THE BLUE ISLAMABAD Some famous educational institutions operate near the Blue Area are as follow: MONTESSORI SCHOOLS Kidz Garden on Street 32 ??on F-6/1 The Learners School & Day Care on F-7/4 Friends Preschool and Activity Center on Nazim-Ud-Din Road on -F-7/4 PRIMARY & SECONDARY SHOOLS Beaconhouse School System Islamabad Model School in G-7/3 offers education from first grade to fifth grade Froebel's International School Islamabad on Street 13 on F-7/2 Headstart School in Nazim-Ul -Din Road on F-7/4 For Technical Education Colleges & Universities: Punjab College of Science on Fazl-Ul-Haq Road in Category G-6/2 Indus Group of Colleges in Blue Area G-7/3 Federal Medical Dental College for Women in G-7/3 FG Margalla College for Women in -Street 62 near F-7/4 Federal Government College for women F-7/2 on College Road on F-7/2   BLUE AREA ISLAMABAD BANK The Blue Area, the city's commercial center, is home to several banks including Bank Islami, MCB HBL Allied Bank Askari Bank Bank Al Habib All these banks operate in Block F of G-7/3 Blue Area, and First Women Bank Ltd. (FWBL) - Blue Area Branch in the State Life Tower Building is located in Block L of F 7/4 and Summit Bank is located in Block C of G 6/2, Blue Area, Islamabad. Electrical SUPPORT IESCO supplies power to the Blue Area, Islamabad. Commercial centers, offices and supermarkets in the area are already using generators and UPS systems during power outages. Similarly, people who decide to purchase accommodations here can also install backup devices. CLINICS AND HOSPITALS IN BLUE ISLAMABAD AREA Several clinics are in the Blue Area, Islamabad, some of which are Hearing Clinic in G 7/3 Blue Area, Advanced Ultrasound Clinic in Block G of G-7/3 Blue Area ICSI Clinic in Saudi Pak Tower in Block L Category F-7/4 Blue SPEAKING OF HOSPITALS Medicsi operates in Block LF 7/4 Kulsoom International Hospital operates in Block G of Category G7 / 3, Blue Area NEARBY HOSPITALS INCLUDE CDA Hospital on Street 31 in Category G-6/2, Ali Medical Center on Kohistan Road in F- 8 Markaz PNS Hafeez - Naval Hospital in E-8/1 The hospitals are two to six kilometers from the Blue Area, Islamabad, and take about five to 15 minutes to reach them by road. All hospitals are well-organized, equipped with the right medical equipment, working with trained staff and a panel of specialists in various departments of gastroenterology, pediatric care, maternal care, ENT, laboratory services, general surgery, and emergency services. MALLS IN AND NEAR BLUE AREA ISLAMABAD The famous residential and commercial skyscraper, Centaurus Mall is situated in F-8/4 Blue Area and features a huge variety of local and international brands, a food court, a kid’s area for toddlers to enjoy, and a movie theatre capable of playing 3D and 2D movies. Kamran Centre in Block F G-7/3 Blue Area, Black Horse Plaza in Block G of G-7/3 on Fazal-ul-Haq Road, and Mall of Islamabad in Block J of Sector F-7/1 also offer a wide range of products to choose from. Centaurus Mall is a famous shopping and residential complex situated in Blue Area, Islamabad Besides, some malls near Blue Area are Safa Gold Mall on College Road in F-7 Markaz and Time and Style mall situated in Sector F-6/1, Islamabad. All shopping malls based in and near Blue Area, Islamabad are multi-storey complexes, housing well-known retail chains, and food courts, and play areas for kids. It takes less than 10 minutes to reach the malls near Blue Area Islamabad by road. RESTAURANTS AND BAKERIES IN AND NEAR BLUE AREA ISLAMABAD A common way of enjoying quality time with friends is having them over for any meal of the day. Now, you can either cook for them or take them out. If you select the latter, a plethora of restaurants can be found in Blue Area, Islamabad to host a small party or get-together. From fine dining to pizza places – everything is available here. Restaurants offering different kinds of cuisines can be found in Blue Area Islamabad Some famous restaurants in Blue Area, Islamabad are: Omar Khayyam Iranian Restaurant in Madni Plaza, located in Block E, Blue Area, Islamabad Khokha Khola in Beverly Centre in F-6/1 Blue Area, Islamabad Raja Restaurant on Fazal-ul-Haq Road in Block G of Sector G-7/3 Blue Area, Islamabad Savour Foods, Fortune Plaza, situated in Block H of Sector G-7/2 Blue Area, Islamabad Moreover, some well-known bakeries are operational in Blue Area, Islamabad and they are Tehzeeb Bakers in Block F, Sector G-7/3 Blue Area, Islamabad, Fresco Sweets in Block G, Sector G-7/3, Blue Area, Loafology Bakery & Cafe in Block I, Sector G-7/2, Blue Area, and Burning Brownie in Beverly Centre in F-6/1, Blue Area, Islamabad. Blue Area Islamabad is home to several known bakeries and sweet shops. As for nearby bakeries, some of them are Toast'd Cafe and Bakery on F Street in F-7 Markaz, Gourmet Bakers & Sweets and Afghan Bakery on College Road in F-7 Markaz. You can reach these bakeries by road from Blue Area, Islamabad in less than 10 minutes. SPORTS FACILITIES AND FITNESS CENTRES IN AND NEAR BLUE AREA ISLAMABAD Fitness conscious people can quickly go to various gyms located in Blue Area, Islamabad. Popular gyms in the area include Studio 8 and The Gym in Beverly Centre in F-6/1, Blue Area, 313 Fitness in Block G, G-7/3, Blue Area, and Fitness Lounge – Blue Area inside United Plaza located in Block I of Sector G-7/2 Blue Area. Moreover, some outdoor sports and adventure sports complexes can also be found in a few miles. These include KTE Ice Skating Rink on 7 College Road, F-7 Markaz; Sukh Chayn F-8 Multi-Purpose Sports Ground on Street Number 30 of F-8/1, Multipurpose playground on Street 13 in Sector G-8/1, Iswa Football Academy in Islamabad Sports Complex, and Hockey Ground in G-6/4. The mentioned sports arenas are located at a distance of around 5 to 15 minutes by car. PARKS NEAR BLUE AREA ISLAMABAD The well-constructed roads running across Blue Area, Islamabad are covered with trees on both sides. Moreover, several fantastic parks are also located nearby, adding more value to the contemporary area. A few well-known parks near Blue Area, Islamabad are Park F6/1 and Kids Park in F-6/1, Swiss Avenue F-7/4 Park on Street 61 in F-7/4, Jubilee Park on College Road in F-7, Argentina Park on Street 4 in Sector G-6/2, Hill View Park in F-8/4, and Meelad Park on Street 42 in Sector G-7/2. You can reach Swiss Avenue Park easily by foot in almost 10 minutes, while the remaining parks are found at a drive of 5 to 10 minutes. SALONS AND SPAS IN AND NEAR BLUE AREA ISLAMABAD Several known salons owned by famous makeup artists are present in and near Blue Area, Islamabad. Future residents can go to Tariq Amin Salon in F-6/1 Blue Area, Allenora Annie Signature Salon Islamabad in Union Gold Mall located in Sector F-7 Markaz, Daniella's Salon & Spa in Bangish Plaza, F-7 Markaz; Bia's Salon in F-7 Markaz near Federal Government College for Women, and Shaheena's Beauty Salon near Qasoori Market Tramri Chowk in F-7/4 for a wide range of beauty and personal care services. It takes just about 5 to 8 minutes to reach the salons and spas near Blue Area, Islamabad by road. CINEMAS IN AND NEAR BLUE AREA ISLAMABAD Prospective residents can easily go to The Centaurus Cinepax operating in Centaurs Mall. The mall, as we all know, is based in Blue Area. Also, Islamabad Club Cinema on Main Murree Road inside Islamabad Club is at a drive of approximately 16 minutes from Blue Area. People fond of watching movies on the big screen can watch 3D and 2D movies in these movie theatres. SOCIAL EVENTS Several events take place in The Centaurus Mall on Eid, Christmas, Independence Day, Defence Day, Women’s Day, Iqbal Day, and during Ramadan. Moreover, meet and greet with celebrities, and premier shows of the latest movies also take place in the mall’s cinema. Also, Centaurus Mall holds art and crafts exhibitions, above the line marketing activities of various brands, and public sessions with sports stars. NEARBY AREAS The beauty of Blue Area, Islamabad is that it includes some of the most sophisticated sectors and areas of Islamabad. Sectors adjoining Blue Area include F-6, F-7, F-8, F-10, G-6, G-7, and G-8. The magnificent Faisal Mosque is also in proximity to Islamabad’s Blue Area. Furthermore, recreational areas, including Lake View Park, Saidpur, and Rawal Lake are also nearby. THINGS TO CONSIDER Blue Area, Islamabad includes everything starting from commercial spaces to luxurious amenities. However, the only thing where the area lags is the non-availability of plots on sale and houses on rent and sales. A good number of flats are up for sale and rent in this area. Nevertheless, this problem will be addressed after some modern houses and plots are offered for buying and rental purposes in Blue Area for interested parties. LOCATION IMPORTANCE OF BLUE AREA ISLAMABAD FROM MAJOR LOCATIONS NEARBY Placed at a drive of nearly 4 minutes from Sector F-7,Islamabad It takes almost 5 minutes to reach Sector F-6, Islamabad by road It takes just about 6 minutes to reach G-6, Islamabad by road A total of 8 minutes is needed to get to Saidpur by road from Blue Area, Islamabad G-7, Islamabad is placed at a road trip of almost 9 minutes from Blue Area, Islamabad Faisal Mosque, situated in E-8, Islamabad is at a drive of nearly 9 minutes It takes around 10 minutes to reach G-8, Islamabad by road F-8, Islamabad is at a drive of about 11 minutes from Blue Area, Islamabad It takes around 14 minutes to reach F-10, Islamabad by road It takes about 15 minutes to get to Lake View Park by road A drive of approximately 16 minutes is needed to reach Rawal Lake  



Pakistan’s pace of development during the last three years has seen some unprecedented highs. This is primarily attributable to the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, which through its USD 65 billion investment is generating economic activity through all sectors of the economy. As economic activity increases, it translates into employment generation. When we talk of employment under CPEC, the first thing to consider is how it is being generated, and in which sectors. For this reason, in this blog we have adopted a sector-wise approach to understand patterns associated with employment generation under CPEC. EMPLOYMENT GENERATION UNDER CPEC: SECOND PHASE CPEC is fast reaching completion in Pakistan The first phase of CPEC was from 2015 to 2020, when infrastructural and energy projects were constructed. The start of year 2021 for CPEC has been highlighted as a milestone for ensuring people-to-people connectivity, which essentially means that a series of business investments are coming into different sectors of Pakistan’s economy. This will create opportunities for business-to-business collaboration; and allow Pakistani locals to expand their operations, while at the same time creating opportunities. The most prominent example of this is the establishment of Special Economic Zones (SEZs), which are dedicated areas for setting up of industries and manufacturing units. There are four main SEZs under which work has already begun, however, more are proposed to be constructed and operationalized soon. Rashakai SEZ in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Allama Iqbal Industrial Complex in Faisalabad Dhabeji SEZ in Thatta, Sindh Botsan in Pishin, Balochistan The main idea behind the SEZs is to set up industries specific to the area they are based in. This gives competitive advantage to the SEZs, and also ensures a steady supply of skilled laborers. In this way, the SEZs aim to harness the existing potential of the areas they are based in. Moreover, in order to facilitate businessmen, all enterprises under the SEZs have been exempted from taxes for 10 years. However, work on colonization of the SEZs is still underway, and much of the skilled labor is being utilized in various sectors as CPEC projects assume fast pace. HOW EMPLOYMENT IS BEING GENERATED UNDER CPEC Gwadar poised to become an economic hub Employment statistics have increased in CPEC areas where development projects are being pursued at a fast pace. Already, over 75,000 locals have been given jobs under various CPEC projects, while experts predict that by the year 2030, 2.3 million jobs for locals will be created. Chairman CPEC Authority, Lt Gen (retd.) Asim Saleem Bajwa has also highlighted that through CPEC, Pakistani has been able to boost production under the agricultural and industrial sectors, as well as create job opportunities in the energy sector. Let’s dig deeper into these statistics to understand which have been the most beneficial under CPEC. EMPLOYMENT GENERATION: SECTOR-WISE APPROACH The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is being labelled as CPEC For All because of how it’s going to provide job opportunities for everyone; the skilled and unskilled labor. For this reason, we look at the various sectors where jobs are being created. INFRASTRUCTURE Infrastructure is rapidly being developed under CPEC A 2018 study, titled “Employment Generation and Labour Composition in CPEC and Related Road Infrastructure Projects,” by Dr. Shahid Rashid, Muhammad Muzammil Zia and Shujaa Waqar, notes the following statistics on CPEC’s infrastructural jobs. Under CPEC, infrastructure, being one of the two sectors where investment first came in, has developed rapidly. In the first phase, six early harvest projects were introduced. These are: KKH Phase II (Thakot-Havelian Section) Peshawar Karachi Motorway (Multan-Sukkur and Lahore-Multan Section) Upgradation of D.I Khan (yarik-Hakla) Phase I to V Faisalabad-Multan Motorway (M4) Package II and III E-35 Expressway As of 2018, for KKH, 7,800 jobs were created, with a 76% percent share of Pakistani professionals. In the Multan-Sukkur section of Peshawar-Karachi Motorway 15,174 people were employed. Meanwhile, in the Lahore-Multan section, 17,246 jobs were created. In the former project, Pakistani employees account for 91.5% of the total number while, in the latter project, more than 96% of the jobs belonged to Pakistanis. The upgradation of D.I Khan is divided into five phases, all of which employed a total number of 6,700 people, all Pakistanis. The Faisalabad-Multan Motorway comprises two packages, which employed 3,640 total laborers; only 97 of which were Chinese. During the construction and operationalization of E-35 Expressway, 1,020 people were employed with 98% participation from Pakistanis. Another key project in this regard is the Orange Line Metro, Pakistan’s first electric train system, which, as it operates, will continue to contribute towards the socio-economic well being of the area. ENERGY Significant progress has been made in the energy sector of Pakistan as a part of CPEC Under CPEC, 22 energy projects have been finalized. Of these 22, nine have been completed and are operational. The first project to be completed is the Sahiwal Coal Power Plant. Moreover, in 2021 it has been announced that Pakistan has attracted about 50% of total BRI’s renewable energy investments.  For this reason, projects such as Karot Hydropower project and Jhimpir Wind Farm have been introduced in the country. Overall, Pakistan and China have 24 cooperation projects with a scale of 12,282 MW of energy. Overall, there are 10 prioritized (or early harvest) energy projects, while 4 have been newly added which are primarily renewable energy projects including Kohala Hydel Project, Cacho Wind Power Project, Western Energy Ltd Wind Power Project, and Azad Pattan Hydel Project. These are in line with PM Imran Khan’s vision of having a share of 60% of renewable energy by 2030.  Overall, this mix of energy projects has ensured that there are plenty of job opportunities for locals. For the 16 ongoing energy projects more than 73,000 people have been employed so far. Of this number, the share for locals stands at 63%.  These projects have added over 6GW of electricity to the national grid, making load shedding a relic of the past in Pakistan.  Potential job opportunities, in terms of skilled labor, include openings for the following positions: Civil engineers Electrical engineers General managers  Installation specialists Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) engineers Foreman AGRICULTURE Pakistan’s agriculture is boosting under CPEC There are talks of Pakistan-China cooperation in the agricultural sector as well, since this sector has been included in CPEC projects. As Chinese have expressed interest in Pakistan’s high-quality dairy and meat products, the proposed plans include developing cold storage and food processing facilities, which will enhance productivity in livestock and fisheries sectors as well. Moreover, the Deputy Consul General of Pakistan in Chengdu has also expressed Chinese interest in setting up slaughterhouses in Pakistan. These slaughterhouses will enable meat processing to be done in line with international standards.  For crops, China has promised provision of high-quality machinery as well as seeds and herbicides to boost production of Pakistan’s major cash crops, such as wheat, rice etc. In addition to this, Chinese farming experts are also working to introduce maize-soybean intercropping techniques as soybean is a staple for most Chinese households. Similarly, sea rice along coastal regions, edible floral landscaping, and planting of fruits and vegetables will also take place. Already, Pakistani mangoes and cherries have made their way into China, and as tastes are acquired, there is a greater demand for even more locally-produced fruits and vegetables.  Recently, a pilot project for chili farming was recently completed, and is based on 100 acres of land. According to CPEC Authority Chairman, Asim Saleem Bajwa said that during the next phase 3,000 acres of land will be cultivated with chillies.  All of these initiatives are part of the China-Pakistan Agricultural Cooperation Pilot Zone which is to be up during five years. Under this program, a China-Pakistan food industrial park will also be established in 5 to 10 years, to promote the condiment industry of both countries.  While farmers will benefit from these plans, it’s also going to open up opportunities for agricultural scientists, who play a vital role in increasing productivity and sustainability of crops and animals. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY The incumbent government is working to introduce a number of IT initiatives in Pakistan. While many have been launched, various are underway such as the Smart Village Initiative. In addition to these, the Digital Silk Route (DSR) will soon transform how trade is done between Pakistan, China and the entire Europe. The DSR is aimed at  facilitating telecommunications networks, artificial intelligence capabilities, cloud computing, e-commerce and mobile payment systems, surveillance technology, smart cities, and other high-tech areas, for all member countries. As Pakistan makes significant headway towards IT acquisition, it is with China’s cooperation that Pakistan’s IT landscape will significantly improve. Already during the coronavirus pandemic, e-commerce and e-banking has experienced a boom. With Chinese investment and unique skills, more job opportunities and investment avenues will open up. TOURISM In recent years, Pakistan’s tourism has expanded leaps and bounds. For this reason, the incumbent government is working toward upscaling its religious tourism which carries immense significance for Hindu communities, Sikhs, and Buddhists as a large number of historical religious sites are located here. To uncover religious synchronism with China, extensive plans are underway for reviving the ancient Gandhara Trail. This will be of paramount importance for not just the Chinese, but Buddhists located in any part of the world.  This is a Buddhist monastery at Takht-i-Bhai Apart from religious tourism, there are numerous opportunities for expanding the tourism industry of Pakistani under the country’s collaborative efforts with China. This comes primarily from rebuilding and connectivity efforts in Pakistan’s remote areas, such as Balochistan. Already Gwadar is seeing an influx of tourists as development projects in Balochistan are underway. Rapid infrastructural development is paving the way for tourists to access Sindh and Balochistan’s pristine beaches. Of these, Gadani Beach remains one of the most popular spots. Already tourism in Pakistan employs a great number of people and with newer initiatives like these, this number is bound to grow.