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How to Reduce Construction Cost

Ways to Lowering the Cost Expenses During Construction of a House:Usually, the cost of construction increases when you do a mistake. Because al little mistake can result in a loss of thousands and even lakhs. That is why proper planning is very essential. Sometimes the construction cost goes beyond your budget the reason is lack of knowledge. So by following below mentioned steps, you can decrease the cost of construction.Start the construction according to the amount you have in your hand. By the construction material at once and try to save money. As if you by things together it will decrease the cost, for example, a truck of bricks is cheaper than buying them in less quantity. Although cement should not buy together because it can be abolished soon.   Try to sooner the process of construction because if you delay the construction process cost will be increased.Hire labor on the basis of measurement, as hiring labor on the base of daily hours work will be often expensive.If you use carpet instead of marble and chips in rooms then it will also reduce cost.If you want to lower the cost of construction so lessening the use of wood and iron.Double story little house is often cheap to build in comparison to large single story house. For example single story house of 10 Marla is more expensive than double story house of 5 Marla in term of cost. To lowering the cost do not ever lessen the amount of cement. You can make simple floor instead of making it by marble for this purpose.In ceiling use of sheets made by plaster of paris is less costly than wood. These sheets are inexpensive, can be fitted easily and you have no need to color them.If kitchen and bathrooms are built nearer than the cost of pipes may reduce.If you use grass and greenery instead of marbles and tiles than the house will look more elegant in less expense.Doors made by good quality sheet are less expensive than wood. The use of aluminum in windows increase the cost expenses.Nowadays LED lights consume less power supply and are long-lasting. Buy fans of a huge motor as small motor fans give less air and also make a lot of noise.In color, the use of weather sheet increases the cost with no durability.Make the design of the house by utilizing less space in an efficient way, do not make large rooms, and manage the size in appropriate ways.Two to three bed house with a living room is often suitable for many families.By lowering the number of bathrooms the expense cost can be reduced largely.  


House Construction Tips

Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New HouseDo not start construction of house without a map. The map should be designed by a specialist. Usually, expense ranges from 10 lakhs to crores in house construction. And the cost of creating house map is less than 1 percent of total expenses. While the map is essential for a successful ending. That is why the formation of the map is necessary before starting the construction.Do not join house with another house. Because water seepage will start coming to the house that is bigger in size from the house along with it due to rainwater. So that the distance from the house is house should be at least 1 inch.House should be constructed at 1 feet height from the surface of a street so that flow of water remains smooth and rainwater couldn’t come inside from streets. However, the entry path for a car or other vehicles should not be affected.It seems that people construct bigger houses in narrow streets. Remember that the worth of your house depends upon the location of your house. The worth of house increases if the area and location of the house are wide and airy.Do not build walls of the house in distorted or in a twisted shape. By this not only room will look ugly even you will face difficulty when you need to do room carpeted. It will also affect the worth of house.Keep the foundation of the house strong. No matter your house is a single story or double story you should always build the strong groundwork.Do not use rounded stone in the construction of your house because they cannot hold cement tightly and ultimately you will get poor construction.Keep the height of roof at least 10 feet. Because the less heightened houses are warmer in summer.Do not keep the window in side of the west. Due to this your house get warmer due to sunshine. Keep them on south side is more appropriate.It seems that courtyard is neglected in latest construction. As a result prices of houses increases. In 10 Marla houses the size of the courtyard is mostly one to one and a half Marla which is not good at all. We should keep the size of courtyard bigger so that kids could have land to play as well as you can grow plants and grass in that land. Because greenery gives you freshness. Other than this inaccessibility of greenery in your house become the reason for depression and fatness. Make the architecture of house in such a way that light can pass from every room. So that you do not have to spend much more on artificial light.Do watering of concrete especially in summer. If you do not do it properly then the durability of cement reduces by 20 to 50 percent.Do not increase the shine of marble and also do not use slippery tiles. Especially if you have kids then make sure you are not using slippery tiles because your children may get an injury by falling down.If you are making the floor of chips then don’t forget to use powder with it. By using powder there would be no cracks in the floor, the floor will shine and polishing will become easy.Do not leave sewerage pipes open, because mostly rats entered by these opened pipes. And if a little hole remains open in pipes of gutter then you may face plenty of mosquitoes.  Do not use water tanks in black color because water becomes warmer due to black color. That is why use water tanks in blue color. White colored water tanks are not available in the market but you can color the tanks with white color by yourself.Do not make underground water tanks nearer to the gutter. Use dinky pumps to move water to upward water tanks.In small houses do not cultivate the vegetables which become the reason of mosquitoes such as pumpkins, cabbage, and cauliflower.By growing mint plant you will see a deficiency in mosquitoes and insects. Other than this cracks and holes in floor become the reason of growing insects. 


Latest Curtains Designs

Curtains are the main element of your house. Without curtains, the house looks incomplete. No matter house is big or small curtains are a necessary part of it. Curtains are no longer just used to keep inside warm, safe from cold, and block light from outside. Now curtains are used in a decorative manner. Curtains provide you the private atmosphere. Selection of curtains has great importance. Many people spend thousands of rupees in buying curtains but could not get the best. That why experts suggest keeping in mind the size of a room, color of furniture and carpet, and decoration pieces while selecting the curtain for your room. Interior designers use different color schemes, styles and ideas to create elegant and stylish curtains because house interior depends upon the choice of curtains. When it comes to choosing the right curtains for your house, there so many options of fabrics, colors, rods, and finishes. And also curtains are not cheap so it is important to get the right ones for your place as they may be quite expensive to replace if they are not according to your choice. Colorful Curtains: If the furniture of your house is simple then you can use two to three different color curtains. In a simple room, these colorful curtains will create an eye-catching and pleasant look.Bright Colored Curtains: From previous many years, curtains in bright colors are being famous. According to the interior designers bright colors are used for huge hall and huge rooms. If u also desire to decorate your house with bright colored curtains then go with vibrant green and solid red color. Which will be suitable for both light and dark painted rooms. Pinch Pleated Curtains: Pinch plated curtains enhance the glory of your house. These curtains are more suitable for your lounge rather than your bedroom. Your lounge looks more stunning by these curtains depending on the choice of color. For example, if your lounge has an intense color of the carpet, walls and other objects then use curtains with natural tone colored curtains and vice versa. Frill Curtains: If you have a private room where no one can see from outside the window so there you can use frill curtains. Your window look bigger by using frill curtains. Even you can get light also. On the other side, people are using frill curtains in the lounge also. There are many latest styles by which you can decorate frills of curtains the purpose is to only make it precious and gorgeous. Spiral or Twisted Curtains: Spiral curtains is another type of curtains. These spiral curtains give the magnificent appearance to your room. If your room has furniture of brown color, wooden closet, and goldish roofs then brownish shade curtains are the perfect match. Double Curtains: To raise the ornament of your house you can use double curtains. For this purpose use the combination of black and white curtains. Light curtains of white color are used in daylight and heavy curtains of black color are used in the night time.  These double curtains give magnificence to your house. Curtain with Texture: Textured curtains are also being famous day by day. White, Fabric, Silk, Blue, Black and other such colors are included in them. There is mostly embroidery on them. Modern famous curtains include Polestar, Linen, Nate Polestar, Creep and velvet curtains. Printed Curtains: Decent and printed curtains made up of printed fabric look spectacular in your house. If your room has simple furniture and simple paint and printed curtains are the perfect combinations for them. You can also use bedsheet of same print to magnify the beauty of your room. Net Curtains: Net curtains can also be used to enrich attractiveness. These curtains are available at cheap as well as costly rates. Now a days shaffon curtains with net curtains are used to improve the decoration of your house. Banarasi Curtains: Women used to select banarasi curtains to decorate the house in a lavish way. These curtains are a little bit expensive than simple and printed curtains. And mostly used in T.V Lounge and Drawing Rooms. Frill with banarasi curtains are more suitable for drawing room but if the furniture in the drawing room is heavier then simple curtains with banarasi frill is a perfect match. Bamboo Curtains: Curtains made up of bamboo, mostly named as chick play an important role to enhance the beauty of your house. To decorate the house with a bamboo curtain you can use a border of cloth with a bamboo curtain in a different color. It will give a spectacular view and different shades of colors to your house. Our perspective is to focus trends and fashion so we provide best and latest designs. If you need help regarding this or any other matter then we are available for you at any time. Contact # 0321-7673867


Wall Paint Colors For Summer Season

Wall Paint in every house is the main focus for residents and visitors. Summer has been started in our country. After a hectic day when a person reaches home, he wants the atmosphere where all the tiredness goes away. For this purpose where cleanliness and sanitation effects there ornaments and decorations also matter a lot. Whether it is the color of the wall, the color of the sheet on the bed, artificial plants to increase natural beauty, or furniture in your room, everything affects the character and personality of a person. And when it comes to summer then the color of wall especially the color of walls of a room can be a reason for mood swing from bad to good. You will feel inconvenience if the color of walls is faded and abolish. Nowadays as experts advise you to wear specific color dresses in summer in the same way they define some specific color to change the color of the walls of your house. So if you are also committed to color the walls then think about the sky blue color. It is the symbol of peace. If you desire cold and peaceful atmosphere for your bedroom then this color is for you. Because this is the color of sky and oceans. Interiors allocate this color to kids zone no matter boy or girl. According to the survey people who color their bedroom with sky blue sleep longer as compare to other people. Sunny Yellow: Sunny yellow color provides your home fresh and pleasant atmosphere. Let your eye close and think for a moment when you rise early in the morning and the sunlight coming from the windows making the walls shinier, who pleasant this impression is. For making this impression more attractive it is necessary to use furniture and decoration pieces of white and grey color. Light Green: Light green color is also considered as convenient option to paint the color of walls in summer. Nowadays it is counting as famous trendy color due to cold, decent and peaceful effect. It creates the proper environment for the spring season. To increases its attractiveness and peacefulness use light color for furniture and decoration pieces. Light Violet: Well, all colors have special shine and attractiveness but if you talk about the living room then the light violet color is considered as the best choice. It plays an important role to make your living room a beautiful and charming. Light Pink: If you use light pink color in your bedroom, living room or drawing room then it is enough to increase the beauty of your house. Furniture in light pink color is also a considerable option. Light pink color is the best choice to modify your house as a dream house.  If you want further help or information regarding this or any other matter you can contact us to get brilliant ideas. Contact # 0321-7673867.


Modern Veranda Designs

Veranda or Porch is a place where you can enjoy the weather and beautiful view of the garden as well as can protect yourself from the severe hot weather outside. It is also known as palace where you will get the chance to spend some time outside the boundary of a house. You can construct it with every architecture because its construction design is very simple but charming. Other than porch what could be more beneficial to enjoy the cool breeze and beautiful scene by being in your house. It is that area of the house to which you can decorate according to your own desire. If you like to eat food outside the house then you can arrange dining table there. If you are nature lover then you can grow plants there. You can also build a pound or swimming pool there. There are thousands of option depending on your taste. So do not restrict yourself to traditional ways and refine this area in a way that everyone sees and admires your taste. The wait is over now we, here are some useful guidelines which will help you to explore the ways by which you can redesign and innovate your porch area.    Flowerpots: Charming and medium-size flowerpots enhances the beauty of porch. You can grow different multiple color flowers and plants in that flowerpots.  Other than this hanging vase from the roof and little leaves inside them also used to enhance gorgeousness.  Swing: A beautiful little size swing is also a source of attractiveness in porch. There is a wide range of latest swing available in the market. You can bring them for loveliness. By sitting on that swing you can continue to do your daily work, as well as can chit-chat with your friends and cheer up with them. It will give you a source of comfort and relaxation. Light in Veranda: Lights are used to play an important role in the decoration of the veranda. At daytime, you can have the light of the sun but at night you need to have some lights on the lightened veranda. What you have to do is to keep the light dim so that the real idealistic and lovely beauty of night remains continuous.  You can also build fireplace which will give both the light and warmness in winter. Indoor and Outdoor Veranda: If you live in a bungalow then you have multiple choices to decorate veranda or porch. For example, you can utilize both roofed and open-air place to build veranda. This can be a multi-function point of your house such as you can enjoy the sunlight in winter and in summer you can have fresh air. Vertical Gardening: One way to form beautiful veranda place is to grow more and more flowers and plants. If you are worried about the space that how you will manage to grow more plants and flower in less space than vertical gardening is its solution. It means to form the portions and shelves in the walls of the veranda and keep plants and flower inside them.We have much more creative and latest ideas to make your home a convenient place for you. You can contact us at 0321-7673867 to get more trendy ideas.


Photo Frames Decoration on Walls

Photo Frames in any house gave the feeling of happiness and recollection of memories. It is a very interesting activity to decorate your house with family photo frame according to new trends and fashion. In daily routine, you take a lot of pictures and you wish to hang some of them on the wall. So we are providing some latest and trendy photo frames ideas to you. Ultraviolet: It is the most wanted color of this year. It is deep, elegant and charming. It looks pleasant and attractive. Natural: It is made up of wood, wool yarn or plaster. It has natural texture. An ELB2 wood frame is made up of a real bark of the banana tree. Brass Beauty: Brass has back again. Other metals are also included in frames of brass abut brass is prominent. It is classic as well as modern and trendy. Anything that comes back after a long time feels like a new thing. So use brass frames with brass candlesticks, vases, and other such materials. Velvet Frames: This soft, delightful and spectacular frame looks like a masterpiece. Its velvet gives a luxurious feeling. Cherry red picture frame with black color gives a classic view. Its proper arrangement increases its beauty. They look shiny and glossy. A gallery wall of family and friends: On the passageway of house beautiful frames with the pictures of family and friends amazed everyone.  Most of them are wooden frames with white background. Both colorful and black-and-white pictures look elegant in them. Drawing area fills up with family pictures: You eat breakfast or dinner whenever you look at the family picture you will feel good. The wall looks magnificent with the combination of black white and golden color frames. These colors complement each other and provide a stunning look. We have much more to serve. So you can contact us at 0321-7673897 to get more ideas and help.


Bird Houses Unique Ideas For Your Home

Bird Houses in your house is a source of enjoying the natural beauty of God's creature. Beautiful birds in multiple colors around us are the beauty of the world. These beautiful birds not only increase the beauty of the world even they enhance the beauty of your garden or balcony. Whenever you are sad then their pleasant and charming voice fill your ear with sweetness and give you a relaxed feeling. It also provides your children a pleasant hobby. As the beautiful plants in your garden welcome your guest before you, same as the beautiful birds in the garden attracts the guest towards themselves. That is why they are protected in a similar way as the residents of the house are protected. We often face difficulty to build a birdhouse when we have small gardening area. But the construction of birdhouse in that small area not only provide protection to the birds, it also gives a healthy and pleasant look to your garden. Here are some useful points you need to get know before the construction of birdhouse. Points to keep in mind before the construction of birdhouse:Do not construct birdhouse for a specific bird. Maybe your choice change with the passage of time and you want another bird then the size and the entry hole to enter into the birdhouse would not be reliable for another bird.The selection of wood is the best option for the construction of birdhouse, metals are not considered an appropriate choice especially in summer season.To make strong bond use concrete or screw with the wood birdhouse with  If you will not do so, then may be in a few days joints of birdhouse may break.Keep in mind the effect of rainy weather.No matter it is of wood or metal, paint on the bird house increases its beauty. If you keep it inside the house then the paint will not affect or damaged and increases the beauty of your house but if you keep it in garden or terrace then it may damage rapidly due to humidity, sun, rain and moisture thats why experts advice to make a simple wooden made birdhouse. License Plate Bird House: If you are a license plate lover then intend to make a license plate birdhouse. The selection of license plate can make a unique and latest design for your birdhouse. Sparrow House Box: A unique style sparrow box is used to keep three pair of sparrows instead of one. It is internally divided into three portions. In which you can keep birds of different bread. Tree Hanging Bird House: Try to do something new and innovative while constructing the birdhouse. First of all, utilize the trees of your house for constructing a birdhouse. You can use candle stand for this purpose. By doing this you can hang multiple houses on one stand easily. Use can keep this stand anywhere in your garden and can enhance the beauty of your garden. Stone Bird House with Natural material: Utilizing natural material for construction is an efficient approach. No matter your house is big or small, you have a gardening area or not, or you only have a balcony as garden, you can use stone birdhouse for every part of your house. For this purpose, stones are widely used. You can decorate it according to your choice. Painted Bird House: Birdhouses that are designed especially for keeping inside the house do not have the threat to paint damage. So unique and creative ideas of the painting are used on them. As an angry bird is famous in children now a days so it would be a good step to paint an angry bird on a birdhouse. So by using unique and creative ideas, you can paint your birdhouse in a pleasant way.Contact us at 0321-7673867 to get more latest and trendy ideas.


Paint Vs Wallpaper

Paint vs Wallpaper is a crucial question. After the construction of your house, people seem in trouble when its time to finish the internal walls of your house. Whether walls should be painted or decor with wallpapers? The basic and reliable option is to paint the wall, however, if you want to give complex design and texture tone to the wall the then it is not an easy task. You need skilled professionals for this task. If wallpaper get defective or the piece of paper displaces from the wall then you have to face the problem. Skilled professionals have its solution. Other than this in term of money, reliable and good quality wallpaper is more expensive than paint. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, the end of talk is, what you are actually demanding for your house? Following points are the perfect answer to this question that whether you should choose paint or you should go with wallpaper. Contrast: If you want to give dramatical contrast to your room then paint is the best option. See below the red color of the wall is giving the dazzling and stunning appearance to the room. Except for the wall, the room is decorated with furniture and other accessories of light color tone. And painting on the wall giving its modern look. When you Desired to Make it Alive: It is an art to decorate the wall in front of the stairs. It is the eye-catching area of your house because every person must look at this while going upstairs. So it is necessary to decorate it in a decent and beautiful way. In this case, the choice of wallpaper could be the best option. Wallpaper should be appropriate and elegant. Texture and Shine: It is a very hectic task to do texture work with cement and paint. There are many reasons for it one of them is that you need expert professional workers for this job moreover the environment where we live is full of moisture due to which the texture of cement and paint destroyed soon. The best alternative is to select the gold or silver color textured wallpaper. That will give shine to your room. Walls that take you to the Dream World: The walls of your bedroom should be decorated in a way that takes you to the dream world. You can use both paint and wallpaper for this purpose. To make a design with paint is time taking process while the choice of wallpaper for this purpose is less time taking. Wall Art: This option is for the person who does not want to make prominent the pattern of wallpaper in the room. Select one wall, paint it with low tone color and make a design with bright colors. Make art of flower of anything you want on the wall. This will present the pleasant glance of your taste.   Classic Beauty: If you are desiring to give classic look to your house with wonderful wall panels then it is impossible to do with contrast wallpaper, you have only the choice of wall paint. Use the complementary color for furniture, painting and all other accessories that combination will give the classic look to your house.Our aim is to provide best to our customers and readers so you can contact us at 0321-7673867 to get more unique and creative ideas.


Gwadar Golf City 5 Marla Plots For Sale

Gwadar Golf City is an amazing and secure investment opportunity. It is approved by GDA housing scheme with registration number 53/06/HS/GDA (B).Gwadar Golf City is an ideal investment opportunity with amazing facilities. This project is being developed by BSM Developers Malik Riaz and Family and will be first housing scheme in Gwadar with a golf-theme master plan. Residential plots of 5, 8, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal are available. Currently, booking of 5 Marla plots for sale has started.Payment Plan for 5 Marla plots in Gwadar Golf City.Down Payment:             Rs. 225,000/-Monthly Installment:     Rs. 14,583/- (Total 36)Total Price:                      Rs. 750,000/-Gwadar Golf City will have a centralized 18-hole golf course. Other features of the project include Water Distillation Plants, Hospital & Medical Facilities, 24 Hours Electricity, Education System and International Universities, Civic Center and Sector Market, Gym and Sports Center. It is the real place that converts your dream into reality. Gwadar Golf City is not yet officially launched by BSM developers, but pre-launch booking process has been started in the market at reasonable prices. Many residential and commercial plots are available for booking within 3 years easy payment plans.So, avail this investment opportunity and secure your future. You can contact us to get more detailed information.Contact # 0331-5454669


Latest and Traditional Staircase Design Ideas For Home

Stairs are the necessary part of any house. They are used to move from one floor to another, to increase the beauty of the house and represent the scene of heaven it is considered to be the best and necessary selection. You are constructing a house and not constructing stairs in it, sounds an incomplete and unusual thing. According to the interior designer no matter house is small or big stairs should not be without gorgeous and elegant styles because they play important role in showing your lifestyle. Talking about stairs and not considering railing around it is an incomplete talk. As construction of stairs seems difficult same as the choice of railing or grills around stairs is a hectic task. Luxury stairs in your house can be a remarkable focus in any home and can highlight the general home stylistic layout. While the plan and style for stairs are critical, the basic component is the railing. An all-around composed railing is basic for a rich staircase. The railing has become a base component, not only just made for security purposes, infect according to the modern interests it adds style and beauty inside of a house. The options of designs are everlasting for railings, coming in all shapes and models. So we provide you best options to choose for railing under the experiences of interior specialists. Elegant Wood Railing: Now a days wooden railing is the best choice for stairs. That is simple but unique and long-lasting option. This style is mostly used with wooden or marble stairs. The beautiful and simple panels at starting and ending point of stairs enhance the beauty of the stairs. If you want more elegant style then construct the stairs using the lower surface of stairs in the shape of a cupboard and get an appraisal. Unique Spiral Railing design: Although iron steel is the most common way of designing stairs but if you do little more work on iron than this can enhance the beauty of your house. The use of iron railing in unique spiral ways can make your stairs more stylish and attractive.  And if you chose a golden color for railing then this can build your house in a classical way. Stylish Glass Railing: Complete glass railing is also a modern way but it is a delicate choice. In this glass is used in the railing for making it more beautiful. In this, the use of steelwork with glass can be a nicer selection. Attractive Net Railing: The net railing is also a common way but use of white colored net with dark color base is the nicer way of making your house beautiful. For this purpose, the combination of wood and iron is used in a specific way and make beautiful interior and designs on it. Stainless Steel Railing: Stainless steel if the latest design which is suitable for houses as well as for offices. No matter your stairs are made up of wood, glass, the use of stainless steel increase the beauty of your stairs. It is quite expensive but its a strong and long-lasting material.    We always appreciate latest trends, fashions and provide you unique and creative ideas for your home. if you need any help you can contact us at 03217673867.    


Fountains For Your Home

In sunny days make your house friendly and cold is everyones priority. When we talk about the interior of the house, the water fountains are amazing thing that creates peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. A magnificent sound of indoor water fountains creates the feeling of calm and coldness. There are many other advantages of water fountain such as it improves the quality of air and it is necessary for healthy mind and healthy body. Theses fountains are not only built in wide places outside the house, even they can be built inside the house, terrace or on the roof. If you implement unique ideas then you can do efficient work by utilizing small place. Center Stage: Center stage is first eye catching point in your house. Utilize it as your water feature point. Make a round design by using marble, lime stone or mud for more coldness. At the height of 2 feet from surface of the ground. Cover that fountain with green color. This fountain represent a fresh and pleasant atmosphere.  Garden Wall: When temperature increases then you can feel it in garden as well due to the hotness absorbed in the wall. The best option is available, use the empty walls of your garden and build unique fountains there. Cover the wall with beautiful tiles. Build fountains according to the available space. Flowing water from fountains would be enough to create fresh, pleasing and cold effect even in summer. Steel Slander: If there is little space in your house and you are worried where to build the fountain then you can solve this problem by keeping steel slander fountains any empty place in your house. Dropping water from inside that fountain would be enough for pleasant sense. Garden Furniture: Use garden furniture in garden as it appears to be a part of it. Fountains water from the wall of the garden passing through your dining table, and flowing at other corner of the table. The voice coming form the dropping water will gave sweetness to your ears during eating.Table Top Fountains: If you want charming look and peaceful voice of water together than table top fountain is the option. Drop water from the bowls of brass in pound shaped basin which is stable by wood stand. Fill basin with different size stones. Keep plant in wooden frame as well. To bring dropping water in basin back to upper portion use soundless electric pumps. Only the voice of flowing water will give melodiousness to your ears. Music Indoor Fountains: The music fountain give pleasure to your eyes and sweetness to your ears. You can get the music fountain with basin and frame of 3 feet height. To decrease its weight you can make it by unreal stones. The main attraction of this fountain is colorful flowers of spring. Water flows from top to bottom. Electric pumps are used for back flow of water. This process continues and gave pleasant look. To increase the beauty of music fountain you can reflect the light from top frame by using LED lights.  We are committed to serving the best to our customers. So we have a lot of such creative ideas. If you want your home to be a perfect place then you can contact us at 0321-7673867.


Quality Assessment of Building Materials

Quality Assessment of Building Materials is the first step whenever you decided to build your house.Here are some useful guidelines to check the quality of raw material to construct your house. The purpose of this article is to provide you the basic information. With the help of required and high-quality material, a person can easily construct elegant, stylish and quality house. The process is quite simple, you only have to get some basic information.List of basic Raw Material used in construction:SandBricksCementCrushSteelA perfect quality house is not only concern with its layout, infect the quality of raw material matters a lot. following are some useful information regarding this matter.Quality Assessment of Sand:Sand is the basic elements that should have some qualities. Like all other materials, Sand also contains some attributes which specify its quality.  A good quality sand does not contain the amount of silt m pore than 4%. a good quality sand consists of small stones and free from mud balls and unwanted material. The size of the particles of sand is generally 1/16 mm to 2mm. According to the size, it is divided into a thin, thick and medium category. A good quality sand contains small particles. However different categories are used for different purposes. Thick size sand is used for underground water tanks and pillars, medium size sand is used for plaster and thin size sand is used for plaster finishing.Builders and suppliers take advantage of our less knowledge and sold us low-standard sand.the are some ways to check the quality of sand. One of them is following:Take a little quantity of sand in a glass of water, shake it well and wait until sand collects at the bottom of the glass, you will see the soil and other particles come at the upper surface of the glass.Another way is to mix Sodium Hydro Oxide in water and you can check the quality by noticing the change in color of the mixture. Quality Assessment of Bricks:Best quality bricks should be well burnt.Bricks should have cracks and surface flaws.Bricks should have uniform size and shape.Bricks should create a clear sound when it stuck with something.Edges of bricks should be compact and homogeneous.When it is scratched by a nail, the surface should remain as it is with no scratch.The weight should be 1850 kg/cum.Good quality bricks do not suck more than 5% of water. It should not break when it is dropped to ground from the height of one meter.If it is socked in water for 24 hours, and then dry it in shadow it should not show white salts on its surface.Quality Assessment of Cement:The color of cement should be greenish gray.It should be free from any hard lump, dust, and other foreign material.If you insert your hand into a bag of cement it should give you a cool feeling.If you throw a small quantity of cement into the water bucket, cement should float on the surface before immerse, if it sinks immediately then it is definitely impure. When you rub cement between your fingers it should give a smooth finish.The weight of standard cement should not be less than 1440 kg/cum.The initial setting time of cement should not less than 45 minutes and final setting time should not more than 10 hours if it is of good quality cement.Tip:Do not keep it in a wet place and in the rainy season make it cover with the sheets of polythene. Make sure you only open the bag of cement when it is required.Quality Assessment of Stones/Crush:Generally, if soil or dust collects on the crush than cement do not stick with it and the time to be strengthened and setting of cement effects.That's why a good quality stone should be used because it is long lasting and strong and can make a perfect combination with cement. Following are some criteria to check its quality:Crush should be in different shapes and it should not be smooth.It should not contain dust or any other unwanted material.It should not have any colors on it.Since crush is used after mixing it with water, so make sure the purity of water such as water should not contain any chemical composition.Quality Assessment of Steel:Steel should have following qualities:It should be free from cracks.The surface should be rust free as much as possible.Dia all steel bars should be equal.Steels weight should not be less than 7850kg/cum.It is necessary to store steel in proper place. keep away from the wet place. keep it in dry and shaded place. If you are restricted to keep it in open place than make your don not keep it more than one month. and before using clean it properly.Test:You can apply a simple test to check the quality of steel. that is called a bend test. in this test, a steel rod is a bend from 90 to 350-degree angle and after that make it straight again. If the rod retains its original shape and there are no cracks on it then the quality is best.If you want more help regarding this matter you can freely contact us. we are available to help you. Contact Number: 0321- 7673867